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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Tom Bjarnason: Emile Nelligan XB05924 $850.00
Gene Boyer: Carl Sandburg XB06146 $2,200.00
Mark Schuler: George Seferis XB06322 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Thomas Edward Brown XB06498 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Federico García Lorca XB06569 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Ruzar Briffa XB06698 $250.00
Mark Schuler: Thomas Edward Brown XB06802 $250.00
Mel Crawford: Edwin John Pratt, Canadian Author XB07883 $700.00
Dan Jonsson: Gustaf Philip Creutz XB08011 $700.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Gottfried Benn XB10246 $2,500.00
Tom Bjarnason: T.S. Eliot XB10448 $850.00
Tom Bjarnason: T.S. Eliot XB10449 $700.00
David K. Stone: Walt Whitman XB10754 $2,500.00
Hodges Soileau: Julia Ward Howe XB10841 $550.00
Hodges Soileau: Julia Ward Howe XB10842 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Emily Dickinson XB11175 $850.00
Dean Ellis: Henry Longfellow XB11229 $850.00
Dean Ellis: Ralph Waldo Emerson XB11488 $850.00
David K. Stone: James Russell Lowell XB11883 $2,500.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Marianne Moore XB12406 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Marianne Moore XB12407 $1,450.00
Irene Von Treskow: Tennyson and Queen Guinevere XB13687 $850.00
Irene Von Treskow: Tennyson and "Lady of Shalott" XB13688 $850.00
Irene Von Treskow: Tennyson and "Too Late" with the Maids Embracing XB13689 $850.00
Irene Von Treskow: Tennyson and "The Ship" XB13690 $850.00
Irene Von Treskow: Tennyson and "King Cophetua and the Begger Maid" XB13691 $850.00
Lois Hatcher: Dorothy Parker XB13911 $1,600.00
Lois Hatcher: Dorothy Parker XB13930 $1,000.00
Tom Lydon: Stephen Vincent Benét XB16019 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Langston Hughes XB16966 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Ogden Nash XB17013 $400.00
David K. Stone: Robert Frost XB11411  
Dennis Lyall: Amish Blacksmith XB16948  

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