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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
David K. Stone: Leroy Grumman XB05377 $2,350.00
Charles Knotek: Curtiss HS-2L Airplane XB05613 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: John H. Towers XB06832 $2,500.00
Basil Smith: Catalina PBY5A Flying Boat XB07664 $400.00
Basil Smith: Fairey Swordfish Airplane XB08463 $400.00
Basil Smith: Curtiss F9C USS Akron XB08777 $400.00
Chuck Hamrick: The United States Navy XB13176 $1,000.00
Joseph S. Howanski: A-7 Corsair II XB13416 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Vought F-7U Cutlass XB13417 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss F8C Helldiver XB13420 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: McDonnell Douglas AV-8 Harrier II XB13421 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman S-2 Tracker XB13422 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F/A-18 Hornet XB13424 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Douglas F4D Skyray XB13429 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman A-6A Intruder XB13551 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Consolidated PB4Y Privateer XB13553 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F8U Crusader XB13657 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumann F6F Hellcat XB13736 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: TBD Devastator XB13752 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: A-4 Skyhawk XB13754 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Boeing F-4B XB13847 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss TS-1 XB13848 $550.00
David K. Stone: Battle of Guadalcanal Coin Design XB13852 $1,600.00
Joseph S. Howanski: TBF/TBM-1 Avenger XB13919 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F7F Tigercat XB13951 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: McDonnell F-2 Banshee XB13976 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F4U Corsair XB13991 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: FF-1 "Fifi" XB13995 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: FJ-1 Fury XB13996 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Martin BM XB14143 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman F3F XB14145 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F3D Skyknight XB14146 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: OS2U Kingfisher XB14147 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman F6F Hellcat XB14149 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F-4 Phantom II XB14215 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman F9F Cougar XB14283 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F9F-2B Panther XB14300 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Lockheed P-3 Orion XB14306 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F8F Bearcat XB14307 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman E-2A Hawkeye XB14379 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Douglas KA-3B Skywarrior XB14381 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Vought O2U-1 Corsair XB14515 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Grumman F-14 Tomcat XB14549 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: PBM-3C Mariner XB14562 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Douglas C-54E Skymaster XB14563 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: SBD-3 Dauntless XB14565 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Lockheed S-3A Viking XB14566 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Douglas A-1J Skyraider XB14568 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull XB14585 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: Curtiss SB2C Helldiver XB14586 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: PBY-5 Catalina XB14647 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: P5M Marlin XB14664 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F-11 Tiger XB14676 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: A-5 Vigilante XB14680 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: F4F Wildcat XB14687 $550.00
Joseph S. Howanski: AJ Savage XB14688 $550.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane to Land on a Ship XB99070 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane to Take Off from a Ship XB99071 $1,000.00
Jack Fellows: F4F Wildcat XB13183  
Jack Fellows: Aircraft - F-11/F-1 Grumman Tiger XB13191  
Steve Ferguson: PB4Y-2 Privateer XB13206  
Steve Ferguson: A-7 Corsair II XB13207  
Steve Ferguson: Curtiss F8C-1 Helldiver Airplane XB13274  
Jack Fellows: Grumman S2F-1S1 Tracker XB13333  
Jack Fellows: Vought F7U-3 "Cutlass" XB13354  
Jack Fellows: AV-8B Harrier II XB13355  
Jack Fellows: Douglas F4D Skyray XB13495  
Steve Ferguson: F8U Crusader XB13548  
Steve Ferguson: A-6 Intruder XB13617  
Jack Fellows: P2V-7 Neptune XB13685  
Jack Fellows: A-4 Skyhawk XB13686  
Jack Fellows: Curtiss TS-1 XB13748  
Jack Fellows: PV-1 Ventura XB13749  
Brian Sanders: Battle of Midway - Japanese Carrier Akagi XB13841  
Brian Sanders: Battle of Midway - Japanese Aircraft XB13842  
Jack Fellows: North American FJ-1 Fury XB13859  
Jack Fellows: FF-1 Fifi XB13886  
Jack Fellows: F2H Banshee XB13887  
Jack Fellows: Martin BM XB13914  
Steve Ferguson: Grumman F3F XB13953  
Jack Fellows: OS2U Kingfisher XB13958  
Jack Fellows: Douglas F-3D2 Skyknight XB13959  
Steve Ferguson: F-5E Tiger II XB14005  
Jack Fellows: F6F Hellcat XB14035  
Steve Ferguson: McDonnell F-3H-2 Demon XB14102  
Jack Fellows: F9F Cougar XB14106  
Jack Fellows: P-3 Orion XB14107  
Jack Fellows: E-2A Hawkeye XB14168  
Steve Ferguson: A-3 Skywarrior XB14201  
Jack Fellows: F9F-2 Panther XB14225  
Jack Fellows: 02U-1 Corsair XB14256  
Jack Fellows: F-14 Tomcat XB14257  
Jack Fellows: SOC-3 Seagull XB14341  
Jack Fellows: A-1J Skyraider XB14359  
Jack Fellows: PBY-5 Catalina XB14360  
Jack Fellows: SBD Dauntless XB14417  
Jack Fellows: P5M Marlin XB14418  
Steve Ferguson: AJ-2 Savage XB14483  
Jack Fellows: S-3 Viking XB14534  
Jack Fellows: Sea Harrier XB14895  
Steve Ferguson: A-1J Skyraider XB15956  
Steve Ferguson: F9F-2B Panther XB15957  
Jack Fellows: Navy-Curtiss NC-4 XB16023  
Jack Fellows: F-4 Phantom II XB16031  
Jack Fellows: 1965 Sikorsky S-61 (HH-3E) XB17251  

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