Ducks and Waterfowl

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Don Balke: Canada Goose XB05046 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Canada Goose and Moose XB05047 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Mallard Duck XB05050 $1,200.00
Arthur and Alan D. Singer: Hawaii Goose and Hibiscus XB05074 $500.00
Don Balke: Common Loon and Pitcher Plant XB05175 $1,200.00
Don Balke: Canada Goose and Praire Crocus XB05176 $1,200.00
Gene Jarvis: White Pelican XB05275 $100.00
Gary Greer: Whimbrel XB05381 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: Adelie Penguins XB05418 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Blue-faced Booby XB05451 $100.00
Michael Warren: Two Great Crested Grebe XB05767 $200.00
Vladimir Dmitrievich Kolganov: Snowy Petrel XB05857 $300.00
Webb Garrison: Australian Pelican XB05877 $900.00
Don Balke: Steller's Eider XB06310 $800.00
Don Balke: Black Duck XB06311 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Kingfisher XB06624 $100.00
Pal Varga: Great White Egret XB06655 $600.00
Pal Varga: White-winged Black Tern XB06656 $400.00
Pal Varga: The Shoveler Anas clypeata XB06657 $400.00
Pal Varga: The Black-winged Stilt XB06658 $400.00
Pal Varga: The Greylag Goose XB06659 $400.00
Pal Varga: The Night Heron XB06660 $400.00
Pal Varga: The Great Crested Grebe XB06661 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: White Egret XB07061 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Red-necked Goose XB07064 $100.00
Don Balke: Ruddy Ducks XB07082 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: Bahama Pintail Duck XB07478 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Japanese Crested Ibis XB07495 $100.00
Don Balke: Ring-necked Duck XB07503 $800.00
Don Balke: Canvasback Duck XB07527 $700.00
Don Balke: Whistling Fulvous Duck XB07528 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Reef Heron XB07598 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Silver Bosunbird XB07599 $100.00
Don Balke: Canvasback Duck XB07611 $800.00
Don Balke: Mexican Duck XB07612 $800.00
Don Balke: Blue-winged Teal XB07614 $800.00
Don Balke: Canada Goose XB07615 $500.00
Don Balke: Greater Scaup XB07633 $800.00
Don Balke: Blue Goose XB07634 $800.00
Don Balke: European Widgeon XB07672 $800.00
Don Balke: Brant XB07673 $800.00
Don Balke: Emperor Goose XB07708 $800.00
Don Balke: American Widgeon XB07709 $800.00
Don Balke: Oldsquaw XB07716 $800.00
Don Balke: Mottled Duck XB07766 $800.00
Don Balke: Green-winged Teal XB07767 $800.00
Don Balke: Barnacle Goose XB07790 $800.00
Don Balke: Common Eider XB07791 $800.00
Don Balke: Gadwall XB07810 $800.00
Don Balke: Ruddy Duck XB07811 $800.00
Don Balke: Common Goldeneye XB07830 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-winged Stilt XB07831 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Red-crested Pochard XB07834 $100.00
Don Balke: Hooded Merganser XB07836 $800.00
Don Balke: Red-breasted Merganser XB07837 $800.00
Don Balke: Common Merganser XB07869 $800.00
Don Balke: King Eider XB07881 $800.00
Don Balke: Common Scoter XB07886 $800.00
Don Balke: Masked Duck XB07887 $800.00
Don Balke: Trumpeter Swan XB07914 $800.00
Don Balke: Harlequin Duck XB07930 $800.00
Don Balke: Mute Swan XB07931 $800.00
Don Balke: Canada Goose XB07977 $800.00
Don Balke: Barrow's Goldeneye XB07978 $800.00
John Nicholson: Sea Gulls XB07981 $500.00
Don Balke: Cinnamon Teal XB08066 $800.00
Don Balke: Snow Goose XB08101 $800.00
Don Balke: White-winged Scoter XB08102 $800.00
Don Balke: Pintail Ducks Flying over Marsh XB08132 $700.00
Don Balke: Ross' Goose XB08133 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Pygmy Goose XB08163 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Yellow-billed Stork XB08164 $100.00
Don Balke: Black Brant XB08185 $800.00
Don Balke: White-fronted Goose XB08217 $800.00
Don Balke: Whistling Swan XB08218 $800.00
Don Balke: Bufflehead XB08273 $800.00
