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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Douglas Jones: Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05088 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05089 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis XB05090 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: Plymouth Remembered XB05091 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: Embracing Limitless Horizon XB05092 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05093 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05094 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: The Spirit of St. Louis over Ocean XB05095 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: Lindberg Lands in Paris XB05096 $1,600.00
Douglas Jones: Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis XB05097 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Isaac M. Laddon XB05255 $2,350.00
Dave Paulley: Admiral Byrd in Antarctica XB05289 $1,600.00
Dave Paulley: Byrd's Flight over Antarctic XB05290 $1,300.00
Nicholas Galloway: Eddie Rickenbacker XB05291 $1,500.00
Charles Knotek: Eddie Rickenbacker XB05293 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Louis Blériot XB05304 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: George W. Goddard XB05305 $2,500.00
Harry Schaare: Orville Wright XB05309 $800.00
Harry Schaare: First Powered Flight XB05310 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Wilber Wright XB05311 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Glider Flight XB05312 $1,000.00
Harry Schaare: Wind Tunnel Experiment XB05313 $800.00
David K. Stone: Igor I. Sikorsky XB05324 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Glenn H. Curtiss XB05325 $2,500.00
Rick Broome: Eddie Rickenbacker XB05326 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Clarence "Kelly" Johnson XB05353 $2,500.00
Ed Vebell: Wright Brothers Fly Kitty Hawk XB05366 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Amelia Earhart XB05372 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: John Macready XB05373 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Richard E. Byrd XB05374 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Leroy Grumman XB05377 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: William E. Mitchell XB05503 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Claude Ryan XB05572 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Marcel Dassault XB05573 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Lord Hugh Trenchard XB05652 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Hugo Junkers XB05653 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Octave Chanute XB05698 $2,500.00
Harry Schaare: Wiley Post XB05707 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Wiley Post in High Altitude Suit XB05708 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Wiley Post and Harold Gatty XB05709 $800.00
David K. Stone: James H. Kindelberger XB05753 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Anthony Fokker XB05754 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Thomas Sopwith XB05766 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: William A. Bishop XB05777 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Charles E. Yeager XB05824 $2,500.00
Harry Schaare: Kittyhawk and the Wright Brothers XB05862 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Portrait of Octave Chanute XB05886 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Octave Chanute Working on Glider XB05887 $800.00
Harry Schaare: Octave Chanute Testing His Glider XB05888 $800.00
David K. Stone: Donald W. Douglas XB05949 $2,500.00
Jim Butcher: Wright Brothers XB05976 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: Waldo D. Waterman XB06069 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Otto Lilienthal XB06070 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin XB06111 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Ernst Heinkel XB06226 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: William Lear XB06227 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: James McDonnell XB06228 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Juan de la Cierva XB06331 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Geoffrey de Havilland XB06332 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Orville Wright XB06420 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Wilbur Wright XB06421 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Grover Loening XB06462 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: William M. Allen XB06463 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: A. Scott Crossfield XB06504 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Bernt Balchen XB06519 $2,350.00
Otto Borchert: Sir Lawrence Wackett XB06608 $1,900.00
Otto Borchert: Vickers Vimy, Australian Race XB06610 $1,900.00
David K. Stone: John Knudsen Northrop XB06648 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Curtis Emerson LeMay XB06649 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Lawrence B. Sperry XB06689 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Glenn Luther Martin XB06690 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: William H. Pickering XB06782 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Louis Breguet XB06783 $2,500.00
Mel Crawford: Glenn Curtiss XB06827 $1,300.00
Mel Crawford: Blanche Scott XB06828 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Frank W. Fink XB06831 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: John H. Towers XB06832 $2,500.00
