Birds of Prey

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Don Balke: Gyrfalcon and Mountain Avens XB05171 $1,900.00
Don Balke: Great Horned Owl and Rose XB05205 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Peregrine Falcon XB05341 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Broad-winged Hawk XB05452 $250.00
Nikolai Kirillovich Litvinov: Barn Owl/USSR Birds XB05554 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: Sea Eagle XB06456 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Eleanora's Falcon XB06458 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Barn Owl XB06929 $250.00
Don Balke: Bald Eagle XB07039 $1,150.00
Gordon Drummond: Agave Cactus XB07242 $700.00
John Swatsley: Tawny Eagle XB07844 $3,400.00
John Swatsley: Philippine Eagle XB07876 $3,550.00
John Swatsley: Harpy Eagle XB07877 $3,550.00
John Swatsley: Martial Eagle XB07885 $3,550.00
John Swatsley: Spanish Imperial Eagle XB07909 $3,400.00
Gene Jarvis: Golden Eagle XB07926 $250.00
David K. Stone: Space Shuttle and Eagle I XB08291 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Space Shuttle and Eagle II XB08300 $2,800.00
Ken Lilly: Little Owl XB08552 $1,600.00
Gene Jarvis: Fish Eagle XB08729 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Bearded Vulture XB08730 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Long Crested Eagle XB09295 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Martial Eagle XB09296 $250.00
David K. Stone: American Eagle Shield XB09398 $2,500.00
John Swatsley: Tawny Eagle XB09486 $1,900.00
John Swatsley: African Fish Eagle XB09488 $2,050.00
John Swatsley: Philippine Eagle XB09489 $1,900.00
John Swatsley: Golden Eagle XB09490 $3,100.00
John Swatsley: Golden Eagle XB09491 $1,000.00
John Swatsley: Harpy Eagle XB09492 $1,000.00
John Swatsley: Bald Eagle XB09493 $1,000.00
John Benson: John James Audubon XB09516 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Sooty Falcon XB09634 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Bonelli's Eagle XB09635 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Snowy Owl XB09716 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Tawny Owl XB09718 $250.00
Tom Lydon: Eagle XB09732 $400.00
T.L. Zavitz: Bald Eagles in Treetop XB09860 $700.00
Ken Lilly: Montagu's Harrier Bird XB10225 $1,600.00
Ken Lilly: Barn Owl XB10228 $1,600.00
Gene Jarvis: New Zealand Falcon XB10503 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Great Horned Owl XB10568 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Barn Owl XB10610 $250.00
Kirk Stirnweis: Osprey XB10635 $700.00
Michael Warren: Merlin XB10780 $1,450.00
Don Balke: Osprey XB10796 $1,900.00
Michael Warren: California Condor XB10975 $1,450.00
Gene Jarvis: Eagle Owl XB11010 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Bruce's Scops Owl XB11011 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: Cinerous Vulture XB11141 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Kite Milvus korshun lineatus XB11142 $250.00
John Benson: Take Pride in America/Eagle and Elk XB11200 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: White-tailed Sea Eagle XB11542 $250.00
Don Balke: Saw-Whet Owl XB11647 $2,050.00
Don Balke: Owl and Grosbeak XB11653 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Saw-whet Owl XB11654 $1,600.00
Michael Warren: Barn Owl XB11919 $700.00
Michael Warren: Barred Owl XB11920 $700.00
Michael Warren: Burrowing Owl XB11921 $700.00
Michael Warren: Snowy Owl XB11922 $700.00
Alexei Isakov: Common Buzzard XB11973 $2,350.00
Gene Jarvis: Long-eared Owl XB12011 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Ural Owl XB12053 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Palau Owl XB12110 $250.00
M.R. Morosov: Palau Owl XB12118 $1,600.00
Michael Warren: American Bald Eagle XB12143 $4,600.00
Michael Warren: Golden Eagle(s) XB12144 $2,800.00
Gene Jarvis: White-tailed Sea Eagle XB12199 $250.00
Michael Warren: American Bald Eagles at Eagle Bay, Alaska XB12252 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Bateleur Eagle XB12310 $250.00
Pal Varga: Eurasian Kingfisher XB12513 $700.00