Don Balke: Surf Scoter XB08274 $800.00
Don Balke: Redhead Duck XB08288 $800.00
Don Balke: Lesser Scaup XB08289 $800.00
Don Balke: Tufted Duck XB08309 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Barnacle Goose XB08371 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Norway Auk XB08372 $100.00
Don Balke: Northern Shoveler XB08447 $800.00
Don Balke: Black-bellied Whistling Duck XB08448 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Common Heron XB08604 $200.00
Don Balke: Widgeon XB08716 $700.00
Don Balke: Preserving the Wetlands XB08717 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: Coscoroba Swan XB08767 $100.00
Michael Warren: Mallard Ducks XB08782 $500.00
Gene Jarvis: Curlew XB08964 $100.00
Don Balke: California Gull and Sego Lily XB09164 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Mallard Duck Decoy XB09310 $500.00
Michael Warren: Redhead Duck Decoy XB09311 $500.00
Michael Warren: Canvasback Duck Decoy XB09312 $500.00
Michael Warren: Broadbill Duck Decoy XB09313 $500.00
Michael Warren: American Widgeon Duck Decoy XB09314 $900.00
Michael Warren: Canvasback Duck Decoy XB09315 $900.00
Michael Warren: Mallard Duck Decoy XB09316 $900.00
Michael Warren: Green-winged Teal Duck Decoy XB09317 $900.00
Michael Warren: Broadbill Duck Decoy XB09318 $900.00
Michael Warren: Redhead Duck Decoy XB09319 $900.00
Don Balke: Brown Pelican and Magnolia XB09425 $1,000.00
Erik Nitsche: Mallard Duck Decoy XB09458 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Wooden Duck Decoy XB09459 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Broadbill Duck Decoy XB09460 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Redhead Duck Decoy XB09461 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Canvasback Duck Decoy XB09462 $400.00
Michael Warren: Whooping Cranes XB09562 $900.00
Michael Warren: Black Ducks XB09564 $900.00
Don Balke: Cinnamon Teal Duck XB09574 $800.00
Don Balke: Hawaiian Goose and Hibiscus XB09676 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Louisiana Heron XB09854 $1,000.00
Bernard Scott: Dusky Canadian Geese XB09859 $300.00
Don Balke: Whooping Crane XB09862 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Piping Plover XB09865 $1,000.00
Don Balke: American Oystercatcher XB09866 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Limpkin XB09948 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Northern Phalarope XB09955 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Snowy Egret XB09956 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Long-billed Curlew XB09977 $900.00
Don Balke: Sandhill Crane XB10001 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Wood Stork XB10007 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Killdeer XB10008 $900.00
Don Balke: Black Oystercatcher XB10071 $200.00
Don Balke: Yellow-crowned Night Heron XB10104 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Buff-breasted Sandpiper XB10132 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Green-backed Heron XB10152 $900.00
Don Balke: Reddish Egret XB10153 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Black Guillemot XB10155 $900.00
Michael Warren: Reddish Egret XB10157 $900.00
Michael Warren: Yellow-crowned Night Heron XB10158 $900.00
Michael Warren: Tri-colored Heron XB10159 $900.00
Michael Warren: Great Blue Heron XB10160 $900.00
Don Balke: Ruff XB10180 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Roseate Spoonbill XB10222 $900.00
Don Balke: Knot Bird XB10223 $900.00
Don Balke: Black-Crowned Night Heron XB10237 $900.00
Don Balke: Common Snipe XB10253 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Dowitcher XB10254 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Hooded Merganser XB10319 $900.00
Michael Warren: American Dipper XB10320 $900.00
