Classical Era


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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Mark Schuler: Zeno of Citium XB06190 $250.00
Barry Wilkinson: Carving of Pythagoras Playing a Lute XB08016 $2,050.00
Fritz Wegner: Cassiopeia the Constellation XB10106 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Pegasus the Constellation XB10107 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Aquarius the Constellation XB10108 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Auriga the Constellation XB10184 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Centaurus the Constellation XB10362 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Andromeda the Constellation XB10364 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Cetus the Constellation XB10431 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Equuleus the Constellation XB10491 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Eridanus the Constellation XB10492 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Hercules the Constellation XB10560 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Lyra the Constellation XB10646 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Serpentarius the Constellation XB10647 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Perseus the Constellation XB10689 $1,000.00
Nikolai Kirillovich Litvinov: Archimedes XB10799 $1,300.00
Fritz Wegner: Corona Borealis the Constellation XB10968 $1,000.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Grecian Ruins At Sunset XB15132  
Brian Sanders: Trireme Galley XB15818  

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