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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Marjorie Saynor: Children of Greece XB05250 $200.00
Eric Stemp: London General Post Office XB05361 $800.00
Eric Stemp: Country Pillar Boxes and Post Office XB05364 $700.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Switzerland XB05517 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Hungary XB05548 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Liechtenstein XB05549 $300.00
Mel Crawford: Luxembourg XB05671 $400.00
Mel Crawford: France XB05679 $400.00
Marjorie Saynor: Children of Monaco XB05719 $200.00
Marjorie Saynor: Children of Germany XB05720 $200.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Romania XB05729 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Bulgaria XB05731 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Norway XB05732 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Lapland Youth and Pet Reindeer XB05734 $300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Denmark XB05738 $300.00
Anne Oertle: Swiss Castle; Nauchatel Castle of Porrentruy XB05852 $1,200.00
Anne Oertle: Spiez Castle in Switzerland XB05853 $600.00
Anne Oertle: Hegi Castle in Switzerland XB05854 $600.00
Anne Oertle: Rapperswil Castle in Switzerland XB05855 $600.00
Anne Oertle: Oron Castle in Switzerland XB05856 $600.00
Mel Crawford: Yugoslavia Scenes XB05894 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Hungary XB05896 $400.00
Mark Schuler: Maria Leopoldine, Princess of Esterhazy XB06084 $100.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Wales XB06088 $200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Scotland XB06089 $200.00
János Kass: Tom Thumb XB06118 $700.00
János Kass: Three Little Pigs XB06119 $700.00
János Kass: Gulliver's Travels XB06120 $700.00
Mark Schuler: Josip Broz Tito XB06188 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Josip Broz Tito XB06291 $100.00
Mark Schuler: George Seferis XB06322 $100.00
Stafford Cliff: Hands with Ballots Representing the European Community XB06350 $200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Guernsey XB06413 $200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Jersey XB06414 $200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of the Isle of Man XB06432 $200.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Gibraltar XB06433 $200.00
Mark Schuler: Charlemagne XB06464 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Aristide Briand XB06466 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Maria Theresia XB06468 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Napoleon Bonaparte XB06469 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Robert Stolz XB06497 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Thomas Edward Brown XB06498 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Margaret of Austria XB06499 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Gustav Adolf Hasler XB06500 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Francesc Cairat I Freres XB06541 $100.00
Mark Schuler: August Krogh XB06543 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Federico García Lorca XB06569 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Oscar Wilde XB06571 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Elise Ottesen-Jensen XB06572 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Frans Eemil Sillanpaa XB06573 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Artturi Virtanen XB06574 $100.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Cyprus XB06587 $200.00
Mark Schuler: Karen Blixen XB06614 $100.00
Mark Schuler: José Ortega y Gasset XB06615 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Serpa Pinto XB06616 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Marcel Pagnol XB06617 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Antonino Lo Surdo XB06618 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Johann Konrad Kern XB06619 $100.00
Mark Schuler: John Mackintosh XB06680 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Gunnar Gunnarsson XB06681 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Father Jon Sveinsson XB06682 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Ali Sami Boyar XB06683 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Professor Dr. Hulûsi Behcet XB06684 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Gustavo Bacarisas XB06686 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Mikiel Anton Vassalli XB06697 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Ruzar Briffa XB06698 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Antonio Orafo XB06703 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Giovanbattista Belluzzi XB06704 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz XB06706 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Queen Wilhelmina XB06707 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Dr. Jakob Jakobsen XB06717 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Vensel Ulrich Hammershaimb XB06718 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Üsküdarli Hoca Ali Risa XB06801 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Thomas Edward Brown XB06802 $100.00
Mark Schuler: Jean Monnet XB06803 $100.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Flowers of Tristan de Cunha XB06842 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Greece Costumes and Native Dress XB06990 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Denmark Costumes and Native Dress XB06995 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Belgium Costumes and Native Dress XB07003 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Austria Costumes and Native Dress XB07004 $950.00
