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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Lyle Tayson: Orange-tip Butterfly XB05115 $2,350.00
Lyle Tayson: Dogface Butterfly XB05116 $2,350.00
Lyle Tayson: Checkerspot Butterfly XB05117 $2,350.00
Lyle Tayson: Butterflies XB05118 $2,350.00
Lyle Tayson: Swallowtail Butterfly XB05119 $2,350.00
Paul Connor: Orange-tip Butterfly XB05185 $1,300.00
Paul Connor: Swallowtail Butterfly XB05186 $1,300.00
Paul Connor: Butterflies XB05187 $1,300.00
Paul Connor: Dogface Butterfly XB05188 $1,300.00
Paul Connor: Checkerspot Butterfly XB05189 $1,300.00
Gene Jarvis: Diadem Butterfly XB05434 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: The Troglodyte Butterfly XB05446 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Jamaican Green Hairstreak Butterfly XB05447 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Common Long-tail Skipper XB05448 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: The Malachite Butterfly XB05449 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Phyllodes conspicillator Moth XB05772 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Nyctalemon patroclus Moth XB05773 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Celerina vulgaris Moth XB05774 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Alcidis aurora Moth XB05775 $450.00
Linda Powell: Ruddy Copper Butterfly XB06198 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Weidemeyer's Admiral Butterfly XB06230 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly XB06280 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly XB06300 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Marine Blue Butterfly XB06318 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Diaethria clymena janeira Butterfly XB06478 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Cithaerias aurora Butterfly XB06479 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Evenus regalis Butterfly XB06480 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Red Admiral Butterfly and Black-eyed Susan XB06761 $450.00
Linda Powell: Giant Swallowtail Butterfly XB06785 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Small Apollo Butterfly XB06830 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Red Admiral Butterfly XB06858 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly XB06882 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: California Dog-face Butterfly XB06883 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Goatweed Emperor Butterfly XB06909 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Great Spangled Fritillary XB06953 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Monarch Butterfly XB06982 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: American Copper Butterfly XB07002 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Common Blue Butterfly XB07045 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Clouded Sulfur Butterfly XB07065 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: American White Admiral Butterfly XB07254 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Sara Orange Tip Butterfly XB07278 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Buckeye Butterfly XB07331 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Checkered White Butterfly XB07345 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Zebra Butterfly XB07357 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Question Mark Butterfly XB07387 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Compton Tortoiseshell Butterfly XB07407 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly XB07412 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Creole Pearly Eye Butterfly XB07430 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Viceroy Butterfly XB07443 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Mourning Cloak Butterfly XB07444 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Common Snout Butterfly XB07463 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Comma Butterfly XB07464 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly XB07465 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Great Purple Hairstreak Butterfly XB07474 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Common Hairstreak Butterfly XB07481 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Pine Elfin Butterfly XB07485 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly XB07498 $1,000.00
Linda K. Powell: Kamehameha Butterfly XB07501 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Painted Lady Butterfly XB07513 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Caribbean Buckeye Butterfly XB07516 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Clench's Hairstreak Butterfly XB07517 $450.00
Linda Powell: Orange Sulphur Butterfly XB07523 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Varigated Fritillary Butterfly XB07548 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Taenaris phorcas Butterfly XB07551 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Papilio bridgei Butterfly XB07552 $450.00
