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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Harry Schaare: George M. Cohan XB05164 $400.00
Steve Carter: Will Rogers XB05697 $550.00
Sanford Kossin: Collage of American Patriots XB05995 $550.00
Mel Crawford: George Meany-Organized Labor XB06077 $700.00
Gene Boyer: Carl Sandburg XB06146 $2,200.00
Lois Hatcher: Dolley Madison XB06179 $1,600.00
Lois Hatcher: Emily Bissel XB06187 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Horatio Alger XB06263 $700.00
Tom McNeely: La Salle Claims Louisianna XB06266 $700.00
Lois Hatcher: Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan XB06372 $1,600.00
Ed Vebell: Civil Rights Act XB06424 $700.00
Mark Schuler: Joe Hill XB06570 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: George Washington Profile XB06714 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Abraham Lincoln Profile XB06715 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Will Rogers XB06759 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: Ronald Reagan Profile XB06767 $1,525.00
Gene Jarvis: William Henry Harrison Profile XB06776 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Richard M. Nixon Profile XB06838 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Franklin Roosevelt Profile XB06891 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: William McKinley Profile XB06892 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Ulysses S. Grant Profile XB07058 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: James Buchanan Profile XB07059 $250.00
Tom McNeely: Bobby Jones XB07076 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Bobby Jones and Babe Zaharias XB07079 $850.00
Gene Jarvis: James Monroe Profile XB07083 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Harry Truman Profile XB07084 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Calvin Coolidge Profile XB07186 $250.00
Lyle Tayson: Nancy Reagan XB07246 $850.00
Gene Jarvis: Benjamin Harrison Profile XB07338 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Lyndon B. Johnson Profile XB07339 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: William Taft Profile XB07373 $250.00
Mark Schuler: U.S. Civil Service XB08002 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Thomas Gallaudet XB08044 $700.00
Howard Koslow: Henry Clay XB08269 $1,300.00
Mark Schuler: Richard M. Nixon XB08460 $400.00
Mark Schuler: Franklin Roosevelt XB08498 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Horace Moses/Junior Achievement Program XB08912 $550.00
Dick Simms: Alden Partridge XB09270 $2,200.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Grenville Clark XB09284 $850.00
Howard Koslow: George Washington XB09377 $1,150.00
Hodges Soileau: Sylvanus Thayer XB09617 $700.00
John Benson: Francis Vigo XB09978 $700.00
Lois Hatcher: Hugo Black XB10121 $1,600.00
Lois Hatcher: Hugo Black XB10123 $1,150.00
Dean Ellis: Dwight Eisenhower XB10142 $850.00
Dean Ellis: Benjamin Franklin XB10403 $850.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Father Flanagan/Boys Home XB10404 $850.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Father Flanagan/Boys Home XB10405 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Frank Lloyd Wright XB10443 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Stephen Fuller Austin XB10444 $2,500.00
Tom Lydon: John Harvard XB10474 $850.00
Tom Lydon: John Harvard XB10475 $700.00
Dean Ellis: John F. Kennedy XB10496 $850.00
David K. Stone: Walt Disney XB10531 $2,650.00
Howard Koslow: James Doolittle XB10558 $1,150.00
David K. Stone: Samuel Gompers XB10584 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Alexander Hamilton XB10585 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Daniel Chester French XB10722 $2,650.00
Hodges Soileau: Julia Ward Howe XB10841 $550.00
Hodges Soileau: Julia Ward Howe XB10842 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Harry Truman XB10865 $850.00
Dennis Lyall: Benjamin Franklin XB10867 $700.00
Dennis Lyall: Alexander Hamilton XB10869 $700.00
Dean Ellis: Herbert Hoover XB10947 $850.00
Dean Ellis: John Quincy Adams XB10954 $850.00
