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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Ronald Maddox: Tower of London/Hampton/Holyroodhouse/Caernarton XB05124 $850.00
Ronald Maddox: Tower of London/Hampton/Holyroodhouse/Caernarton XB05126 $850.00
Anne Oertle: Swiss Castle; Nauchatel Castle of Porrentruy XB05852 $1,900.00
Anne Oertle: Spiez Castle in Switzerland XB05853 $1,000.00
Anne Oertle: Hegi Castle in Switzerland XB05854 $1,000.00
Anne Oertle: Rapperswil Castle in Switzerland XB05855 $1,000.00
Anne Oertle: Oron Castle in Switzerland XB05856 $1,000.00
Helen Rohan: Balmoral Castle XB06016 $700.00
Donald Moss: Lyndhurst Castle XB06018 $1,150.00
Jeffery Matthews: Glamis Castle, Childhood Home of the Queen Mother XB06512 $700.00
Barry Wilkinson: Luxembourg -- 1907 Metallurgique XB08998 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Austria -- 1914 Graf Und Stift XB09159 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Yugoslavia -- 1934 Talbot 105 XB09161 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Belgium -- 1926 Minerva XB09175 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Norway -- 1931 Invicta XB09203 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Great Britain -- 1914 Vauxhall Prince Henry XB09231 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: 1909 De Dion Bouton XB09252 $2,050.00
Antonia Graschberger: King Ludwig II of Bavaria XB10240 $1,450.00
Erik Nitsche: Greifentor Gate XB10460 $700.00
John Benson: Hearst Castle XB11760 $700.00
Ronald Maddox: Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland XB11761 $1,300.00
Ronald Maddox: Caernarfon Castle in Wales XB11762 $1,150.00
Ronald Maddox: United Kingdom Castles XB11765 $1,150.00
Pal Varga: Castle of Gutenfels XB15547 $1,450.00
Ronald Maddox: Caernarfon Castle XB05122  
Ronald Maddox: Holyroodhouse XB05123  
Ronald Maddox: Tower of London XB05125  
Ronald Maddox: Hampton Court Palace XB05127  
Sir Hugh Casson: Hampton Court Palace XB06020  
Sir Hugh Casson: Kensington Palace, London XB06022  
Sir Hugh Casson: Windsor Castle, London XB06023  
Sir Hugh Casson: Buckingham Palace XB06024  
Donald Moss: Biltmore House XB07092  
Ronald Maddox: Edinburgh Castle in Scotland XB11763  
Ronald Maddox: Windsor Castle in England XB11764  
Mr. Xiao Yutian: Würzburg Palace XB16134  
Mr. Xiao Yutian: Würzburg Palace and Puning Temple XB16135  
Michael Garland: The Castle of Platamonas XB16461  

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