American Flags

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Jim Butcher: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation XB08574 $400.00
Dennis Lyall: Flag and Star/Graphic Design XB11594 $850.00
Dean Ellis: James Madison XB11882 $850.00
Ed Little: "The Pledge of Allegiance" U.S. Flag XB12128 $1,750.00
Chris Calle: Flag/Boy Scout Saying Pledge XB12355 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Flag/Military Saluting XB12367 $4,000.00
David K. Stone: Vermont - Monument and Green Mountain Boys XB12866 $2,650.00
Gregory Rudd: History of America's Flag (RC) XB12876 $1,150.00
Gregory Rudd: History of America's Flag (RC) XB12877 $1,750.00
Tom McNeely: Olympic Pole Vault XB12996 $850.00
Tom McNeely: Olympic Discus XB12998 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Summer Olympic Javelin Throw XB12999 $700.00
Gregory Rudd: Flags on Parade XB13160 $1,750.00
Gregory Rudd: Flags on Parade XB13161 $1,150.00
David K. Stone: Battle of Corregidor Coin Design XB13540 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1940s - Post War Baby Boom XB16285 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - American Hostages Freed XB16704 $1,600.00
Dennis Lyall: Pledge of Allegiance XB16801 $1,000.00
Chris Calle: United We Stand XB16956 $2,200.00
David K. Stone: Rocket Launch XB06382  
Jim Butcher: Shuttle Rocket Blasting Off/Space XB06973  
Jim Butcher: Spacious Skies/Flag & Eagle over Farm XB07137  
David K. Stone: Space Shuttle Launch XB08290  
Jim Butcher: Flag over Supreme Court XB08444  
Ron Sloan: Presidential Inauguration XB09454  
Ron Sloan: U.S. Flag and Statue of Freedom XB09456  
Ron Sloan: U.S. Flag over Capitol Building XB09457  
Shannon Stirnweis: Flag over Capitol with Abraham Lincoln XB09475  
Dennis Lyall: Statue of Liberty 1886 - 1986 XB10369  
Dennis Lyall: United States Flag with Fireworks XB10786  
John Benson: U.S. Flag with Fireworks XB11305  
Dennis Lyall: United States Flag with Clouds in Background XB11371  
Dennis Lyall: United States Flag in Clouds XB11372  
Dennis Lyall: American Flags XB11447  
Mark Schuler: Flag over Yosemite XB11611  
Tom McNeely: Flag with American Olympic Team XB12896  
Tom Lydon: America and Eagle XB12945  
Gregory Rudd: History of America's Flag Post Card (RC) XB12952  
Tom Lydon: America w/Eagle at Her Side & Sun at Her XB12977  
Tom Lydon: Peace Protecting Genius Sculpture XB12978  
Tom Lydon: Peace Protecting Genius XB12980  
Tom Lydon: Progress of Civilization Statue XB12981  
Tom Lydon: Liberty and the Eagle XB12982  
Tom Lydon: Sculpture of "Hope" XB13210  
Tom Lydon: Sculpture of "Hope" XB13211  
Tom Lydon: U.S. Flags/Eagle with Flag in Background XB13353  
Chris Calle: From Earth to Moon - Neil Armstrong XB14750  
Chris Calle: In Peace for All Mankind XB14751  
Chris Calle: Planting the Flag on the Moon XB14956  
Tom Lydon: Flag over Field XB15038  
Tom Lydon: Flag over Porch XB15086  
Gregory Rudd: Uncle Sam XB15524  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - Bicentennial XB16594  
Dennis Lyall: Brandywine Flag XB16769  
Dennis Lyall: Star Spangled Banner Flag XB16770  
Dennis Lyall: Sons of Liberty Flag XB16779  
Dennis Lyall: Centennial Flag XB16781  
Dennis Lyall: Forster Flag XB16782  
Dennis Lyall: 50-Star Flag XB16799  
Dennis Lyall: Great Star Flag XB16800  
Dennis Lyall: Continental Colors Flag XB16804  
Dennis Lyall: Bennington Flag XB16805  
Dennis Lyall: Fort Sumter Flag XB16806  
Dennis Lyall: Easton Flag XB16815  
Dennis Lyall: Pierre L'Enfant Flag XB16821  
Dennis Lyall: Peace Flag XB16822  
Dennis Lyall: 29-Star Flag XB16840  
Dennis Lyall: 38-Star Flag XB16841  
Dennis Lyall: The Stars and Stripes XB16856  
Dennis Lyall: Indian Peace Flag XB16866  
Dennis Lyall: 48-Star Flag XB16867  
Howard Koslow: Firemen Raising the American Flag XB16957  
Dennis Lyall: Firemen Raising Flag At World Trade Center XB16958  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Raised At Iwo Jima XB16959  
Dennis Lyall: First American Orbits Earth XB16961  
Dennis Lyall: Flag First Praised As "Old Glory" XB16967  
Dennis Lyall: Peary Plants Flag At North Pole XB16974  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Attacked At Fort Sumter XB16987  
Dennis Lyall: Sousa Performs "The Stars and Stripes Forever" XB16988  
Dennis Lyall: U.S. Troops Land At Normandy XB16989  
Tom McNeely: U.S. Flag XB17000  
Tom McNeely: Firemen Raising Flag over Rubble XB17001  
Dennis Lyall: Betsy Ross Sews First Stars and Stripes XB17002  
Dennis Lyall: Kennedy's Speech in Berlin XB17004  
Dennis Lyall: Nation Celebrates Centennial 1876 XB17005  
Dennis Lyall: Cohan Performs "You're a Grand Old Flag" XB17011  
Dennis Lyall: America Celebrates Bicentennial XB17015  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Day Proclaimed XB17018  
Dennis Lyall: The First Pledge of Allegiance XB17030  
Dennis Lyall: The Star Spangled Banner XB17031  
Dennis Lyall: American Revolution Victorious XB17042  
Dennis Lyall: 1893 Needlepoint Bookmark XB17105  
Dennis Lyall: Modern Folding Fan XB17106  
Dennis Lyall: 20th Century Carving of Uncle Sam Toy XB17107  
Dennis Lyall: 1888 Presidential Campaign Badge XB17108  
Dennis Lyall: 19th Century Folk Art Woodcarving XB17109  
Dennis Lyall: Old Glory Combination XB17110  
Keith Mallett: 1961 Freedom Riders XB17432  

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