Don Balke: American Bittern XB10321 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Least Bittern XB10337 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Great Egret XB10343 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Whistling Fulvous Duck XB10349 $700.00
Don Balke: Little Blue Heron XB10361 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Great Blue Heron XB10367 $900.00
Don Balke: Ruddy Turnstone XB10398 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Dunlin XB10399 $1,000.00
Don Balke: American Avocet XB10415 $900.00
Fritz Wegner: Cygnus the Constellation XB10430 $600.00
Gene Jarvis: Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus XB10439 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Common Eider XB10440 $100.00
Don Balke: Black-bellied Plover XB10441 $900.00
Don Balke: Snowy Plover XB10476 $900.00
Don Balke: Bristle-thighed Curlew XB10477 $900.00
Michael Warren: Great Egret XB10482 $900.00
Don Balke: Cattle Egret XB10484 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Wilson's Phalarope XB10485 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Solitary Sandpiper XB10493 $900.00
Don Balke: Black-necked Stilt XB10494 $900.00
Gene Jarvis: Masked Booby XB10504 $100.00
Don Balke: Mountain Plover XB10522 $900.00
Don Balke: American Golden Plover XB10523 $900.00
Michael Warren: Mandarin Duck XB10533 $1,500.00
Don Balke: Upland Sandpiper XB10546 $900.00
Don Balke: Surfbird XB10547 $1,000.00
Don Balke: American Woodcock XB10548 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Glossy Ibis XB10549 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Grus the Constellation XB10559 $600.00
Gene Jarvis: Snow Goose XB10570 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Great Blue Heron XB10571 $100.00
Michael Warren: Spotted Sandpiper XB10582 $900.00
Don Balke: Whimbrel XB10599 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-bellied Plover XB10609 $100.00
Don Balke: White Ibis XB10624 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Spotted Sandpiper XB10630 $900.00
Don Balke: Sanderling XB10631 $900.00
Don Balke: Yellowlegs XB10653 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Marbled Godwit XB10654 $900.00
Don Balke: White-faced Ibis XB10657 $1,000.00
Kirk Stirnweis: Snowy Egret XB10686 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: White Cranes XB10691 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: White Cranes XB10692 $100.00
Don Balke: Snowy Egret XB10705 $1,200.00
Don Balke: Roseate Spoonbill XB10707 $1,200.00
Gene Jarvis: Garganey Duck XB10742 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Green-winged Teal XB10743 $100.00
Michael Warren: Trumpeter Swan XB10806 $900.00
Kirk Stirnweis: Roseate Spoonbill XB10840 $400.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Canada Goose XB10906 $600.00
Michael Warren: Ring-billed Gull XB10960 $900.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-naped Tern XB10972 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: White Egret XB11012 $100.00
Don Balke: Redhead Ducks XB11016 $700.00
Don Balke: Canada Goose XB11017 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Brown Teal XB11143 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Blue Duck XB11144 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Black Capped Petrel XB11239 $100.00
Michael Warren: Ruddy Ducks XB11403 $900.00
Michael Warren: Oldsquaw Duck XB11404 $900.00
Michael Warren: Surf Scoters XB11405 $900.00
Michael Warren: Northern Pintail Duck XB11406 $900.00
Michael Warren: Hooded Merganser and Barrow's Goldeneye XB11407 $900.00
Gene Jarvis: Bewick's Swan XB11432 $100.00
Don Balke: Snow Goose XB11554 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: Bahamas/Whistling Duck XB11613 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Red-crested Pochard XB11725 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Paradise Shelduck XB11807 $100.00
Don Balke: European Mallards XB11844 $4,200.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Mallard XB11862 $500.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Green Winged Teal XB11863 $500.00
