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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Charles J. Berger: Gift of the Maji XB05195 $850.00
Charles J. Berger: A Christmas Carol XB05196 $850.00
Charles J. Berger: Nativity XB05197 $850.00
Charles J. Berger: Children Hanging Christmas Stockings XB05198 $850.00
Charles J. Berger: A Great Christmas Story XB05199 $850.00
Charles J. Berger: The Fir Tree XB05200 $850.00
Faith Jaques: Boar's Head Christmas Feast XB05224 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Christmas Carols Round the Tree XB05225 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Church Choir At Christmas XB05226 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Christmas Wassail Songs XB05227 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Christmas Waits XB05229 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Children Building a Snowman XB05516 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Gingerbread House XB05615 $1,300.00
Mel Crawford: Children's Choir XB05616 $1,300.00
Fritz Wegner: The Magi XB05625 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Journey to Bethlehem XB05626 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Angel and Shepherds XB05627 $1,000.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Poinsettia XB05633 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Holly XB05634 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Mistletoe XB05636 $400.00
Fritz Wegner: The Annunciation XB05659 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: The Nativity XB05660 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: The Holy Family XB05711 $1,000.00
Carol Hale: Christmas Toy Horse Photograph XB05712 $550.00
Carol Hale: Christmas Rag Doll in a Stocking Photograph XB05713 $550.00
Carol Hale: Christmas Toy Train Photograph XB05714 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Christmas Carolling Outside Church XB05968 $1,300.00
Mel Crawford: Girl with Teddy Bear at Christmas XB05969 $1,300.00
Fritz Wegner: The Magi XB06091 $1,600.00
Eric Stemp: Woman in Blue Dress with Two Turtle Doves XB06143 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Partridge in a Pear Tree and Woman XB06144 $850.00
Mel Crawford: Canada Christmas 1781 XB06191 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Canada Christmas 1881 XB06192 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Canada Christmas 1981 XB06193 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Santa Claus and Child XB06199 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Mary and Joseph XB06201 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Three Magi XB06202 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Shepherds Seeing Star XB06203 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Frosty the Snowman XB06204 $400.00
Frank Beck: Family Looking at Bright Star XB06215 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Family at Church XB06216 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Three Men on Horses XB06217 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Collage, Church, Family, Riders XB06218 $1,000.00
Eric Stemp: Four Calling Birds and Woman XB06422 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Three French Hens and Woman XB06423 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Bringing Home the Tree XB06448 $1,000.00
Eric Stemp: Five Golden Rings and Woman XB06459 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Six Geese and Woman XB06460 $550.00
Eric Stemp: Eight Maids A-Milking XB06481 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Seven Swans A-Swimming and Woman XB06482 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Ten Men Playing Flutes XB06521 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Nine Drummers XB06522 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Santa Village/Child with Toys XB06531 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Twelve Lords A-Leaping XB06576 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Eleven Ladies Dancing XB06577 $850.00
Jeffery Matthews: Christmas Decorations XB06578 $550.00
Jeffery Matthews: Holly Wreath XB06579 $700.00
Jeffery Matthews: Paper Chains and Baubles XB06580 $700.00
Barbara Brown: Silent Night/Christmas Carols XB06629 $850.00
Barbara Brown: O Come All Ye Faithful/Christmas Carols XB06630 $850.00
Barbara Brown: Deck the Halls/Christmas Carols XB06631 $850.00
Mel Crawford: Christmas Shopping XB06639 $700.00
Jeffery Matthews: Christmas Tree XB06645 $700.00
Jeffery Matthews: Candles, Greenery & Yule Log XB06646 $700.00
Jeffery Matthews: Mistletoe Bough XB06647 $850.00
Barbara Brown: Hark the Herald Angels Sing/Christmas Carols XB06696 $850.00
Mel Crawford: Arrival in Sleigh at Church XB06719 $700.00
Mel Crawford: A Pause in the Sleigh Ride XB06720 $700.00
Mel Crawford: A Winter Sleigh Ride XB06721 $700.00
Barbara Brown: Jingle Bells/Christmas Carols XB06799 $850.00
Barbara Brown: We Three Kings/Christmas Carols XB06800 $850.00
Mel Crawford: Christmas Carolling XB06804 $1,000.00
Mel Crawford: Christmas Dinner XB06805 $1,000.00
Barbara Brown: O Little Town of Bethlehem/Christmas Carols XB06811 $850.00
Barbara Brown: Joy to the World/Christmas Carols XB06812 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Straw Goat Christmas Ornament XB06816 $1,450.00
Bill Ramsey: Gingerbread Bell Christmas Ornament XB06817 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Basket of Nuts Christmas Ornament XB06818 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Wicker Christmas Ornament XB06819 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Santa Doll Christmas Ornament XB06820 $1,300.00
