Britain and its History

British History

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Eric Stemp: First London Letter Box XB05362 $1,150.00
Eric Stemp: Country Pillar Boxes and Post Office XB05364 $1,150.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Jersey Dairy Cow XB05480 $1,150.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Guernsey Dairy Cow XB05481 $1,150.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Pitcairn Sparrow XB05482 $850.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Gibraltar's Barbary Apes XB05483 $1,000.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Bahamas Flamingo XB05484 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- United Kingdom Unicorn XB05487 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- United Kingdom Lion XB05488 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Isle of Man Manx Cat XB05489 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Bermuda Pig XB05490 $1,450.00
Jeffery Matthews: Landmarks of London XB06072 $1,600.00
Robert S. Goldsmith: Great Britain Sport of Rugby XB06109 $1,150.00
Jeffery Matthews: Glamis Castle, Childhood Home of the Queen Mother XB06512 $700.00
Ed Vebell: First Legislative Assembly XB06583 $700.00
Fritz Wegner: Morris Dancers XB06793 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Lammastide XB06794 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Medieval Mummers XB06795 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: English Folklore XB06796 $1,000.00
Basil Smith: de Dion Bouton Automobile XB07109 $400.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Coat of Arms of Lady Diana Spencer XB07382 $1,900.00
Marjorie Saynor: John Fisher and the H.M.S. Dreadnought XB07545 $400.00
Marjorie Saynor: Illustrious XB07546 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Canterbury Stained Glass Window XB07952 $2,050.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Sir Humphrey Gilbert XB07973 $1,000.00
Dick Simms: King Henry VIII XB08727 $1,150.00
Dick Simms: King James I XB08728 $1,150.00
Jeffery Matthews: Coat of Arms of the College of Arms XB08783 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Coat of Arms of Sir Colin Cole XB08784 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Founder Kings Coat of Arms XB08785 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Badges of Heralds and Pursuivants XB08786 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Coat of Arms XB08787 $1,600.00
Tom Bjarnason: Bicentennial of New Brunswick XB08846 $850.00
Howard Waller: Announcement of Prime Meridian Conference XB08857 $250.00
Howard Waller: Navigating At Night XB08858 $850.00
Stanley Paine: Bath Mail Coach XB08870 $400.00
Stanley Paine: Liverpool Mail Coach XB08871 $400.00
Stanley Paine: Edinburgh Mail Coach XB08872 $550.00
Stanley Paine: Exeter Mail Coach XB08873 $400.00
Stanley Paine: Norwich Mail Coach XB08874 $400.00
Stanley Paine: Mail Coach XB08875 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: United Empire Loyalists Settle in Canada XB08910 $700.00
Basil Smith: Bath Mail Coach XB08917 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Great Britain -- 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry XB09231 $2,050.00
Basil Smith: 1903 Triumph Motorcycle XB09677 $400.00
Basil Smith: Stephenson 4-6-4T Locomotive XB09734 $400.00
Yvonne Gilbert: Merlin and Infant Arthur XB09804 $850.00
Yvonne Gilbert: Arthur Pulling Sword from Anvil XB09805 $850.00
Yvonne Gilbert: King Arthur Knighting a Young Soldier XB09806 $850.00
Yvonne Gilbert: Arthur and Guinevere XB09807 $850.00
Yvonne Gilbert: Arthur's Death XB09808 $850.00
Chris Calle: Snuff Shop Highlander Figurehead XB10079 $3,550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Fair XB10393 $550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Lord XB10394 $550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Knight XB10395 $550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Freeman XB10396 $550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Serf (Peasant) XB10397 $550.00
Lynda Gray: The Hebrides Tribute XB10667 $850.00
Lynda Gray: The Hereford Boy Bishop XB10668 $850.00
Lynda Gray: The Tanad Valley Plygain XB10670 $850.00
Debbie Cook: Stretcher-Carriers 1887 XB10998 $700.00
Debbie Cook: First Aid in Wartime 1940 XB10999 $700.00
Debbie Cook: First Aid At a Pop Concert 1965 XB11000 $700.00
Debbie Cook: Transplant Organ Flights 1987 XB11001 $700.00