Marsha Howe: France Costumes and Native Dress XB07005 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Faroe Islands Costumes and Native Dress XB07006 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Cyprus Costumes and Native Dress XB07007 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Finland Costumes and Native Dress XB07031 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Azores Costumes and Native Dress XB07032 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Iceland Costumes and Native Dress XB07034 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Italy Costumes and Native Dress XB07035 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Netherlands Costumes and Native Dress XB07066 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Sweden Costumes and Native Dress XB07067 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Spain Costumes and Native Dress XB07068 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Yugoslavia Costumes and Native Dress XB07069 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Malta Costumes and Native Dress XB07121 $200.00
Marsha Howe: French Andorra Costumes and Native Dress XB07133 $200.00
Marsha Howe: Norway Costumes and Native Dress XB07134 $200.00
Michael Fairclough: Stackpole Head in Wales XB07156 $700.00
Michael Fairclough: Glenfinnan Monument in Scotland XB07157 $700.00
Michael Fairclough: St. Kilda in Scotland XB07158 $700.00
Michael Fairclough: The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland XB07159 $700.00
Michael Fairclough: Derwentwater in England XB07160 $700.00
Michael Fairclough: Glencoe in Scotland XB07161 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Czechoslovakia Scenes XB07252 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Ukraine XB07293 $400.00
Tom McNeely: Symbols of the Acadians XB07319 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Malta XB07348 $400.00
Basil Smith: Czechoslovakia Postal Coach XB07469 $200.00
Mel Crawford: Austria Scenes XB07506 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Ireland Scenes XB07509 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Belgium Scenes XB07570 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Albania Scenes XB07640 $400.00
Stafford Cliff: Temperate Zone XB07859 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Benedictine Monastery XB07954 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Katholikon Church in Greece XB07956 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Catholic Parish of St. Florin in Liechtenstein XB07975 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Parish Church of St. Peter Port XB07989 $1,300.00
Dan Jonsson: Arms of Sweden - Graphic Design XB08012 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Ulm Cathedral XB08015 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Asinou Church in Cyprus XB08018 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Interior of the Selimiye Mosque XB08076 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Selimiye Mosque XB08077 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Parish Church of St. Saviour XB08078 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Cathedral of Monaco XB08080 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Church at Kopavogur Iceland XB08122 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Cathedral of St. Brendan XB08124 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Storkyrkan Cathedral XB08126 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Notre Dame Cathedral XB08187 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Turku Cathedral XB08189 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Church of St. Panteleimon XB08264 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Cistercian Abbey XB08266 $1,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Notre Dame Cathedral at Tournai XB08268 $1,300.00
Mel Crawford: Sweden XB08272 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Byelorussian Scenes XB08301 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Church of St. John XB08315 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned XB08317 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: The Dorchester Locomotive XB08330 $1,300.00
Mel Crawford: Bulgaria Scenes XB08344 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Statue of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres XB08356 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Esperanca Convent XB08357 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Nidaros Cathedral XB08358 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: King Olav and the Farmer XB08359 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: St. Stephen's Cathedral in Austria XB08360 $1,300.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Malta Parliament Building XB08414 $200.00
Barry Wilkinson: Church of St. Peter's XB08417 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: St. John's Cathedral - Malta XB08419 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Madeira - Interior of Se' Cathedral XB08468 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Madeira - Se' Cathedral XB08469 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Notre Dame de Chartres XB08470 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Church of the Holy Magnus XB08473 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Blue Mosque XB08509 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Basilica of San Marino XB08511 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Shrine of St. Marinus XB08512 $1,300.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Gibraltar Parliament Building XB08516 $200.00
