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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Brian Clinton: TROUT FISHING (Donated Diocese of XB05575 $700.00
Brian Clinton: Deep Sea Fishing (Donated Diocese of XB05577 $700.00
Gene Jarvis: Dolphin Fish XB06080 $250.00
Camille Saad: Atlantic Whitefish XB06148 $1,000.00
Bill Ramsey: American Grayling and Wickam's Fancy XB06996 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Rainbow Trout and Tan Nymph XB06997 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Salmon and Green Highlander XB06998 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Brown Trout and Kent's Lightning XB06999 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Atlantic Salmon and Jock Scott XB07000 $1,600.00
Fritz Wegner: Dorado the Constellation XB10490 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Salmo Trutta Fario (fish) XB11204 $250.00
Francois Guiol: Salmon XB12908 $1,000.00
Francois Guiol: Pike XB12909 $1,000.00
Francois Guiol: Roach Fish XB12910 $1,000.00
Francois Guiol: Perch XB12911 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Jock Scott XB13012 $2,350.00
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Apte Tarpon Fly XB13013 $2,500.00
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Lefty's Deceiver XB13039 $2,350.00
Basil Smith: Royal Barb XB13337 $400.00
Basil Smith: Axe Fish XB13338 $400.00
Basil Smith: Blue Marlin XB14656 $400.00
Chris Calle: Cave Grouper XB15149 $3,400.00
Brian Clinton: Fishing - Fisherman Holding Fish XB05579  
Alex Jardine: Brown Trout XB07846  
Alex Jardine: Atlantic Salmon XB07847  
Alex Jardine: Pike XB07848  
Alex Jardine: Perch XB07849  
Alex Jardine: British River Fish XB07850  
Alex Jardine: Catfish XB10055  
Alex Jardine: Muskellunge Fish XB10056  
Alex Jardine: Bluefin Tuna XB10057  
Alex Jardine: Atlantic Cod XB10058  
Alex Jardine: Largemouth Bass XB10059  
Alex Jardine: King Salmon XB10060  
Alex Jardine: Largemouth Bass XB10061  
Alex Jardine: Atlantic Cod XB10062  
Alex Jardine: Catfish XB10063  
Alex Jardine: Muskellunge Fish XB10064  
Alex Jardine: Bluefin Tuna XB10065  
Don Balke: Brown Trout XB12010  
Don Balke: Brook Trout XB12475  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Royal Wulff XB12946  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Royal Wulff XB12947  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Muddler Minnow XB12985  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Muddler Minnow XB12986  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Jock Scott XB13011  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Apte Tarpon Fly XB13014  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Lefty's Deceiver XB13015  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Legendary Fishing Flies XB13040  
Don Balke: Salmon XB13093  
Don Balke: Fishing Flies - Cutthroat Trout XB13094  
Don Balke: Rainbow Trout XB13835  
Don Balke: Cutthroat Trout Jumping XB14342  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Pacific Game Fish XB15020  
Chris Calle: Yellow-Fin Tuna XB15148  
Chris Calle: Bluelined Snapper XB15150  
Chris Calle: Skipjack Tuna XB15151  
Chuck Ripper: Gila Trout XB15511  
Don Balke: Cutthroat Trout XB16695  
Don Balke: Grayling XB17097  

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