Debbie Cook: Emergency First Aid At Accident XB11002 $700.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1830 - 1840 XB11105 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1850 - 1860 XB11106 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1860 - 1870 XB11107 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1880 - 1890 XB11108 $1,900.00
Keith Bowen: Welsh Bible/William Salesbury XB11433 $1,150.00
Keith Bowen: Welsh Bible/William Morgan XB11434 $1,150.00
Keith Bowen: Welsh Bible/William Parry XB11435 $1,150.00
Keith Bowen: Welsh Bible/Richard Davies XB11436 $1,150.00
Keith Bowen: Welsh Bible XB11437 $1,150.00
Ronald Maddox: Industries of the Industrial Revolution XB12093 $1,150.00
John Harwood: Victoria Cross XB12274 $850.00
John Harwood: Military Cross XB12275 $2,500.00
John Harwood: Navy Distinguished Service Cross XB12276 $850.00
John Harwood: Distinguished Flying Cross XB12277 $850.00
John Harwood: Medals for Gallantry Combo XB12279 $1,600.00
Howard Koslow: Penny Black/Portrait of Queen Elizabeth XB12469 $2,050.00
Why Not Associates: 40th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Accession XB13561 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Armed Forces XB13562 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Church XB13563 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Commonwealth XB13564 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Royal Family XB13565 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of State XB13566 $400.00
Jeremy Sancha: Musket and Powder Belt XB13813 $700.00
Jeremy Sancha: Armor, Helmet and Gauntlets XB13814 $700.00
Jeremy Sancha: Flag, Hat and Sword XB13815 $700.00
Jeremy Sancha: Drum and Hat XB13816 $700.00
Jeremy Sancha: Drum, Musket, Sword, Flag and Helmet XB13817 $1,000.00
John Gibbs: Roman Britain - Claudius XB14242 $1,600.00
John Gibbs: Roman Britain - Hadrian XB14243 $1,600.00
John Gibbs: Roman Britain - Goddess Roma XB14244 $1,600.00
John Gibbs: Roman Britain - Mosaic of Christ XB14245 $1,600.00
John Gibbs: Roman Britain - Sculptures XB14246 $1,600.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14478 $550.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14479 $550.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14480 $550.00
Jean-Paul Cousin: Hands Across Water XB14487 $550.00
Jean-Paul Cousin: Graphic Design XB14488 $550.00
Jean-Paul Cousin: Graphic Design XB14489 $250.00
Dean Ellis: British Captain John Marshall XB15308 $400.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1940s - Aviation Assumes Strategic Importance XB16236 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - The Beatles XB16546 $1,600.00
Brian Sanders: Collage of Police Transportation XB05331  
Brian Sanders: Construction Site in Asia XB08974  
Brian Sanders: British Orchestra in Greece XB08975  
Brian Sanders: Library Serving the Middle East XB08976  
Brian Sanders: Medical Assistance in Africa XB08977  
Barry Wilkinson: Great Britain -- 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost XB09230  
Paul Hogarth: Combo/350th Anniversary of the Post XB09529  
Paul Hogarth: Letterpost/Postman Delivering Letter XB09530  
Paul Hogarth: Parcel Post/Postman Delivering Parcel XB09531  
Paul Hogarth: Post Bus/Driving in Country XB09532  
Paul Hogarth: Data Post/Postman on Motorcycle XB09533  
Lynda Gray: The Glastonbury Thorn XB10669  
Lynda Gray: The Dewsbury Church Knell XB10671  
Lynda Gray: The Yule Log XB10672  
Ronald Maddox: Industrial Revolution XB12094  
Paul Cox: London's Lord Mayor Driving Through the City Streets XB12157  
Paul Cox: Lord Mayor's Coach Rivals the Queen's Coach XB12158  
Paul Cox: Lord Mayor Parades past London's Law Courts XB12159  
Paul Cox: Lord Mayor's Entry into London XB12160  
Brian Sanders: V-1 Bombardment of England XB14733  
Brian Sanders: Prime Minister Churchill Resigns XB15046  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, War Correspondent 1899-1900 XB16823  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, Married 1908 XB16824  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, the Young Statesman 1900-1914 XB16825  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, Writer and Academic 1898-1960 XB16826  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, First Lord of the Admiralty 1939-1940 XB16827  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, Prime Minister 1940-1945 XB16828  
Brian Sanders: Winston Churchill, Knight and Nobel Prize Winner XB16835  

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