Barry Wilkinson: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore XB08559 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Reliquary of St. James the Elder XB08560 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Santiago de Compostela XB08561 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Roskilde Cathedral XB08562 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Tomb of Queen Margrethe XB08563 $1,300.00
Barry Driscoll: Highland Cattle XB08631 $300.00
Barry Driscoll: Chillingham Cattle XB08632 $300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Sant Joan de Caselles Chapel XB08638 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: The Sanctuary of Meritxell XB08714 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Liechtenstein -- 1912 Austro-Daimler Prince Henry XB08723 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Jersey -- Jersey-Built Benz Type Car of 1902 XB08724 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Italy -- 1927 Alfa Romeo XB08725 $1,300.00
Dick Simms: King James I XB08728 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Italy XB08742 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Liechtenstein -- 1913 Fischer 33Cv Torpedo XB08744 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Guernsey -- 1923 Mors 14/20 Hp Tourer XB08745 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Turkey -- Ford Model a Phaeton XB08789 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Greece -- 1934 Hotchkiss Automobile XB08790 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Turkish Cyprus (Kibris) -- 1920 Ford Model T XB08791 $1,300.00
Fritz Wegner: CEPT Emblems XB08793 $700.00
Fritz Wegner: CEPT Emblem and Europa Bridge XB08794 $700.00
Fritz Wegner: CEPT Emblems and Europa Bridge XB08795 $600.00
Fritz Wegner: Europa Riding Bull XB08796 $600.00
Fritz Wegner: Europa Riding Bull XB08797 $600.00
Erik Nitsche: Electron Synchroton Research Center - Hamburg XB08811 $400.00
R. Lederbogen: German City of Neuss XB08838 $600.00
Wolfgang Philipp Seiter: Schleswig-Holstein Canal XB08864 $600.00
Mel Crawford: Poland XB08920 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Luxembourgh -- 1901 Mors XB08968 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Switzerland -- 1919 Pic-Pic XB08969 $1,300.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: German Federal Archives XB08979 $1,100.00
Barry Wilkinson: Finland -- 1922 "Bullnose" Morris-Oxford XB08996 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Luxembourg -- 1907 Metallurgique XB08998 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Austria -- 1914 Graf Und Stift XB09159 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Yugoslavia -- 1939 Auto Union XB09160 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Yugoslavia -- 1934 Talbot 105 XB09161 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Belgium -- 1926 Minerva XB09175 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Norway -- 1931 Invicta XB09203 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Norway -- 1918 Bjerring Sleigh Car XB09204 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Isle of Man -- 1899 Decauville XB09246 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Netherlands -- 1899 Eysink Automobile XB09247 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Isle of Man -- 1908 Hutton XB09248 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: 1909 De Dion Bouton XB09252 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: 1922 Renault XB09253 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: 1900 Cudell Automobile XB09272 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: San Marino -- 1927 O.M. Superba XB09273 $1,200.00
Barry Wilkinson: San Marino -- 1913 Tipo 51 Fiat Zero XB09274 $1,300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Bicycling in Germany XB09275 $300.00
Barry Wilkinson: France -- 1927 Amilcar "Surbaisse" XB09293 $1,200.00
Barry Wilkinson: Iceland -- Fiat 6.8 V-12 "Superfiat" XB09294 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Denmark -- 1886 Hammel Automobile XB09321 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Denmark -- 1903 Dansk Automobile XB09322 $1,300.00
Peter Steiner: Verden, Germany XB09329 $500.00
Barry Wilkinson: Spain -- 1912 Abadal Automobile XB09379 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Spain -- 1911 Hispano Suiza Alfonso XIII XB09380 $1,300.00
Erik Nitsche: Bonn-Copenhagen Declarations XB09382 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Wilhelm von Humboldt XB09383 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Bettina von Arnim XB09384 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Malta -- 1943 Austin Automobile XB09420 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Spanish Andorra -- 1922 Elizalde XB09422 $950.00
Mel Crawford: Federal Republic of Germany XB09435 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: French Andorra -- 1909 Le Zebre XB09472 $1,200.00