M.R. Morosov: Red-tailed Tropicbird XB12582 $850.00
M.R. Morosov: Wandering Tattler XB12583 $850.00
Michael Warren: Red-footed Booby XB12615 $1,450.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Cinnamon Bittern XB12795 $850.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Sooty Tern XB12796 $850.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Audubon's Shearwater XB12797 $850.00
M.R. Morosov: Secretary Bird XB12906 $1,600.00
Michael Warren: Osprey XB12941 $700.00
Michael Warren: Cooper's Hawk XB12942 $700.00
Michael Warren: Merlin Fálco columbárius XB12943 $700.00
Michael Warren: Broad-winged Hawk XB12944 $700.00
Michael Warren: Peregrine Falcon XB12953 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Poland Owls XB13008 $3,100.00
Don Balke: Bald Eagle in Flight XB13016 $1,750.00
Ken Walker: Bald Eagle XB13038 $850.00
Basil Smith: Little Owl XB13065 $400.00
Basil Smith: Tawny Owl XB13066 $400.00
Pal Varga: Little Owl XB13220 $700.00
Pal Varga: Tawny Owl XB13221 $700.00
Pal Varga: Short-eared Owl XB13222 $700.00
Pal Varga: Long-eared Owl XB13223 $700.00
Chuck Ripper: American Kestrel XB13225 $1,150.00
Elena Dujeva: Yugoslavia - Woodchat Shrike XB13232 $850.00
Michael Warren: Masked Booby XB13264 $1,450.00
Mark Schuler: Bald Eagle with Shield XB13954 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Eagle and Flag XB13955 $400.00
Nicholas Wilson: Great Horned Owl Mother with Babies XB14011 $700.00
Basil Smith: Hungary -- Short-toed Eagle XB14135 $400.00
Basil Smith: Hungary -- Booted Eagle Sitting on Branch XB14136 $400.00
Chuck Ripper: Peregrine Falcon XB14179 $2,800.00
Basil Smith: Bulgaria - Tawny Owl Preying on Mouse XB14428 $400.00
Basil Smith: Bulgaria - Tengmalm's Owl Sitting in a Pine Tree XB14429 $400.00
Michael Warren: Two Spotted Owls Sitting in Tree XB14638 $1,600.00
H. Douglas Pratt: Short-eared Owl XB14694 $700.00
Chuck Ripper: Giant Scops Owl Sitting on Tree Branch XB14962 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: American Bald Eagle Perched on Branch XB14968 $2,650.00
Michael Warren: California Condor Flying over Ridge XB15005 $1,900.00
Don Balke: Purple Mountains and Bald Eagle in Flight XB15365 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: California Condor XB15510 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Burrowing Owl XB15885 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Secretary Bird XB16349 $2,650.00
Don Balke: Elf Owl Perched in Saguaro XB16360 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Recovering Species XB16831 $1,600.00
Pal Varga: Owls XB16968 $1,150.00
Don Balke: Gyrfalcon XB17095 $550.00
Gene Jarvis: African Harrier Hawk XB95345 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Verreaux's Eagle Owl XB95346 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Long-crested Hawk Eagle XB95347 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Lizard Buzzard XB95348 $250.00
Wendy Walsh: Peregrine Falcon XB05359  
Webb Garrison: Snowy Owl XB05470  
Webb Garrison: Great Gray Owl XB05471  
Webb Garrison: Saw-whet Owl XB05473  
Webb Garrison: Barred Owl XB05474  
Don Eckelberry: Snowy Owl XB05842  
Don Eckelberry: Great Horned Owl XB05843  
Don Eckelberry: Great Gray Owl XB05845  
Don Eckelberry: Barred Owl XB05846  
Webb Garrison: Great Horned Owl XB06147  
Don Balke: Bald Eagle XB07555  
John Swatsley: Bald Eagle in Flight XB07814  
John Swatsley: Golden Eagle XB07815  
John Swatsley: African Fish Eagle XB07845  
John Swatsley: Bataleur Eagle XB07908  
John Swatsley: Bald Eagle XB07915  
Han Meilin: Owls XB08378  
John Swatsley: Spanish Imperial Eagle XB09485  
John Swatsley: Bald Eagle XB09487  
Shannon Stirnweis: Bald Eagle XB10636  
Don Balke: Bald Eagle Perched on Branch XB10744  
Michael Warren: Great Horned Owl XB11923  
Chris Calle: Grand Canyon Panorama XB12670  
Alexei Isakov: American Kestrel XB12717  
Don Balke: Eagle in Flight XB13092  
Chuck Ripper: American Kestrel XB13224  
Chuck Ripper: Barn Owl XB15274  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1910s - Grand Canyon XB15950  
Don Balke: Red-shouldered Hawk XB17376  

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