Farming and Ranching


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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Jim Butcher: Woman Milking a Cow XB05268 $550.00
Jim Butcher: Farm Children on Fence XB05269 $550.00
Jim Butcher: Amish Farm XB05865 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Robertson Windmill XB05996 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Dutch Windmill XB05998 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Cape Cod Windmill XB05999 $700.00
Jim Butcher: The Old Windmill XB06000 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Danish Windmill XB06001 $700.00
Fritz Wegner: Lammastide XB06794 $1,000.00
Jim Butcher: Saskatchewan Harvest XB06808 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Alberta Farming XB06809 $400.00
Bill Ramsey: Shearing Sheep XB06984 $1,600.00
Jim Butcher: Spacious Skies/Flag & Eagle over Farm XB07137 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Amber Waves of Grain XB07138 $400.00
Basil Smith: John Fowler, Class B6 Road Locomotive XB08256 $400.00
Bill Ramsey: Farm and Fields XB08549 $6,850.00
Dick Simms: Tractor and Farm Scene XB09403 $2,200.00
Basil Smith: Tractor 1920s XB09412 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Farm at Night XB09593 $550.00
Dick Davis: The Medieval Serf (Peasant) XB10397 $550.00
Basil Smith: John Deere Tractor XB10829 $550.00
Basil Smith: John Deere Tractor XB10830 $400.00
Basil Smith: Self-scouring Plow XB10952 $400.00
Basil Smith: Carreta Wagon XB11441 $550.00
Keith Bowen: The Farmer XB11935 $1,150.00
Basil Smith: John Deere Tractor XB12051 $400.00
Basil Smith: John Deere Tractor Model D 1929 XB12052 $550.00
Tom McNeely: Amber Waves of Grain XB15340 $1,300.00
Tom McNeely: The Fruited Plain XB15342 $1,300.00
Michael Garland: Rural Free Delivery - Horse-drawn Mail Wagon XB15535 $1,000.00
Robert Seabeck: Farm Tractor and Snowmobile XB15772 $3,250.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Harvesting in the West XB16008 $1,600.00
Dennis Lyall: Amish People in the Countryside Haying XB16945 $550.00
Dennis Lyall: Amish People At a Barnraising XB16946 $550.00
Dennis Lyall: Amish Children Walking from School XB16947 $550.00
Tom McNeely: Cumulonimbus with tornado XB17292 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Cirrostratus fibratus XB17323 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Cirrocumulus undulatus XB17324 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Harvesting Hay XB95372 $550.00
Jim Butcher: Girl Feeding Chickens XB05270  
Harry Schaare: Driving Cattle in Winter XB06901  
Harry Schaare: Stampede XB07644  
Jim Butcher: World Food Program - Harvesting Wheat XB08032  
Mort Künstler: Homesteaders and Sod House XB10020  
Howard Koslow: Freedom from Want XB12725  

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