Gene Jarvis: Silver Gull XB11942 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Long-tailed Duck XB11944 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-tailed Godwit XB11945 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Puffin XB11966 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Avocet XB11967 $100.00
Ivan Koslov: Mandarin Duck XB11974 $200.00
Ivan Koslov: Green-Winged Teal XB11975 $200.00
Ivan Koslov: Common Shelduck XB11976 $200.00
Ivan Koslov: Ruddy Shelduck XB11977 $500.00
Ivan Koslov: 1989 USSR Duck Stamp XB11979 $900.00
Gene Jarvis: Roseate Tern XB11987 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Roseate Tern XB11988 $100.00
Don Balke: Lesser Scaup/Duck XB11990 $700.00
Pal Varga: Common Goldeneye XB12022 $400.00
Pal Varga: Gadwall XB12023 $400.00
Pal Varga: Red-crested Pochard XB12024 $400.00
Pal Varga: Green-winged Teal XB12025 $400.00
Pal Varga: Garganey Duck XB12073 $400.00
Pal Varga: Mallard Duck XB12074 $400.00
Pál Varga: Shelduck XB12075 $400.00
Pal Varga: Teal Ducks XB12076 $400.00
Gene Jarvis: Long-tailed Duck XB12107 $100.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Gambia/West Crowned Crane XB12290 $500.00
Pal Varga: Purple Gallinule XB12293 $400.00
Don Balke: Green Winged Teal XB12330 $2,300.00
Don Balke: Belgium/Mallard Duck XB12331 $2,100.00
Don Balke: Shoveler Duck XB12334 $2,400.00
Don Balke: Pintail Duck XB12335 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Common Shelduck XB12374 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Green-winged Teal XB12375 $100.00
Don Balke: Israel Ducks XB12408 $3,000.00
Michael Warren: Greater White-fronted Goose XB12409 $900.00
Michael Warren: Pink-footed Goose XB12411 $900.00
Michael Warren: Trumpeter Swan XB12413 $900.00
Michael Warren: Cinnamon Teal XB12415 $900.00
Michael Warren: Hawaiian Goose Nene XB12437 $900.00
Michael Warren: Bufflehead Duck XB12439 $900.00
Don Balke: Black-bellied Whistling Duck XB12448 $1,100.00
Ivan Koslov: Mallard XB12459 $500.00
Ivan Koslov: Common Goldeneye XB12460 $500.00
Ivan Koslov: Red-crested Pochard XB12461 $500.00
Ivan Koslov: Red-breasted Merganser XB12462 $500.00
Ivan Koslov: Red-breasted Merganser XB12463 $700.00
Michael Warren: Northern Shoveler XB12464 $900.00
Michael Warren: Emperor Goose XB12466 $900.00
Michael Warren: American Wigeon XB12471 $900.00
Michael Warren: Canvasback Ducks XB12473 $900.00
Basil Smith: Wandering Tattler XB12478 $200.00
Basil Smith: Great Frigatebird XB12480 $200.00
Michael Warren: Harlequin Ducks XB12487 $900.00
Michael Warren: Barrow's Goldeneye XB12489 $900.00
Ivan Koslov: 1990 USSR Duck Conservation Stamp Art XB12549 $700.00
Michael Warren: White-winged Scoter XB12550 $900.00
Michael Warren: Common Merganser XB12552 $900.00
Basil Smith: Natal Kingfisher XB12558 $200.00
Michael Warren: Northern Pintail XB12577 $900.00
Michael Warren: Greater Snow Goose XB12578 $900.00
Alexei Isakov: Mallard XB12596 $1,600.00
Alexei Isakov: Belgium/Teal Duck XB12597 $1,800.00
Alexei Isakov: Belgium/Pintail Duck XB12598 $1,800.00
Michael Warren: Mute Swan XB12629 $900.00
Michael Warren: Fulvous Whistling Duck XB12631 $900.00
Don Balke: America's Teal XB12633 $1,200.00
Michael Warren: Lesser Scaup XB12639 $900.00
Michael Warren: Oldsquaw Duck XB12641 $900.00
Michael Warren: Great Basin Canada Goose XB12663 $900.00
Michael Warren: Atlantic Brant XB12665 $900.00
Basil Smith: Yellow-crowned Night Heron XB12678 $200.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Hammerhead Bird XB12685 $500.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Glossy Ibis XB12686 $500.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Sierra Leone/Great Crested Grebe (Bird) XB12688 $500.00
Ken Walker: Chilean Flamingo XB12692 $900.00
Pal Varga: Black-capped Petrel XB12701 $400.00
Pal Varga: Little Blue Heron XB12704 $400.00
