Britain and its History

Kings, Queens and Royalty

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Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- United Kingdom Lion XB05488 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Isle of Man Manx Cat XB05489 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Bermuda Pig XB05490 $1,450.00
Mark Schuler: Charles II XB06098 $250.00
Jim Passmore: Queen's Birthday XB07104 $400.00
Brian Clinton: Prince Charles and Lady Diana XB07219 $700.00
Brian Clinton: Coat of Arms of the Prince of Wales XB07220 $700.00
Brian Clinton: St. Paul's Cathedral XB07221 $700.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Coat of Arms of Lady Diana Spencer XB07379 $1,900.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Ostrich Feathers Badge and Dragon Badge for Wales XB07380 $1,900.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Coat of Arms of Lady Diana Spencer XB07382 $1,900.00
John Swatsley: Queen Elizabeth II XB07530 $2,050.00
Tom Bjarnason: Falkland Islands Dependencies / Royal Wedding Remembered XB07567 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: British Antarctic Territories/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07568 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Pitcairn Islands/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07616 $2,575.00
Tom Bjarnason: Falkland Islands/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07617 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Tristan Da Cunha/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07654 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: St. Helena/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07655 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: 100th Anniversary of Regina XB07656 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Fiji/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07686 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Swaziland/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07687 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Ascension/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07749 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: The Bahamas/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07750 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Barbados/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07751 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: British Virgin Islands/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07773 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Cayman Islands/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07774 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: The Gambia/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07775 $550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Mauritius/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07819 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Solomon Islands/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07820 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Lesotho/Royal Wedding Remembered XB07835 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Elizabeth II and Canadian Parliament Building XB07932 $700.00
David K. Stone: Queen Elizabeth II XB08084 $2,500.00
Dick Simms: King Henry VIII XB08727 $1,150.00
Dick Simms: King James I XB08728 $1,150.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Elizabeth II XB09813 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Flax and Shamrock XB09976 $700.00
Leonora Box: Australia/Queen's 60th Birthday XB09979 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: New Zealand/Queen's 60th Birthday XB09980 $2,200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Sticky Ragwort XB10036 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Anemone XB10038 $550.00
Leonora Box: Fiji/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10039 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Samoa i Sisifo/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10040 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Papua New Guinea/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10041 $1,900.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Jersey Lily XB10125 $700.00
Leonora Box: Norfolk Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10127 $2,650.00
Leonora Box: Vanuatu/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10128 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Solomon Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10129 $2,350.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Begonia XB10193 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Peace Lily & Shrimp Plant XB10194 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Hibiscus XB10196 $550.00
Leonora Box: Penrhyn/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10197 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Tuvalu/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10198 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Cook Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10199 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Pitcairn Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10200 $2,350.00
Leonora Box: Kiribati/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10201 $2,200.00
Jeffery Matthews: Queen's 60th Birthday, Rose and Oak XB10210 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Queen's 60th Birthday, Daffodils and Lilies XB10211 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Queen's 60th Birthday, Shamrock and Flax XB10212 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Queen's 60th Birthday, Thistle and Bluebell XB10213 $1,600.00
Jeffery Matthews: Queen's 60th Birthday, Collage of Flowers XB10214 $1,600.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Rose Pincushion XB10301 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Brazilian Plume Flower XB10303 $550.00
Leonora Box: Niue/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10305 $2,650.00
Leonora Box: Tonga/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10306 $1,900.00
Leonora Box: Christmas Island/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10357 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Mauritius/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10358 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Queen's 60th Birthday XB10359 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Seychelles/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10360 $2,950.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday: Chalice Vine XB10419 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday: Pansy Orchid XB10420 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday: Browalia XB10421 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Passion Flower XB10422 $550.00
Leonora Box: St. Helena/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10423 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Botswana/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10424 $1,900.00
Leonora Box: Ascension Island/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10425 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Swaziland/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10426 $2,950.00
Leonora Box: Brunei/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10427 $2,800.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Potato Plan & Wild Celery XB10452 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Oxalis enneaphylla XB10453 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Sickle Moss & Tussock Grass XB10454 $550.00
Leonora Box: Uganda/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10455 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Gambia/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10456 $2,650.00
Leonora Box: Sierra Leone/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10457 $2,650.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Cattleya Orchid XB10574 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Cleome XB10575 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Lignum Vitae XB10576 $550.00
Leonora Box: Lesotho/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10577 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Zambia/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10578 $2,500.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Coat of Arms of Miss Sarah Ferguson XB10579 $1,450.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Coat of Arms of H.R.H. Prince Andrew XB10580 $1,450.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Crest of H.R.H. Prince Andrew XB10581 $1,450.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1830 - 1840 XB11105 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1850 - 1860 XB11106 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1860 - 1870 XB11107 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain 1880 - 1890 XB11108 $1,900.00
Mike Dempsey: Victorian Britain - The 1800s XB11109 $1,750.00
Garry Emery: Queen Elizabeth II and Australia Graphics XB11638 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Penny Black/Portrait of Queen Elizabeth XB12469 $2,050.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Mother's 90th Birthday XB12523 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Mother's 90th Birthday XB12524 $850.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Mother's 90th Birthday XB12525 $850.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Mother's 90th Birthday XB12526 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Queen Mother's 90th Birthday Combo XB12527 $850.00
Why Not Associates: 40th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Accession XB13561 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Armed Forces XB13562 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Church XB13563 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Commonwealth XB13564 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of the Royal Family XB13565 $400.00
Why Not Associates: Queen's Accession - Head of State XB13566 $400.00
Jeffery Matthews: The Queen's Ruby Jubilee - Painting for XB13604 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Diana, Princess of Wales, At Age 36 XB15794 $2,800.00
Tom McNeely: Diana, Princess of Wales, At Age 20 XB15797 $850.00
Tom McNeely: Diana, Princess of Wales, At Age 27 XB15798 $850.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1950s - Pageantry Reassures Commonwealth XB16305 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Royal Romance Captivates the World XB16655 $1,225.00
Clive Abbott: Queen Mother's 100th Birthday XB16848 $850.00
Clive Abbott: Queen Mother As a Young Wife XB16849 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Queen Mother As Queen XB16850 $850.00
Clive Abbott: Queen Mother As Beloved "Queen Mum" XB16851 $1,000.00
Janos Kass: The Emperor's New Suit XB17401 $550.00
Ronald Maddox: Windsor Castle in England XB11764  

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