Linda Powell: Milbert's Tortoiseshell Butterfly XB07561 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Bordered Patch Butterfly XB07594 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Common Alpine Butterfly XB07602 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Harvester Butterfly XB07613 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly XB07630 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly XB07638 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Gulf Fritillary Butterfly XB07651 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Diana Fritillary Butterfly XB07667 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Common Wood Nymph Butterfly XB07684 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Tawny Emperor Butterfly XB07732 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Olive Hairstreak Butterfly XB07733 $1,000.00
Linda Powell: Ruddy Daggerwing Butterwing XB07759 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Flambeau Butterfly XB07803 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Large Orange Sulphur Butterfly XB07804 $450.00
Don Balke: Cottontail Bunnies XB07913 $2,100.00
Gene Jarvis: Diadem Hypolimnas misippus XB08167 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Chasmina Candida XB08168 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Monarch Butterfly XB08345 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Mimic Butterfly XB08346 $800.00
Charles McCubbin: Butterfly XB08480 $1,300.00
Charles McCubbin: Butterflies XB08481 $1,300.00
Gene Jarvis: Emperor Moth XB08605 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Caribbean Buckeye Butterfly XB08667 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Long-tailed Skipper XB08668 $450.00
Erik Nitsche: Insects XB08697 $1,300.00
Erik Nitsche: Leaf Skeletonizer XB08698 $1,300.00
Erik Nitsche: Red Admiral Butterfly XB08703 $1,300.00
Gene Jarvis: Catagramma cynosura Butterfly XB08962 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Morpho cypris Butterfly XB08963 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: African Leopard Butterfly XB09254 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Foxy Charaxes Butterfly XB09255 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Phoebis avellaneda Butterfly XB09894 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Purple Emperor Butterfly XB09895 $450.00
Don Balke: Tiger Swallowtail XB10589 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Zaddach's Emperor Moth XB10651 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Southern Marbled Emperor Moth XB10652 $450.00
Don Balke: Luna Moth XB10663 $1,750.00
Don Balke: Monarch Butterfly XB10675 $1,900.00
Kirk Stirnweis: Monarch Butterfly XB10685 $1,300.00
Gene Jarvis: Satyrus bischoffi Butterfly XB10693 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Catocala sponsa Butterfly XB10694 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Apollo Butterfly XB10789 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Purple Emperor Butterfly XB10790 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Peacock Butterfly XB10791 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Peacock Moth XB10792 $450.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly XB10837 $1,300.00
Gene Jarvis: Apollo Butterfly XB11033 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Euplagia quadripunctaria Poda Butterfly XB11171 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Red Admiral Butterfly XB11172 $800.00
Gene Jarvis: Mangrove Skipper Butterfly XB11698 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Leaf Wing Butterfly XB11723 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Zebra Butterfly XB11875 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Androgeus Swallowtail Butterfly XB11876 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Neptis melicerta Butterfly XB11877 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Dotted-border Butterfly XB11878 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: African Giant Swallowtail XB12150 $450.00
Gene Jarvis: Brush-footed Butterfly XB12151 $450.00
Basil Smith: Painted Lady Butterfly XB12622 $800.00
Basil Smith: Ringed Pansy Butterfly XB12623 $800.00
Basil Smith: Glanville Fritillary Butterfly XB13447 $800.00
Basil Smith: Jersey Tiger Butterfly XB13448 $800.00
Basil Smith: St. Christopher's Hairstreak XB13606 $800.00
Basil Smith: Polydamas Swallowtail XB13607 $800.00
Basil Smith: Zebra Butterfly XB13892 $800.00
Basil Smith: Gulf Fritillary Butterfly XB13893 $800.00
Katy Winters: Wildflowers and Butterflies XB14019 $1,750.00
Basil Smith: Small Tortoise Shell Butterfly XB14206 $800.00
Basil Smith: Large Blue Butterfly XB14207 $800.00
Skip Whitcomb: Butterflies XB14331 $1,600.00
Skip Whitcomb: Butterflies XB14332 $1,600.00
Basil Smith: Red Admiral Butterfly XB14559 $800.00
Basil Smith: Peacock Butterfly XB14560 $800.00
Clive Abbott: Butterflies XB14744 $6,700.00
Pal Varga: Nicaragua Butterflies XB15442 $1,900.00