Charles Knotek: First Non-stop Transatlantic Flight XB06884 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Reuben Fleet XB06903 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Theodore von Karman XB06934 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Sir Alliot Verdon-Roe XB06935 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Frank J. Whittle XB07049 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Henry H. Arnold XB07050 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Willi Messerschmitt XB07122 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Alberto Santos-Dumont XB07141 $2,650.00
Ken Cato: Airmail Pilot, Charles Kingsford Smith XB07181 $1,900.00
Basil Smith: Otto Lilienthal's Glider XB07287 $800.00
Basil Smith: Spirit of St. Louis XB07361 $800.00
David K. Stone: Ira C. Eaker XB07496 $2,650.00
Basil Smith: Santos Dumont Airship XB07564 $800.00
Charles Knotek: de Havilland Beaver Airplane XB07737 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: Noorduyn Norseman Seaplane XB07742 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain XB07802 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Walter H. Beech XB07812 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Henry Edward Heinemann XB07813 $2,500.00
Howard Koslow: Montgolfier Hot Air Balloon XB07851 $1,500.00
Howard Koslow: Double Eagle Hot Air Balloon XB07870 $1,500.00
Charles Knotek: Charles Lindbergh New York to Paris Flight XB07967 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Human Descent by Parachute XB08099 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Controlled, Powered Flight XB08154 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Powered Aircraft Leaves Ground XB08155 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Airplane Flight in Europe XB08219 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Helicopter Flight XB08220 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Flight of British Army Airship XB08254 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Flight Across the English Channel XB08337 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Night Flight in An Airplane XB08338 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Successful Powered Seaplane XB08339 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Four-engined Airplane Flight XB08373 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Airplane Used in War XB08374 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Etienne de Montgolfier XB08445 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Joseph de Montgolfier XB08446 $2,800.00
David K. Stone: Clyde Cessna XB08475 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Gianni Caproni XB08476 $2,650.00
Charles Knotek: First Coast to Coast Airmail Service XB08583 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Non-stop North American Coast to Coast Flight XB08584 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Daily International Airline Service XB08607 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Round-the-World Flight XB08673 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane Flies over the North Pole XB08774 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Airship Flight Around the World XB08802 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Plane Flies over the South Pole XB08832 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Solo Crossing of North Atlantic by a Woman XB08849 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Turbojet Powered Airplane Flight XB08863 $1,300.00
Howard Koslow: Henry "Hap" Arnold XB08884 $1,500.00
Howard Koslow: Carl Spaatz XB08915 $1,500.00
Charles Knotek: First Man to Fly Faster Than Sound XB08916 $1,300.00
Charles Knotek: First Transatlantic Jet Passenger Service XB08989 $1,300.00
Howard Koslow: Gregory "Pappy" Boyington XB09208 $1,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Sydney Camm XB09261 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: John Leland Atwood XB09262 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: William Edward Boeing XB09263 $2,500.00
John Benson: Alfred Verville, Aviation Pioneer XB09279 $1,300.00
John Benson: The Sperrys XB09280 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Alfred Verville XB09347 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Lawrence and Elmer Sperry XB09348 $1,300.00
Basil Smith: Globo Charlier Hydrogen Balloon XB09506 $800.00
David K. Stone: Sir Hugh Caswall Dowding XB09951 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Alexander Martin Lippisch XB09970 $2,500.00
Howard Koslow: Edward Henry O'Hare XB09987 $1,500.00
Basil Smith: Piccard Hot Air Balloon XB09997 $800.00
Tom Bjarnason: Anti-gravity Suit XB10287 $1,300.00
Tom Bjarnason: Variable Pitch Propellor XB10290 $1,300.00
Howard Koslow: Richard Byrd XB10368 $1,500.00
Howard Koslow: Curtis E. LeMay XB10487 $1,500.00
Howard Koslow: James Doolittle XB10558 $1,500.00
David K. Stone: Jacob C.H. Ellehammer XB10660 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith XB10661 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Reginald J. Mitchell XB10662 $2,500.00
Howard Koslow: Paul W. Tibbets XB10699 $1,500.00
Shannon Stirnweis: H.H. "Hap" Arnold XB10712 $1,300.00
