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Douglas Jones: Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05088 $850.00
Douglas Jones: Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05089 $850.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis XB05090 $850.00
Douglas Jones: Plymouth Remembered XB05091 $850.00
Douglas Jones: Embracing Limitless Horizon XB05092 $850.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05093 $850.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05094 $850.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05095 $850.00
Douglas Jones: Lindberg Lands in Paris XB05096 $850.00
Douglas Jones: Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05097 $850.00
Charles Knotek: Eddie Rickenbacker XB05293 $700.00
David K. Stone: Louis Blériot XB05304 $2,350.00
Harry Schaare: First Powered Flight XB05310 $400.00
Harry Schaare: Glider Flight XB05312 $550.00
David K. Stone: Glenn H. Curtiss XB05325 $2,500.00
Ed Vebell: Wright Brothers Fly Kitty Hawk XB05366 $550.00
David K. Stone: Richard E. Byrd XB05374 $2,500.00
Gene Jarvis: Curtiss Jenny XB05438 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Messerschmitt ME-108 Airplane XB05618 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Heinkel HE-70 Airplane XB05624 $250.00
David K. Stone: Octave Chanute XB05698 $2,500.00
Harry Schaare: Wiley Post in High Altitude Suit XB05708 $400.00
Harry Schaare: Wiley Post and Harold Gatty XB05709 $400.00
E.D. Aniskin: 1931 USSR Airplane "Stalj-2" XB05834 $1,000.00
E.D. Aniskin: 1929 USSR Airplane K-5 XB05835 $1,000.00
E.D. Aniskin: 1930 USSR Airplane TB-3 XB05836 $1,000.00
Harry Schaare: Octave Chanute Working on Glider XB05887 $400.00
Harry Schaare: Octave Chanute Testing His Glider XB05888 $400.00
Colin Ashford: Bleriot Airplane XB05960 $2,350.00
Jim Butcher: Wright Brothers XB05976 $550.00
David K. Stone: Waldo D. Waterman XB06069 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Otto Lilienthal XB06070 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Ernst Heinkel XB06226 $2,500.00
Basil Smith: Junker J1 Airplane XB06255 $400.00
Charles Knotek: de Havilland Tiger Moth Airplane XB06305 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Juan de la Cierva XB06331 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Orville Wright XB06420 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Wilbur Wright XB06421 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Bernt Balchen XB06519 $2,350.00
Otto Borchert: Winjeel/Australian Aircraft XB06609 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: Vickers Vimy, Australian Race XB06610 $1,450.00
Charles Knotek: Curtiss JN-4 Canuck XB06632 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Lawrence B. Sperry XB06689 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Glenn Luther Martin XB06690 $2,500.00
Basil Smith: Curtiss JN-4 "Canuck" Biplane XB06734 $400.00
Bill Ramsey: Curtiss JN-4 "Canuck" Airplane XB06736 $4,600.00
Mel Crawford: Glenn Curtiss XB06827 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Blanche Scott XB06828 $700.00
Charles Knotek: First Non-stop Transatlantic Flight XB06884 $1,000.00
Basil Smith: Hawker Hurricane XB06887 $400.00
David K. Stone: Reuben Fleet XB06903 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Alberto Santos-Dumont XB07141 $2,650.00
Basil Smith: Wright Brothers Flyer XB07171 $400.00
Basil Smith: Spirit of St. Louis XB07361 $400.00
Basil Smith: Canadair CL-41 Tudor XB07624 $400.00
Basil Smith: DeHavilland Tiger Moth XB07626 $400.00
Charles Knotek: de Havilland Beaver Airplane XB07737 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: Fairchild FC-2W2 Airplane XB07738 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Walter H. Beech XB07812 $2,500.00
Charles Knotek: Charles Lindbergh New York to Paris Flight XB07967 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Controlled, Powered Flight XB08154 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Powered Aircraft Leaves Ground XB08155 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Airplane Flight in Europe XB08219 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Flight Across the English Channel XB08337 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Night Flight in An Airplane XB08338 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Four-engined Airplane Flight XB08373 $1,000.00
