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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Center of Cosmic Communications XB05905 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Small Town Editor XB06026 $700.00
John Gibbs: Sign Language XB06937 $5,350.00
Mel Crawford: Isaiah Thomas XB07124 $700.00
Delaney & Ireland: Printing Press XB07744 $2,200.00
Delaney & Ireland: Satellite XB07745 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Communications XB07872 $700.00
Jim Butcher: World Communications XB07935 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Treffle Berthiaume, Editor XB09245 $400.00
Lois Hatcher: Walter Lippmann XB09656 $1,600.00
Erik Nitsche: Pansy - Manuscript Illumination XB09824 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Tulip - Manuscript Illumination XB09825 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Iris - Manuscript Illumination XB09826 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Thistle - Manuscript Illumination XB09827 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Rose - Manuscript Illumination XB09828 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Lily - Manuscript Illumination XB09829 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Strawberry - Manuscript Illumination XB09830 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Flowers - Manuscript Illuminations XB09832 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Flowers - Manuscript Illuminations XB09833 $700.00
John Benson: 250th Anniversary of the Magazine Industry XB13253 $700.00
George Sottung: Henry R. Luce XB15928 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Photographs, Life XB16162 $2,200.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1940s - Computer Age Dawns XB16232 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Information Age Begins XB16677 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Personal Computer XB16729 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: WWW Revolutionizes Information Superhighway XB16767 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - World Wide Web XB16861 $1,600.00
Howard Koslow: Very Large Array Radiotelescope at Socorro, New Mexico XB13382  
Paul and Chris Calle: Recorded Sound Spreads Music and Voice XB15636  

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