Chuck Ripper: Rajah Brooke's Birdwing XB15902 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Queen Alexandra's Birdwing XB15967 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Golden Birdwing XB15968 $2,650.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - B b XB16068 $1,600.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Gloriosa Lily (Gloriosa superba) XB16381 $1,000.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Tropical Flowers XB16384 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Western Tiger Swallowtail XB16701 $1,000.00
Don Balke: Painted Lady Butterfly XB16927 $1,000.00
Maryrose Wampler: Contra Costa Wildflower XB05399  
Yu Ren: Orchid XB06738  
Yu Ren: Azalea XB06743  
Gordon Beningfield: Chequered Skipper Butterfly XB06877  
Gordon Beningfield: Red Admiral Butterfly XB06878  
Gordon Beningfield: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly XB06879  
Gordon Beningfield: Large Blue Butterfly XB06880  
Gordon Beningfield: Peacock Butterfly XB06881  
Gordon Beningfield: Magpie Moth XB09282  
Gordon Beningfield: Dusky Grizzled Skipper XB09323  
Gordon Beningfield: Marbled White Butterfly XB09324  
Gordon Beningfield: Eastern Orange Tip XB09325  
Gordon Beningfield: Small Heath Butterfly XB09326  
Gordon Beningfield: Purple Emperor Butterfly XB09327  
Gordon Beningfield: Two-tailed Pasha Butterfly XB09328  
Gordon Beningfield: Clouded Yellow Butterfly XB09440  
Gordon Beningfield: Southern Comma Butterfly XB09441  
Gordon Beningfield: Pale Clouded Yellow XB09442  
Gordon Beningfield: Pontic Blue Butterfly XB09443  
Gordon Beningfield: False Grayling Butterfly XB09444  
Gordon Beningfield: Blue-spot Hairstreak Butterfly XB09524  
Gordon Beningfield: Red Admiral Butterfly XB09525  
Gordon Beningfield: Eastern Festoon Butterfly XB09526  
Gordon Beningfield: False Apollo Butterfly XB09527  
Gordon Beningfield: Wall Brown Butterfly XB09528  
Gordon Beningfield: Polar Fritillary Butterfly XB09600  
Gordon Beningfield: Painted Lady Butterfly XB09601  
Gordon Beningfield: Brimstone Butterfly XB09602  
Gordon Beningfield: Camberwell Beauty Butterfly XB09603  
Gordon Beningfield: Lapland Fritillary Butterfly XB09604  
Gordon Beningfield: Swallowtail Butterfly XB09650  
Gordon Beningfield: Mountain Clouded Yellow XB09651  
Gordon Beningfield: Purple Shot Copper XB09652  
Gordon Beningfield: Monarch Butterfly XB09653  
Gordon Beningfield: Moroccan Orange Tip Butterfly XB09654  
Gordon Beningfield: American Painted Lady Butterfly XB09705  
Gordon Beningfield: Black-veined White Butterfly XB09706  
Gordon Beningfield: Holly Blue Butterfly XB09707  
Gordon Beningfield: Map Butterfly XB09708  
Gordon Beningfield: Dark Green Fritillary XB09709  
Gordon Beningfield: Common Blue Butterfly XB09792  
Gordon Beningfield: Wood White Butterfly XB09793  
Gordon Beningfield: Fenton's Wood White Butterfly XB09794  
Gordon Beningfield: Grecian Copper Butterfly XB09795  
Gordon Beningfield: Large Blue Butterfly XB09796  
Gordon Beningfield: Long-tailed Blue Butterfly XB09837  
Gordon Beningfield: Speckled Wood Butterfly XB09838  
Gordon Beningfield: Ringlet Butterfly XB09839  
Gordon Beningfield: Green Hairstreak Butterfly XB09840  
Gordon Beningfield: Large Copper Butterfly XB09841  
Gordon Beningfield: Small Skipper Butterfly XB09868  
Gordon Beningfield: Meadow Brown Butterfly XB09869  
Gordon Beningfield: Silver-studded Blue Butterfly XB09870  
Gordon Beningfield: Pale Arctic Clouded Yellow Butterfly XB09871  
Gordon Beningfield: Cranberry Fritillary Butterfly XB09872  
Gordon Beningfield: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly XB09910  
Gordon Beningfield: Comma Butterfly XB09911  
Gordon Beningfield: Baltic Grayling Butterfly XB09912  
Gordon Beningfield: Arctic Grayling Butterfly XB09913  
Gordon Beningfield: Nettle-tree Butterfly XB09914  
Gordon Beningfield: Clouded Yellow Butterfly XB09965  
Gordon Beningfield: Peak White Butterfly XB09966  
Gordon Beningfield: Large White Butterfly XB09967  
Gordon Beningfield: Grayling Butterfly XB09968  
Gordon Beningfield: Bath White Butterfly XB09969  
Gordon Beningfield: Great Banded Greyling Butterfly XB10009  
Gordon Beningfield: Dryad Butterfly XB10010  
Gordon Beningfield: Silky Ringlet Butterfly XB10011  
Gordon Beningfield: Provencal Short-Tailed Blue XB10012  
Gordon Beningfield: Idas Blue Butterfly XB10013  
Gordon Beningfield: Cleopatra Butterfly XB10110  
Gordon Beningfield: Large Tortoiseshell XB10111  
Gordon Beningfield: Cardinal Butterfly XB10112  
Gordon Beningfield: Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly XB10113  
Gordon Beningfield: Cranberry Blue Butterfly XB10114  
Gordon Beningfield: Hypolimnas Bolina (Female) XB14511  
Gordon Beningfield: Hypolimnas Bolina (Female) XB14512  
Gordon Beningfield: Danaus Plexippus (Monarch) XB14513  
Gordon Beningfield: Hypolimnas Bolina (Male) XB14514  
Yan Bingwu & Yang Wenqing: Monarch Caterpillar XB16502  
Yan Bingwu & Yang Wenqing: Monarch Butterfly XB16503  

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