Shannon Stirnweis: H.H. "Hap" Arnold XB10713 $1,300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Robert Goddard XB11006 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Claude Dornier XB11244 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Frederick Handley Page XB11245 $2,500.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Samuel P. Langley XB11466 $1,300.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Igor Sikorsky XB11467 $1,300.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Igor Sikorksy XB11469 $1,700.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Samuel P. Langley XB11470 $1,700.00
Tom McNeely: Lincoln Ellsworth XB11516 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Richard Byrd XB11519 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Lincoln Ellsworth XB11596 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Richard Byrd XB11599 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: Elbert Rutan XB11756 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Henri Farman XB11757 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Andrei Tupolev XB11758 $2,650.00
Dean Ellis: Charles Lindburgh XB11810 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Sir George Edwards XB12185 $2,500.00
Gauthier Jacques: Max Hymans XB12422 $1,300.00
Chris Calle: Graf Zeppelin XB12706 $6,250.00
John Harwood: Science -- Jet Aircraft in Flight XB12721 $2,100.00
John Harwood: Science - W4041/G and Jet Engine XB12722 $2,350.00
Lois Hatcher: Harriet Quimby XB12956 $1,600.00
Lois Hatcher: Harriet Quimby XB12957 $2,100.00
Lois Hatcher: William Piper XB13229 $1,300.00
Lois Hatcher: William Piper XB13230 $2,100.00
David K. Stone: Jean Felix Piccard XB13268 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Auguste Antoine Piccard XB13269 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Edgar Schmued XB13270 $2,500.00
Dennis Lyall: Dr. Theodore von Karman XB13888 $1,300.00
Dennis Lyall: Dr. Theodore von Karman XB13889 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Edwin A. Link XB13961 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Ludwig Prandtl XB13962 $2,200.00
David K. Stone: Dr. Robert R. Gilruth XB13963 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Anthony W. LeVier XB14403 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: William T. Piper XB14404 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Henrich K.J. Focke XB14405 $2,500.00
Chris Calle: Postal Museum Artifacts - Airmail XB14466 $2,950.00
David K. Stone: Olive Anne Beech XB15062 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Captain Elrey Jeppeson XB15063 $2,500.00
Gregory Rudd: Bessie Coleman XB15074 $2,100.00
David K. Stone: Artyom Ivanovich Mikoyan XB15412 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. XB15422 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Cyrus Rowlett Smith XB15430 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Wiley Hardeman Post XB15626 $3,550.00
David K. Stone: Paul Poberezny XB15674 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Sir Alan Cobham XB15700 $2,500.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1900s - Kitty Hawk, the Wright Brothers XB15823 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Dr. Richard Whitcomb XB15898 $2,500.00
Michael Garland: R. Brian Trubshaw XB16005 $1,300.00
David K. Stone: The Short Brothers - Eustace Short XB16154 $2,500.00
Michael Garland: A. Eustace Short XB16221 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: H. Oswald Short XB16222 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Horace Short XB16223 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Richard T. Whitcomb XB16247 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: M. André Turcat XB16248 $2,000.00
Michael Garland: Louise Thaden XB16462 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Oleg Antonov XB16463 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Charles Kaman XB16464 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Katherine Stinson, Aviator XB16796 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Fred Smith, Founder of Federal Express XB16797 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Sir Richard Branson, Aviation Entrepreneur XB16798 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Vance Brand XB16878 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: Pilot XB16997 $450.00
Jack Fellows: 1903 Wright Flyer XB17091 $2,350.00
Gene Boyer: Charles Lindbergh XB95097 $2,800.00
David K. Stone: Jacqueline Cochran XB95355 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Manfred von Richthofen XB95356 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis XB95358 $2,350.00
David K. Stone: Karel J. Bossart XB95375 $2,500.00
Howard Koslow: Richard I. Bong XB99048 $1,500.00
Harry Schaare: Orville and Wilbur Wright XB05348  
David K. Stone: Eddie Rickenbacker-Ii XB05371  
Ed Vebell: Lindbergh Flight Across Atlantic XB05375  
David K. Stone: Jimmy Doolittle XB05378  
David K. Stone: Sir George Cayley XB05504  
David K. Stone: Krafft A. Ehricke XB05925  
David K. Stone: Frederick Rohr XB05967  
David K. Stone: John Glenn XB06419  
David K. Stone: Robert Reeve XB06902  
David K. Stone: Juan Terry Trippe XB07801  
Howard Koslow: Explorer II Hot Air Balloon XB07891  
Mort Künstler: Spirit of St. Louis XB09158  
Howard Koslow: Chuck Yeager XB09937  
David K. Stone: Howard Hughes XB11243  
Tom Lydon: Thaddeus S.C. Lowe XB11477  
Tom Lydon: Frank Caldwell XB11533  
Dean Ellis: Wright Brothers XB11759  
Chris Calle: The United States Air Force XB13174  
Jack Fellows: Spirit of St. Louis XB17092  
Howard Koslow: Eddie Rickenbacker XB99054  

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