Fritz Wegner: The Holy Child XB06910 $1,600.00
Fritz Wegner: The Shepherds XB07110 $1,750.00
Fritz Wegner: Journey to Bethlehem XB07193 $1,750.00
Leonora Box: Flower for December - Poinsettia XB07359 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Sleigh Ride to Get Christmas Tree XB07414 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Shepherd Seeing Star of Bethlehem XB07415 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Children Dressed for Christmas Pageant XB07416 $700.00
Barry Wilkinson: Three Kings Bearing Gifts XB07661 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Nativity XB07662 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Three Shepherds XB07663 $1,000.00
Mel Crawford: Western Christmas XB07719 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Bringing Home the Tree XB07720 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Trimming the Tree XB07724 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Family Church Scene At Christmas XB07726 $400.00
Don Balke: Kittens and Puppy under Christmas Tree XB07758 $2,350.00
Basil Smith: Sleigh XB07984 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Putting Wreath on Door/Christmas XB08332 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Bringing Tree Home on a Sleigh XB08333 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Carolling in Cathedral at Christmas XB08334 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Putting Christmas Wreath on Door XB08388 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Bringing Christmas Presents By Dogsled XB08389 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Bringing Christmas Tree Home from Forest XB08390 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Christmas Carrolling in the Cathedral XB08391 $700.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Snow Covered Topiary Tree XB08401 $1,000.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Birds in Bird House XB08402 $1,000.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Dove and Blackbird on Street Lantern XB08403 $1,000.00
Jim Butcher: Santa Claus Painting a Toy XB08489 $400.00
Jim Butcher: Santa Leaving Toys XB08994 $400.00
Tom Bjarnason: Madonna and Child XB09148 $850.00
Tom McNeely: Christmas in the Family Parlor XB09191 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Three Wise Men Traveling to Bethlehem XB09192 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Three Wisemen with Mary and Baby Jesus XB09193 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Mary and Joseph Traveling to Bethlehem XB09194 $700.00
Dick Simms: Angel Blowing Trumpet XB09438 $1,750.00
Dick Simms: Christmas Shepherd with Sheep XB09439 $1,900.00
Tom McNeely: Children with Christmas Gifts XB09696 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Family Cutting Christmas Tree XB09697 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Madonna and Child XB09698 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Family Cutting Christmas Tree XB09699 $850.00
Erik Nitsche: Christmas -- Pear Tree Boughs XB09890 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Christmas -- Tree Boughs XB09891 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Christmas -- Holly Boughs XB09892 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Christmas -- Mistletoe Boughs XB09893 $700.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Christmas with Snow and Stars XB09928 $1,600.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Christmas with Holly, Pine and Mistletoe XB09929 $1,600.00
Tom McNeely: Bringing Home a Christmas Tree in Sleigh XB10202 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Bringing Home a Christmas Tree XB10203 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Bringing Home Christmas Tree on a Sleigh XB10204 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Man and Woman Bringing Home Christmas Tree XB10205 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Bringing Home a Christmas Tree in Sleigh XB10206 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Graphic Design of a Christmas Star XB10525 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Graphic Design of the Christmas Star XB10528 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Bringing the Christmas Tree Home XB10655 $400.00
Jim Butcher: View of Church in the Winter XB10656 $400.00
Tom McNeely: Christmas Choir XB10665 $700.00
Lynda Gray: The Tanad Valley Plygain XB10670 $850.00
Dennis Lyall: Girl Singing in Christmas Choir XB11230 $1,150.00
Dennis Lyall: Family Singing Carols XB11231 $1,150.00
Dennis Lyall: Family Singing Carols XB11232 $1,150.00
Dennis Lyall: Christmas #1/Choral Group XB11233 $1,750.00
Dennis Lyall: Ornament on Tree XB11234 $1,600.00
Sarah Godwin: Three Kings at Manger XB11617 $850.00
Sarah Godwin: Three Kings Following Star XB11618 $850.00
Sarah Godwin: Shepherd with Flock XB11619 $850.00
Sarah Godwin: White Doves XB11620 $850.00
Sarah Godwin: Mary and Baby Jesus XB11621 $850.00
Sarah Godwin: Singing Angels XB11622 $850.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Christmas/Old Fashioned Toys - Green XB11783 $1,750.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Christmas/Old Fashioned Toys -- Red XB11784 $1,750.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Christmas/Old Fashioned Toys - Girls XB11790 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Christmas/Old Fashioned Toys - Boys XB11791 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Christmas/Old Fashioned Toys Combo - XB11792 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Christmas/Angel with Trumpet XB12095 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Christmas/Angel with Lute XB12096 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Christmas/Angel with Harp XB12097 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Angel with Lute XB12195 $1,150.00
