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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Steve Carter: Father & Son Reading By Lamp XB05571 $550.00
Vladimir Dmitrievich Kolganov: Emperor Penguin XB05859 $550.00
Barbara Brown: Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights XB06050 $850.00
Lois Hatcher: Children Hugging XB06207 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Woman in Grocery Store XB07018 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Family in Department Store XB07019 $700.00
Jim Butcher: Family Church Scene At Christmas XB07726 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Putting Wreath on Door/Christmas XB08332 $700.00
John Swatsley: Young Family and Money XB08526 $1,450.00
Tom Bjarnason: Family Unity XB08566 $850.00
John Swatsley: Young Family and Purchases XB08579 $2,050.00
Jim Butcher: Family Unity /Family Eating a Meal XB08594 $400.00
Jim Butcher: International Population Conference XB08726 $400.00
M. Langer-Rosa: Mother and Baby XB08768 $700.00
Dick Simms: Father and Mother with Baby Buggy XB08780 $1,450.00
Basil Smith: Baby Buggy/Mother and Daughter Strolling XB08812 $400.00
Jim Butcher: A Future for Refugees XB08865 $400.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Early Settlers/Mother with Baby XB08913 $1,150.00
Erik Nitsche: Love You Dad XB10266 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Love You Mom XB10267 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Love You Mom XB10272 $400.00
Erik Nitsche: Love You Dad XB10273 $400.00
John Benson: Literacy/Mother Reading with Child XB12450 $700.00
John Benson: Nonprofit Organizations XB12902 $700.00
Ken Walker: Grandparents' Pride in Grandchildren XB13098 $550.00
Ken Walker: Family Love XB13195 $850.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Victorian Mother Reading to Daughter XB14009 $2,050.00
Chris Calle: Aging with Dignity XB14218 $3,100.00
Michael Garland: Little Women XB14253 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Family Walking in Park XB14337 $3,250.00
Lois Hatcher: Deaf Communication - Mother talking to Child XB14376 $1,600.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Mother, Girl and Puppy XB14537 $3,250.00
J & J DeGraffenried: "It's All Better" XB14544 $1,600.00
R.G. Finney: Jaguar and Cubs At Stream XB14546 $1,000.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Mother and Daughter Watching Swans XB14581 $2,500.00
R.G. Finney: Lynx Mother and Cubs XB14601 $1,000.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Mother and Daughter Playing on Swing XB14675 $3,250.00
R.G. Finney: Lion Family At Rest XB14745 $1,000.00
Chuck Ripper: African Lioness and Cub XB15049 $4,750.00
Tom Lydon: Flag over Porch XB15086 $700.00
Michael Garland: Christmas Family Scene with Santa XB15542 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Placing the Star on the Christmas Tree XB15544 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Christmas/Family in Front of Fireplace XB15545 $1,000.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Kwanzaa - The Celebration of Family XB15756 $700.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - Radio Broadcasting Reaches World XB15868 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1940s - War's End Brings Hope XB16242 $1,450.00
Howard Koslow: Mother Pouring Milk XB16388 $1,150.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1950s - Dr. Seuss the Cat in the Hat XB16419 $1,975.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - Personal Computers Reach Markets XB16563 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - VCRs XB16608 $1,600.00
Saul Mandel: Adoption XB16617 $850.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Every Man a Moviemaker XB16659 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Cosby Show XB16727 $1,600.00
Howard Koslow: Freedom from Fear XB12726  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Woman Showing Fan Making XB13921  
Chuanzhe Sun: Mother Pandas and Their Babies XB14532  
Chuck Ripper: Panda Mother with Cub Sitting under Trees XB14846  
Mari Hall: 1964 Civil Rights Act XB17435  

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