Nikolai Kirillovich Litvinov: Samuel F.B. Morse XB11009 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Samuel Langhorne Clemens XB11035 $2,500.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Eli Whitney XB11114 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: George Washington and Draft of the U.S. Constitution XB11194 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: The Committee of Detail for the U.S. Constitution XB11195 $2,500.00
Dean Ellis: Booker T. Washington XB11400 $850.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Buffalo Bill Cody XB11468 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Buffalo Bill Cody XB11471 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: John James Audubon XB11479 $2,500.00
Dean Ellis: John D. Rockefeller XB11585 $850.00
David K. Stone: Henry David Thoreau XB11610 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Theodore Roosevelt XB11704 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Andrew Carnegie XB11735 $2,500.00
Dean Ellis: Thomas Edison XB11843 $850.00
David K. Stone: Martin Luther King XB11849 $2,500.00
Dean Ellis: Andrew William Mellon XB11890 $850.00
David K. Stone: George Washington and Map of U.S. XB11986 $2,350.00
Dennis Lyall: Johns Hopkins XB12003 $850.00
Dennis Lyall: Johns Hopkins XB12026 $1,150.00
John Benson: Hull House/People-Family XB12088 $700.00
Chris Calle: George Caleb Bingham XB12378 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: George Caleb Bingham XB12379 $4,150.00
David K. Stone: F.D. Roosevelt Elected to Third Term XB12689 $2,650.00
John Benson: Carnegie Hall XB12836 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Columbus' Ship Approaching Land XB13740 $1,000.00
Dennis Lyall: Collage of Pop Music Legends XB14842 $1,000.00
Cliff Spohn: Cal Farley XB15364 $400.00
Gregory Rudd: F. Scott Fitzgerald XB15539 $1,750.00
Tom Lydon: Lila and DeWitt Wallace XB16020 $700.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Franklin Roosevelt's Fireside XB16164 $1,975.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Franklin Roosevelt New Deal XB16176 $1,975.00
Dennis Lyall: Kennedy's Speech in Berlin XB17004 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Moss Hart XB17278 $2,350.00
Dennis Lyall: Printer XB17462 $700.00
Dennis Lyall: Scientist XB17463 $700.00
Dennis Lyall: Statesman XB17464 $700.00
Dennis Lyall: Founding Father XB17465 $700.00
Lois Hatcher: Hattie McDaniel XB17477 $1,600.00
Tom McNeely: Katherine Anne Porter XB17478 $550.00
Chris Calle: Dr. Albert Sabin XB17479 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Sugar Ray Robinson XB17480 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Philip C. Habib XB17495 $550.00
Gene Boyer: Alexander Hamilton XB05463  
Gene Boyer: Jimmie Rodgers XB05982  
Ed Vebell: John F. Kennedy Assassination XB06732  
Gene Jarvis: John F. Kennedy Profile XB06766  
Tom McNeely: Lewis and Clark XB07077  
Hodges Soileau: Red Eagle XB07696  
Dan Jonsson: Benjamin Franklin XB08014  
Mort Künstler: Alexander Graham Bell XB08816  
Mort Künstler: Daniel Boone XB08999  
Tom McNeely: Ronald Wilson Reagan XB09165  
Mort Künstler: Lewis and Clark Reach the Pacific XB09633  
Mort Künstler: Abraham Lincoln XB09755  
Mort Künstler: Franklin D. Roosevelt XB09802  
Mort Künstler: John Glenn XB09803  
Mort Künstler: Civil Rights Act and Martin Luther King, Jr. XB10317  
Mort Künstler: John F. Kennedy XB10649  
Dean Ellis: Robert E. Lee XB11254  
David K. Stone: John Pierpont Morgan XB11480  
David K. Stone: John Muir XB11703  
Tom McNeely: Sitting Bull XB11708  
David K. Stone: D.W. Griffith XB11850  
David K. Stone: Inauguration of George Washington XB11962  
Nikolai Kirillovich Litvinov: Columbus at La Rabida XB13762  
Chris Calle: Geronimo XB14632  
Chris Calle: Jim Bridger XB14681  
Chris Calle: Kit Carson XB14849  
David K. Stone: William Jefferson Clinton XB15112  
Michael Garland: Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne XB16337  
Michael Garland: Frederick Law Olmstead XB16339  
Dennis Lyall: Postmaster XB17461  

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