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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Ken Cato: Australian High Court Building-Stylized XB06175 $1,450.00
Donald Moss: American Architecture; Gropius House XB06205 $1,150.00
Barry Wilkinson: Arch in the Blue Mosque XB08510 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Tomb of Queen Margrethe XB08563 $2,050.00
Heribert Burkert: Rathaus Michelstadt XB08609 $1,150.00
Erik Nitsche: Tours de La Défense XB10768 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Casa Milá in Barcelona, Spain XB10769 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: St. Aengus Roman Catholic Church XB10771 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: The Goetheanum in Switzerland XB10772 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: United Nations Building in Vienna XB10774 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10844 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10845 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Grundtvig Church, Copenhagen XB10847 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Church of St. Joseph in Malta XB10851 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Liechtenstein Building XB10853 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Church of Skalholt in Iceland XB10921 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Klaksvik Church in the Faroe Islands XB10924 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Monument of Kozara XB10927 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Henie-Onstad Art Center in Norway XB10930 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: The Hotel Creta Maris in Greece XB11056 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Elounda Hotel in Greece XB11057 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Caloura Hotel Resort in the Azores XB11059 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Centre Des Congrès in Monaco XB11060 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Stad in Ankara, Turkey XB11062 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Talya in Antalya, Turkey XB11063 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Mare Monte in Kibris XB11065 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Private House in Lefkosa, Kibris XB11066 $700.00
Cecile Guillame: Shibam XB12534 $1,150.00
Patrick Lubin: Pont-canal de Briare XB12621 $1,150.00
Erik Nitsche: Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe Designs XB09932  
Erik Nitsche: Chapel of Notre Dame Du Haut XB10767  
Erik Nitsche: Underground Exhibit Hall for Automobiles XB10846  
Erik Nitsche: Liechtenstein Building XB10854  
Erik Nitsche: Airplane Hangar in Orbetello Italy XB10922  
Erik Nitsche: The Atomium in Belgium XB10923  
Erik Nitsche: Centre Des Congrès in Monaco XB11061  
Dean Ellis: Space Shuttle Columbia XB13647  
Dean Ellis: Skylab in Orbit XB13737  

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