Basil Smith: Great Crested Grebe XB12707 $200.00
Michael Warren: Tundra Swan XB12709 $900.00
Michael Warren: Wood Duck XB12711 $900.00
Michael Warren: Spectacled Eider XB12713 $900.00
Alexei Isakov: Yellow-crowned Night Heron XB12720 $1,500.00
Ivan Koslov: Snow Petrel XB12729 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Antarctic Fulmar XB12730 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Wilson's Storm Petrel XB12731 $1,800.00
Michael Warren: Ross' Geese XB12734 $900.00
Michael Warren: Greater Scaup XB12735 $900.00
Michael Warren: Common Goldeneye XB12736 $900.00
Michael Warren: Geese - Barnacle Goose XB12772 $900.00
Michael Warren: Black Scoter XB12776 $900.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Kingfisher Flying over Water XB12809 $400.00
Michael Warren: Black-bellied Whistling Ducks XB12817 $900.00
Michael Warren: Gadwall Ducks XB12819 $900.00
Ken Walker: Mute Swans XB12852 $800.00
M.R. Morosov: Egyptian Goose XB12907 $1,000.00
Ivan Koslov: Northern Shoveler XB12913 $600.00
Ivan Koslov: Northern Shoveler Pair XB12914 $700.00
Ivan Koslov: Northern Pintail XB12915 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Ruddy Duck XB12916 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Greater Scaup XB12917 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Northern Shoveler XB12918 $1,700.00
Don Balke: White Swan XB12948 $1,700.00
Don Balke: White Swan XB12949 $1,100.00
Don Balke: Wood Duck Pair XB12951 $1,100.00
Michael Warren: White-cheeked Pintail XB12988 $900.00
Michael Warren: Redhead Ducks XB12990 $900.00
Don Balke: King Eider XB13007 $1,100.00
Michael Warren: Mallard XB13078 $900.00
Michael Warren: Steller's Eider XB13079 $900.00
Vadim Gorbatov: Common Gallinule XB13116 $500.00
Dmitry Belukin: Ruddy Turnstone XB13138 $1,000.00
Dmitry Belukin: Whimbrel XB13139 $1,000.00
Dmitry Belukin: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper XB13141 $900.00
Dmitry Belukin: Terek Sandpiper XB13142 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Black Noddy and Pacific Reef-Egret XB13209 $1,500.00
Elena Dujeva: Yugoslavia - Crane XB13231 $500.00
Elena Dujeva: Yugoslavia - Common Merganser XB13233 $500.00
Michael Warren: Mottled Ducks XB13242 $900.00
Michael Warren: Tufted Duck XB13244 $900.00
Michael Warren: Green-winged Teal XB13383 $900.00
Michael Warren: Red-breasted Merganser XB13384 $900.00
Basil Smith: Tuamotu Kingfisher XB13451 $200.00
Michael Warren: King Eider XB13466 $900.00
Michael Warren: Surf Scoter XB13467 $900.00
Michael Warren: Hooded Merganser XB13507 $900.00
Michael Warren: Ring-necked Ducks XB13509 $900.00
Michael Warren: American Black Ducks XB13568 $900.00
Michael Warren: Blue-winged Teal XB13569 $900.00
Michael Warren: Northern Pintail Duck XB13615 $900.00
Michael Warren: Eurasian Wigeon XB13767 $900.00
Michael Warren: Common Eider XB13770 $900.00
Michael Warren: Lesser Snow Geese - Blue Phase XB13771 $900.00
Basil Smith: Great White Egret XB13773 $200.00
Basil Smith: Isle of Man - Whooper Swans/Bewicks Swans XB13775 $200.00
\asil Smith: Isle of Man - Mute Swans/Black Swans XB13776 $200.00
Ivan Koslov: Smew XB13792 $1,000.00
Ivan Koslov: Smew XB13793 $1,000.00
Ivan Koslov: Smew XB13794 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Garganey XB13795 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Falcated Teal XB13796 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Common Pochard XB13797 $1,700.00
Michael Warren: Interior Canada Geese XB13825 $900.00
Michael Warren: Common Teal XB13863 $900.00
Michael Warren: Cackling Canada Geese XB13903 $900.00
Michael Warren: Greater Scaup XB13917 $900.00
Michael Warren: Pacific Black Brant on Shoreline XB13945 $900.00
Michael Warren: Giant Canada Geese XB14017 $900.00
Michael Warren: Lesser Snow Geese - White Phase XB14028 $900.00
Michael Warren: Florida Duck XB14052 $900.00
David Gentleman: Swan in Rushes XB14061 $1,400.00