Barry Wilkinson: Faroe Islands -- 1935 Singer Automobile XB09474 $1,300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Bicycling in Berlin XB09553 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Bicycling in Germany XB09554 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: German High Ride Bicycle XB09555 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Adler Dreirad Bicycle XB09556 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Kreuzrahmen-Niederrad Bicycle XB09557 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Kinder-Dreirad Bicycle XB09558 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Fischer-Tretkurbelrad Bicycle XB09559 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Jaray-Rad Bicycle XB09560 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Opel-Rennrad Bicycle XB09561 $300.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Flowers Highligting the Federal Horticultural Show XB09579 $1,400.00
Heinz Schillinger: Early Postal Employee in Germany XB09594 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Early Postal Employee and Carriage XB09596 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Limburger Dome XB09597 $300.00
Erik Nitsche: United Nations in Europe XB09622 $400.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Dome At Limburg Germany XB09639 $1,500.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Father Josef Kentenich/Church XB09640 $800.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Berlin Stock Exchange "Winged Messenger" XB09641 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Finland XB09660 $400.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: International Radio Show XB09684 $600.00
Dick Simms: View of Ship Dock-City Street XB09714 $950.00
Erik Nitsche: First German Railway XB09748 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Friedrich Wilhelm I XB09750 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: City Street in Germany XB09751 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Kurt Tucholsky XB09889 $400.00
Heinz Schillinger: Glass Maker XB09916 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Locksmith XB09917 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Tailor XB09918 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Optician XB09919 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Bricklayer XB09920 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Barber XB09921 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Baker XB09922 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: Carpenter XB09923 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: German Trade Unions Emblem XB09924 $300.00
Heinz Schillinger: German Trade Unions Emblem XB09925 $300.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: German Federal Defense Forces XB09927 $1,000.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Scotch Thistle and Bell Heather XB09972 $300.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Daffodils and Lily of the Valley XB09973 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Sweet Briar and Forget-Me-Not XB09975 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Sticky Ragwort XB10036 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Guernsey Lily XB10037 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Anemone XB10038 $300.00
F. Ludtke: Bad Hersfeld XB10092 $600.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Jersey Lily XB10125 $400.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: European Council Community/Graphic "e" XB10209 $1,000.00
Ken Lilly: European Wild Cat XB10224 $1,000.00
Ken Lilly: Montagu's Harrier Bird XB10225 $1,000.00
Ken Lilly: Pine Marten XB10226 $1,000.00
Ken Lilly: Natterjack Toad XB10227 $1,000.00
Antonia Graschberger: King Ludwig II of Bavaria XB10240 $900.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Leopold Von Ranke/Pour Le Merite XB10247 $1,400.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10327 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10328 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10329 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10330 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10331 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10332 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10333 $600.00
Radomir Bojanic: National Costumes of Yugoslavia XB10334 $600.00
Erik Nitsche: Walsrode Monastery and Town XB10382 $1,000.00
Norbert Vogel: Koenig Museum Framed By Crest of Federal Republic XB10411 $400.00
Norbert Vogel: Bundeshaus Framed By Crest of Federal Republic XB10412 $400.00
Norbert Vogel: Reichstag Building Framed By Crest of Federal Republic XB10413 $400.00
Norbert Vogel: Crest of Federal Republic of Germany XB10414 $400.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Queen's Birthday; Twining Evergreen XB10418 $300.00
Erik Nitsche: Charlottenburg Gate XB10459 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Greifentor Gate XB10460 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Elephant's Gate XB10461 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church XB10462 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Heidelberg University XB10465 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Romania XB10471 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Iceland XB10473 $400.00
Tom McNeely: Monaco XB10483 $500.00
Erik Nitsche: Frederich the Great XB10526 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Fredrich the Great XB10527 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Mary Wigman XB10529 $400.00