Basil Smith: Henry Farman III Airplane XB08411 $400.00
Charles Knotek: First All Metal Plane XB08457 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Official Airmail Flight XB08459 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Clyde Cessna XB08475 $2,500.00
Charles Knotek: First Airmail Service in America XB08487 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Non-stop Trans-Atlantic Flight XB08527 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Successful In-flight Refueling XB08643 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Round-the-World Flight XB08673 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First U.S. Transcontinental Airmail Service XB08722 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane Flies over the North Pole XB08774 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane Flies over the South Pole XB08832 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Solo Crossing of North Atlantic by a Woman XB08849 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Turbojet Powered Airplane Flight XB08863 $1,000.00
John Benson: Alfred Verville, Aviation Pioneer XB09279 $1,000.00
John Benson: The Sperrys XB09280 $1,000.00
Basil Smith: Bleriot XI Gnome Airplane XB10074 $400.00
David K. Stone: Jacob C.H. Ellehammer XB10660 $2,500.00
Stanley Paine: Vickers Vimy XB11507 $2,350.00
Stanley Paine: RE8 XB11511 $2,350.00
Stanley Paine: Siemens-Schuckert D-III XB11570 $2,350.00
Stanley Paine: de Havilland D.H.66 XB11573 $2,350.00
Stanley Paine: Armstrong Whitworth Argosy XB11574 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Henri Farman XB11757 $2,500.00
Chris Calle: Bi-plane XB12188 $6,250.00
Tom McNeely: Jersey History of Aviation - Aircraft XB14382 $1,450.00
David K. Stone: Captain Elrey Jeppeson XB15063 $2,500.00
Steve Ferguson: JN-3 Jenny XB15486 $2,350.00
Jack Fellows: Wright Brothers Model B Airplane XB15606 $2,350.00
Jack Fellows: Lockheed Vega Airplane XB15607 $2,350.00
Jack Fellows: Granville Brothers Gee Bee Airplane XB15608 $2,350.00
Steve Ferguson: Beech Staggerwing XB15611 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Wiley Hardeman Post XB15626 $3,550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Staggerwing XB15739 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss JN-3 Jenny XB15741 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Gee Bee XB15742 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Piper Cub XB15743 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Lockheed Vega XB15744 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Wright Brothers Model B XB15745 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1915 Fokker E 1 XB17102 $700.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1903 Wright Flyer XB17103 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1946 Beechcraft Bonanza XB17121 $700.00
Steve Ferguson: 1912 Deperdussin Racer XB17123 $2,350.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1909 Bleriot XI XB17145 $700.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1912 Deperdussin Racer XB17164 $700.00
Steve Ferguson: Curtiss Golden Flyer/Reims Racer XB17173 $2,350.00
Joseph S. Howanski: 1917 S.E. 5a XB17180 $700.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss Golden Flyer/Reims Racer XB17259 $700.00
David K. Stone: Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis XB95358 $2,350.00
Gene Boyer: Spirit of St. Louis XB96355 $1,450.00
Harry Schaare: Orville and Wilbur Wright XB05348  
Ed Vebell: Lindbergh Flight Across Atlantic XB05375  
David K. Stone: Sir George Cayley XB05504  
Harry Schaare: Kittyhawk and the Wright Brothers XB05862  
Mort Künstler: Spirit of St. Louis XB09158  
Mort Künstler: Wright Brothers Airplane XB09683  
Dean Ellis: Wright Brothers XB11759  
Chris Calle: Bi-plane XB12067  
John Harwood: Science -- Jet Aircraft in Flight XB12721  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1900s-Dawn of Aviation Age XB15653  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1900s - Kitty Hawk, the Wright Brothers XB15823  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - Lindburgh Flight XB16127  
Jack Fellows: 1903 Wright Flyer XB17091  
Jack Fellows: Spirit of St. Louis XB17092  
Jack Fellows: 1909 Bleriot XI XB17120  

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