Tom McNeely: Angel with Harp XB12196 $1,150.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB12483 $1,600.00
Ed Little: Contemporary Christmas with Santa XB12517 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Christmas 1990 Traditional/Madonna and Child XB12529 $1,750.00
Ed Little: 1990 Christmas/Contemporary - Santa with Child XB12570 $1,750.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Outrigger & Blowing Shell Horn XB12584 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: American Missionaries XB12612 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Guitar Music XB12634 $550.00
Ed Little: Christmas "The Holy Tradition", Manger in Christmas Tree XB12668 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Christmas Tree in the Mountains XB12741 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Stained Glass - Carrying Home the Tree XB12760 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Stained Glass - Carolers XB12761 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Stained Glass - Sledding XB12762 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Stained Glass - Scenes of Winter XB12764 $1,000.00
Dean Ellis: Island Christmas - Seashell, Ornaments XB13228 $850.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13326 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Santa Clause at the Chimney Checking His List XB13363 $3,550.00
Ed Little: 1991 Christmas Contemporary/Santa XB13368 $4,750.00
David Driver: Monk Buying Parchment XB13376 $2,725.00
David Driver: Monk Cutting Parchment XB13377 $2,725.00
David Driver: St. Paul Writing to the Corinthians XB13378 $2,725.00
David Driver: A Monk Rules Out Lines XB13379 $2,725.00
David Driver: St. Paul Writing to Titus and Timotheus XB13380 $2,725.00
David Driver: Ancient Manuscripts XB13381 $2,725.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13390 $2,500.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus XB13391 $2,800.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13392 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Going Down the Chimney XB13500 $5,050.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Placing Gifts under Tree XB13511 $3,700.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Waving in Front of Chimney XB13534 $5,350.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus in His Sleigh XB13550 $5,350.00
Michael Adams: Scene from the Nutcracker Ballet XB13978 $2,650.00
Chris Calle: Madonna and Child XB14000 $2,950.00
Chris Calle: Madonna and Child - Three Views XB14001 $2,200.00
Alexander Koshkin: The Nutcracker Prince and Clara XB14030 $550.00
Oleg Shejtzis: The Nutcracker Prince and Clara XB14031 $700.00
Pjotr Karanchjenzov: The Nutcracker Prince and Clara XB14032 $550.00
Barry Wilkinson: Christmas Ornaments on Tree XB14431 $3,400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Jack-in-the-Box Christmas Ornament XB14432 $3,550.00
Barry Wilkinson: Toy Soldier Christmas Ornament XB14433 $3,400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Reindeer Christmas Ornament XB14434 $3,400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Christmas Ornaments XB14435 $3,550.00
Chris Calle: Madonna and Child XB14502 $2,800.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshall Islands Christmas Carolers XB14543 $2,200.00
Michael Garland: Santa Working on Toy XB15010 $1,150.00
Michael Garland: Christmas Midnight Angel XB15061 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Opening Christmas Present XB15084 $1,150.00
Michael Garland: Looking at Christmas Tree Ornaments XB15085 $1,150.00
Michael Garland: Santa Claus and the Children XB15143 $1,900.00
Michael Garland: Madonna & Child XB15222 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Three Wisemen Following Star XB15232 $850.00
Tom McNeely: Magic of Christmas - Contemporary XB15233 $1,900.00
Michael Garland: Madonna and Child XB15540 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Christmas Family Scene with Santa XB15542 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Christmas/Girl Dreaming of Santa Claus XB15543 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Placing the Star on the Christmas Tree XB15544 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Christmas/Family in Front of Fireplace XB15545 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Christmas - Belgium Christmas Sheetlet - XB15600 $850.00
Howard Koslow: Traditional Wreath XB16136 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Chili Wreath XB16137 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Colonial Wreath XB16150 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Tropical Wreath XB16151 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Christmas Wreath XB16190 $1,150.00
Chris Calle: Marshall Islands Christmas XB16881 $1,225.00
Jim Butcher: Santa and Sleigh over Rooftop XB99043 $400.00
Bill Ramsey: Santa with Children XB99083 $7,450.00
Faith Jaques: Christmas Carol Singing XB05228  
K and S Berlute-Shea: The Christmas Dance XB05674  
Mel Crawford: Child Waiting for Santa XB06083  
Mel Crawford: Christmas Manger Scene XB06530  
Jim Butcher: Starlit Village at Christmas XB08993  
Lynda Gray: The Dewsbury Church Knell XB10671  
Lynda Gray: The Yule Log XB10672  
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Clogg Dancing & British Sailors XB12602  
Yvonne Gilbert: Animals in the Stable XB99045  

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