Dennis Lyall: Romanian Folk Customs XB10601 $900.00
Basil Smith: Britzschka Carriage XB10700 $200.00
Erik Nitsche: Cube Houses in the Netherlands XB10764 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Olympia Zentrum in Germany XB10765 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: State Museum of Art in Stuttgart XB10766 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Tours de La Défense XB10768 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Casa Milá in Barcelona, Spain XB10769 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Abstract Sculpture Woman and Bird XB10770 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: St. Aengus Roman Catholic Church XB10771 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Goetheanum in Switzerland XB10772 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: United Nations Building in Vienna XB10774 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Chapel - Otaniemi Institute of Technology XB10843 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10844 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10845 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Underground Exhibit Hall for Automobiles XB10846 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Casino Park Complex in Madeira XB10848 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Marina San Gorg in Malta XB10852 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Liechtenstein Building XB10853 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Liechtenstein Building XB10854 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Stockholm University XB10920 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Church of Skalholt in Iceland XB10921 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Atomium in Belgium XB10923 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Klaksvik Church in the Faroe Islands XB10924 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Monument of Sutjeska XB10928 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Cubus Houses in Norway XB10929 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Amoreiras Towers in Portugal XB10983 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10985 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Shrine of the Virgin of Meritxell XB10986 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Heuried Wohnsiedlung in Switzerland XB10987 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The European Center in Luxembourg XB10988 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Aurora Borealis Fountain, Sweden XB10990 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Our Lady of Consolation Church, San Marino XB10991 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Our Lady of Consolation Church, San Marino XB10992 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Nordic House, Torshavn, Faroe Islands XB10994 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Sun Dial and Rock of Gibraltar XB11050 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Gibraltar East Coast Developments XB11051 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Villa Devereux in Jersey XB11052 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: The Hotel Creta Maris in Greece XB11056 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Elounda Hotel in Greece XB11057 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Caloura Hotel Resort in the Azores XB11059 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Centre Des Congrès in Monaco XB11060 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Centre Des Congrès in Monaco XB11061 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Stad in Ankara, Turkey XB11062 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Talya in Antalya, Turkey XB11063 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Hallgrims Cathedral in Iceland XB11064 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Hotel Mare Monte in Kibris XB11065 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Private House in Lefkosa, Kibris XB11066 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Greece XB11156 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Norway XB11391 $300.00
Mel Crawford: Spain XB11392 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Denmark XB11556 $400.00
Mel Crawford: German Democratic Republic XB11672 $400.00
John Swatsley: Isle of Man Railways and Tramways XB11697 $2,600.00
Tom Bjarnason: Sweden Midsummer Panel/Dancing Around XB11728 $400.00
Ronald Maddox: Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland XB11761 $800.00
Mel Crawford: The Netherlands XB11955 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Portugal XB12008 $400.00
Lewis Moberly: Representation of Ballot XB12030 $400.00
David K. Stone: Bastille and Globe XB12041 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Angel Leading French Revolution XB12042 $800.00
Mel Crawford: Cyprus XB12131 $400.00
David K. Stone: Invasion of Finland XB12198 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Berlin Wall - Germany United XB12380 $1,800.00
Raymond Coatantiec: Mâcon Post Office XB12530 $400.00
Raymond Coatantiec: Cerizay Post Office XB12531 $400.00
Eve Mme Luquet: Abbaye de Flaran-Gers XB12538 $600.00
Pierre Guy Peguy Bres: Cape Canaille - Cassis XB12541 $400.00
Claude Andreotto: Postal Service of the Council of Europe XB12618 $1,100.00
Pierre Albuisson: Villefranche sur Saône XB12619 $700.00
Pierre Albuisson: Abby of Cluny XB12620 $700.00