David Gentleman: Cygnet with Dried Straw XB14062 $1,600.00
David Gentleman: Swan with Three Cygnets XB14063 $1,400.00
David Gentleman: Cygnet and Egg on Nest XB14064 $1,600.00
David Gentleman: Cygnet with Reeds XB14065 $1,500.00
David Gentleman: Swan with Landscape XB14066 $1,500.00
Basil Smith: Little Pied Cormorant Standing XB14095 $200.00
Chuck Ripper: Whooping Cranes XB14183 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Humboldt's Penguins XB14188 $2,700.00
Michael Warren: Brown Pelican XB14196 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Magnificent Frigatebird XB14226 $400.00
Michael Warren: Brown Booby XB14227 $400.00
Michael Warren: Brandt's Cormorant XB14228 $400.00
Don Balke: Canvasback Ducks XB14247 $1,100.00
Ivan Koslov: Spectacled Eider XB14328 $600.00
Ivan Koslov: Spectacled Eider XB14329 $600.00
Ivan Koslov: King Eider XB14330 $1,800.00
Ivan Koslov: Common Eider XB14351 $1,800.00
Ivan Koslov: Steller's Eider XB14352 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Spectacled Eider XB14353 $1,700.00
Basil Smith: France - Smew Flock Swimming XB14364 $200.00
Basil Smith: France -- Shelduck with Flock Swimming XB14365 $200.00
Pál Varga: Contrasting Climates XB14486 $700.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Sacred Lotus of the Nile and Waterbird XB14536 $2,000.00
Basil Smith: Manderian Storm Petrels XB14539 $200.00
Chuck Ripper: Jabiru Standing on a Tree Branch XB14624 $1,700.00
Michael Warren: Common Loon Swimming on the Water XB14651 $400.00
Basil Smith: Flamingos XB14655 $200.00
Don Balke: Red-breasted Merganser - Two Swimming XB14708 $1,100.00
Ivan Koslov: White-winged Scoter XB14758 $600.00
Ivan Koslov: Eurasian Wigeon XB14759 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: White-Winged Scoter XB14760 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Tufted Duck XB14761 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Baikal Teal XB14762 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: 1994 Russia Duck Conservation XB14778 $600.00
Don Balke: Mallards Sitting on Pond's Edge XB15032 $2,200.00
Pal Varga: Malawi Birds - Crowned Crane XB15033 $900.00
Pal Varga: Saddle-bill Stork XB15034 $900.00
Ivan Koslov: Crested Shelduck XB15187 $700.00
Ivan Koslov: Crested Shelduck XB15188 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Harlequin Duck XB15189 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Common Merganser XB15190 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Baer's Pochard XB15191 $1,600.00
Ivan Koslov: Crested Shelducks in Flight XB15204 $700.00
H. Douglas Pratt: Gray-backed Tern XB15278 $400.00
H. Douglas Pratt: Masked Booby XB15279 $400.00
H. Douglas Pratt: Black-footed Albatross XB15280 $400.00
Don Balke: Surf Scoter XB15403 $500.00
Chuck Ripper: Brown Pelican XB15509 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Chinese Merganser XB15532 $600.00
Michael Warren: Trumpeter Swan and Other American Waterfowl XB15604 $1,200.00
Chuck Ripper: Blue or Stanley Crane XB15620 $1,700.00
Ivan Koslov: Red-breasted Goose XB15729 $700.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - L l XB16193 $600.00
Alexei Isakov: Mallard XB16211 $600.00
Pál Varga: Brown Noddy XB16251 $400.00
Chuck Ripper: Dalmatian Pelican XB16348 $2,700.00
Pal Varga: Black-tailed Godwit XB16406 $400.00
Pal Varga: Kermadec Petrel XB16407 $400.00
Pal Varga: Dunlin XB16409 $400.00
Pal Varga: Franklin's Gull XB16434 $400.00
Pal Varga: Cattle Egret XB16435 $400.00
Alexei Isakov: Harlequin XB16548 $600.00
Chuck Ripper: White Spoonbill XB16625 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Coscoroba Swan XB16685 $1,700.00
Don Balke: Harlequin Duck XB16700 $300.00
Alexei Isakov: Baikal Teal XB16871 $600.00
Chris Calle: Laysan Duck XB16909 $1,400.00
Michael Warren: Sea Birds of the North XB16931 $1,200.00
Yuri K. Levinovsky: 2001 Russia Duck Conservation-Stamp/FDC/ XB16952 $700.00