Howard Koslow: Germany United "Wir Sind Ein Volk" XB12684 $900.00
Howard Koslow: Germany United "Wir Sind Ein Volk" XB12696 $800.00
Chris Calle: German Unity - The Faces of Many People XB12697 $2,000.00
Gauthier Jacques: Bicentennial of the French Revolution XB12765 $600.00
Ed Little: Switzerland Map, William Tell, Parliament House XB12958 $800.00
Ed Little: Switzerland Map, William Tell, Parliament House XB12959 $1,000.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Landfall in Americas XB13713 $500.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Paralympics in Spain XB13714 $500.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Expo Seville XB13715 $500.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Olympics in Spain XB13716 $500.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Attache with All Expo 92 Symbols XB13717 $500.00
Keith Bassford: Europa 92 - Operation Raleigh XB13718 $500.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Queen Isabella (Portrait) XB13765 $1,100.00
Howard Koslow: Memorial to the Village of Lidice XB13861 $800.00
Barry Wilkinson: Post Cards and Flags XB14073 $4,700.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14478 $300.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14479 $300.00
George Hardie: Britain's Lion and France's Cockerel XB14480 $300.00
Pal Varga: Castle of Gutenfels XB15547 $900.00
Mel Crawford: Latvia XB15582 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Georgia XB15583 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Liechtenstein XB15585 $400.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1910s - The Great War Begins XB15748 $1,150.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1910s - Ireland's Easter Rebellion XB15750 $750.00
Mel Crawford: Slovakia XB15852 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Monaco XB15856 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Czech Republic XB15857 $300.00
Mel Crawford: Estonia XB15858 $400.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - The Scourge of Fascism Arrives XB15892 $900.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Artists Protest the Scourges of War XB16052 $1,000.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1950s - Unrest Challenges Communism's March XB16325 $900.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1950s - Vision of Europe Union Takes Form XB16327 $750.00
Mel Crawford: Lithuania XB16365 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Bosnia and Herzegovina XB16366 $400.00
Mel Crawford: San Marino XB16367 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Republic of Moldova XB16369 $400.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - Communism Advertises Failures XB16459 $900.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - People Unite in Freedom's Quest XB16657 $750.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Events Signal End of History XB16663 $750.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Fall of Berlin Wall XB16716 $1,000.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Ethnic Conflicts Stun World XB16753 $750.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Architecture Proclaims XB16773 $900.00
Pal Varga: Austrian Architecture XB16869 $800.00
Mel Crawford: Andorra XB16933 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Croatia XB16934 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Slovenia XB16938 $400.00
Mel Crawford: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia XB16939 $400.00
Barry Wilkinson: Madeira -- 1913 Palladium XB99039 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Germany -- 1928 Mercedes-Benz SSK XB99060 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Germany -- 1912 Adler K XB99061 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Azores -- 1923 Austin Seven XB99062 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Ireland -- The 60 Mercedes XB99078 $1,300.00
Barry Wilkinson: Ireland -- 1938 Delahaye Type I45 VI2 XB99079 $1,300.00
Faith Jaques: Children of Italy XB05515  
Faith Jaques: Children of England XB05737  
János Kass: Cinderella XB06171  
János Kass: Gallant John XB06172  
János Kass: Ugly Duckling XB06173  
Mark Schuler: Antonio Rossel XB06542  
Andreja Milenkovic: Bridge Across Miljacka River in Sarajevo XB08003  
Andreja Milenkovic: Minaret Mosque in Sarajevo XB08004  
Andreja Milenkovic: Evangelic Church Dome in Sarajevo XB08005  
Andreja Milenkovic: Residential Street XB08006  
Andreja Milenkovic: View of City of Sarajevo XB08007  
Erik Nitsche: Skat Cards XB10466  
Erik Nitsche: Chapel of Notre Dame Du Haut XB10767  
Erik Nitsche: The Vuoksenniska Church, Imatra, Finland XB10931  
Erik Nitsche: Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge, Luxembourg XB10989  
Erik Nitsche: "Gare de L'Ouest" Subway Station, Belgium XB10993  
Brian Sanders: German Invasion of Yugoslavia XB12810  
Brian Sanders: Bombing of Dresden XB14941  
Mr. Xiao Yutian: Würzburg Palace XB16134  
Mr. Yan Bingwu: The Louvre XB16139  
Mr. Yan Bingwu: The Forbidden City and the Louvre XB16140  

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  • Use The Artwork Gallery: simply click the "Hang in Gallery" for pictures of interest. This puts the picture in your Personal Artwork Gallery, where you can view or remove it. When you've finished hanging artwork in your Personal Artwork Gallery, Go to your Personal Artwork Gallery and select an option for contacting us or ordering from us from there.
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