Chuck Ripper: Scarlet Ibis XB17044 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Red-Breasted Goose XB17045 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Fulvous Tree Duck XB17046 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Knob-Billed Goose XB17050 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: White-faced Whistling Duck XB17065 $1,700.00
Chuck Ripper: Egyptian Goose XB17068 $1,700.00
Yuri Levinovsky: 2003 Russia Duck Conservation-Stamp/FDC/ XB17166 $700.00
Gary Greer: Common Snipe XB95382 $400.00
Don Balke: Black-bellied Whistling Duck XB98448 $1,200.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-bellied Tree Duck XB99033 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Muscovy Duck XB99034 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Black-headed Gull XB99072 $100.00
Gene Jarvis: Great Black-backed Gull XB99073 $100.00
Arthur and Alan D. Singer: Common Loon and Showy Lady Slipper XB05110  
Wendy Walsh: Great Crested Grebe XB05355  
Wendy Walsh: White-fronted Goose XB05356  
Don Balke: Blue Heron XB07055  
Don Balke: Wood Duck XB07502  
Don Balke: Pintail XB07829  
Don Balke: Mallard XB08184  
Wan Weisheng: Swan Swimming in Pond XB08239  
Wan Weisheng: Four Whistling Swans Swimming in Pond XB08240  
Wan Weisheng: Two Swans "Courting" in Pond XB08241  
Wan Weisheng: Four Whooper Swans in Flight XB08242  
Wan Weisheng: Mother Swan and Chicks XB08243  
Wan Weisheng: Swans Battling in a Pond XB08244  
Wan Weisheng: Six Swans Flying in Formation XB08245  
Wan Weisheng: Four Swans Landing in Pond XB08246  
Wan Weisheng: Swans - One Swan Landing in Pond XB08247  
Han Meilin: Swans XB08382  
Chuanzhe Sun: Cranes XB08647  
Chuanzhe Sun: Mandarin Duck XB08650  
Don Balke: Common Loon and Showy Lady Slipper XB09424  
Michael Warren: Wood Ducks XB09565  
Michael Warren: Trumpeter Swan XB09566  
Michael Warren: Great Egret XB10161  
Bernard Scott: Swans Flying over Beaver Dam XB10616  
Michael Warren: Glacier Bay National Park and a Tufted Puffin XB10761  
Michael Warren: Zambia/Squacco Heron XB11167  
Gene Jarvis: Water Ouzel XB11346  
Ivan Koslov: 1989 USSR Duck Stamp XB11978  
Vadim Gorbatov: Guillemot XB11981  
Vadim Gorbatov: Black Guillemot XB11982  
Vadim Gorbatov: Long-tailed Duck XB11983  
Alexei Isakov: Shoveler Duck XB12599  
Michael Warren: Ruddy Duck XB12774  
Don Balke: Wood Duck XB12950  
Michael Warren: Northern Shoveler XB13712  
Don Balke: Spectacled Eider Standing on Snowy Bank XB13821  
Don Balke: Mallard "Taking Wing" XB14517  
Mr. Zhan Gengxi: Black-necked Crane Flapping Its Wings XB14739  
Mr. Zhan Gengxi: Two Black-necked Cranes Walking XB14740  
Mr. Zhan Gengxi: Two Whooping Cranes Standing XB14741  
Mr. Zhan Gengxi: One Whooping Crane Flapping Wings XB14742  
Ivan Koslov: Chinese Merganser XB15533  
Chuck Ripper: Baikal Teal XB17053  

How to buy Original Artwork:

If you would like to buy Original Artwork, there are several convenient ways:

  • Original Artwork can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.
  • Use The Artwork Gallery: simply click the "Hang in Gallery" for pictures of interest. This puts the picture in your Personal Artwork Gallery, where you can view or remove it. When you've finished hanging artwork in your Personal Artwork Gallery, Go to your Personal Artwork Gallery and select an option for contacting us or ordering from us from there.
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  • Satisfaction Guaranteed. Every original artwork offered by Wind River Studios is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations. We guarantee that it is a genuine original by the artist named and is exactly as described. If you purchase an artwork and, for any reason, you're not satisfied, simply return the artwork within 30 days of receipt. We'll cheerfully send you a refund of the purchase price.

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