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Marjorie Saynor: Children of New Zealand XB05354 $400.00
Marjorie Saynor: Children of Australia XB05522 $400.00
Marjorie Saynor: Children of Fiji XB05650 $400.00
Otto Borchert: Enterprise At Goolwa, S. Australia XB05847 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: Ferry Wharf, Sydney's Circular Quay XB05848 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: Sydney's Circular Quay Today XB05849 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: The Great Wharf, Echuca, Victoria XB05850 $1,450.00
Roger Roberts: Jolly Swagman/Wanderer XB05898 $1,150.00
Roger Roberts: Man with Tuckerbag XB05899 $1,150.00
Roger Roberts: Sheep/Jumbuck XB05900 $1,150.00
Roger Roberts: Rifleman on Horse XB05901 $1,150.00
Roger Roberts: Ghost/Waltzing Matilda XB05902 $1,150.00
Roger Roberts: Parrot with Troopers XB05939 $1,150.00
Mel Crawford: Fiji Scenes XB06115 $700.00
Frank Beck: Family Looking at Bright Star XB06215 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Family at Church XB06216 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Three Men on Horses XB06217 $1,000.00
Frank Beck: Collage, Church, Family, Riders XB06218 $1,000.00
Gene Jarvis: Hairy-nosed Wombat XB06237 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby XB06238 $250.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Australia XB06378 $1,300.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of New Zealand XB06379 $1,300.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Papua New Guinea XB06434 $1,150.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Fiji XB06435 $1,150.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Australia Chiltern Post Office XB06491 $850.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Early Bendigo Post Office in Australia XB06492 $850.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Puckle Street Moonee Ponds Post Office in Australia XB06506 $850.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Windermere Post Office in Tasmania XB06507 $850.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Orbost Post Office in Australia XB06508 $700.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Early Maryborough Post Office in Australia XB06509 $700.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Wangarrta Post Office in Australia XB06510 $850.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Western Samoa XB06515 $1,150.00
Julie Shearer: Fijian Child XB06517 $700.00
Julie Shearer: Fijian Man Blowing Conch Shell Horn XB06518 $850.00
Julie Shearer: Masi Bark Cloth XB06540 $700.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Pitcairn Island XB06544 $1,300.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of the Cook Islands XB06545 $1,300.00
Julie Shearer: Fiji Man Offering a Tabua XB06561 $700.00
Julie Shearer: Fijian War Club XB06562 $700.00
Julie Shearer: Fiji Man Holding Spear XB06563 $700.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of the Solomon Islands XB06584 $1,000.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Tonga XB06585 $1,150.00
Otto Borchert: Australian Aboriginals XB06612 $1,450.00
Julie Shearer: Tanoa Bowl at Yaqona Ceremony XB06640 $700.00
Bill Ramsey: Auckland Harbor, New Zealand XB06641 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Port Chalmers Harbor, New Zealand XB06642 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Wellington Harbor, New Zealand XB06643 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Lyttleton Harbor, New Zealand XB06644 $1,300.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Norfolk Island XB06670 $1,300.00
Julie Shearer: Fijian Bure and Geckos XB06672 $700.00
Julie Shearer: Fiji Man with Lali Drum XB06673 $850.00
Julie Shearer: Native Woman Weaving Mat XB06674 $700.00
Tony Rafty: Norman Brookes/Australian Tennis Champion XB06853 $850.00
Tony Rafty: Walter Lindrum/Australian Billiards Champion XB06854 $2,125.00
Tony Rafty: Darby Munro/Australian Jockey XB06855 $1,000.00
Tony Rafty: Sports in Australia - 1890s-1900s XB06857 $1,000.00
Ray Honisett: M.S. Kista Dan XB06964 $550.00
B. Weatherhead: Australia Day XB06988 $1,150.00
B. Weatherhead: Miners at Gulgong-Australia XB07012 $700.00
B. Weatherhead: Early Days Gold Rush-Australia XB07013 $850.00
B. Weatherhead: Sluice-box XB07014 $850.00
B. Weatherhead: Dry-blowing Technique XB07015 $850.00
B. Weatherhead: California Pump XB07016 $850.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Tuvalu XB07112 $1,300.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Kiribati XB07113 $1,300.00
Paul Clark: 50th Anniversary of Apex XB07126 $700.00
Leonora Box: Flowers of Ascension Island XB07167 $1,300.00
Ken Cato: Airmail in Australia XB07180 $1,450.00
Ken Cato: Airmail Pilot, Charles Kingsford Smith XB07181 $1,450.00
Ken Cato: 50th Anniversary of Airmail in Australia XB07182 $1,450.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Melbourne Carlton Gardens XB07384 $550.00
Bruce Weatherhead: Carlton Gardens Complex in Melbourne XB07385 $550.00
Mel Crawford: Solomon Islands XB07642 $700.00
Robert F. Micklewright: New Zealand Parliament Building XB07823 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Australia Parliament Building XB07824 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Papua New Guinea Parliament Building XB07897 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Tristan da Cunha Parliament Building XB07898 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Pitcairn Island Parliament Building XB07899 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Western Samoa Parliament Building XB08021 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Kiribati Parliament Building XB08070 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Tanzania Parliament Building XB08071 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Vanuatu Parliament Building XB08119 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Fiji Parliament Building XB08262 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Cook Islands Parliament Building XB08362 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Solomon Islands Parliament Building XB08364 $400.00
Robert F. Micklewright: Tonga Parliament Building XB08465 $400.00
Mel Crawford: Papua New Guinea XB08922 $700.00
Erik Nitsche: Egon Erwin Kisch XB09580 $700.00
Basil Smith: Palau Racing Canoe XB09733 $400.00
Leonora Box: Australia/Queen's 60th Birthday XB09979 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: New Zealand/Queen's 60th Birthday XB09980 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Fiji/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10039 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Samoa i Sisifo/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10040 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Papua New Guinea/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10041 $1,900.00
Leonora Box: Norfolk Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10127 $2,650.00
Leonora Box: Vanuatu/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10128 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Solomon Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10129 $2,350.00
Leonora Box: Penrhyn/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10197 $2,050.00
Leonora Box: Tuvalu/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10198 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Cook Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10199 $2,500.00
Leonora Box: Pitcairn Islands/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10200 $2,350.00
Leonora Box: Kiribati/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10201 $2,200.00
Leonora Box: Niue/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10305 $2,650.00
Leonora Box: Tonga/Queen's 60th Birthday XB10306 $1,900.00
Mel Crawford: Vanuatu XB10878 $700.00
Tom McNeely: Australia Bicentennial XB11313 $1,150.00
Tom McNeely: Australia Bicentennial/People of XB11316 $850.00
Howard Koslow: Australia Bicentennial Set/Triptych Panel XB11326 $3,100.00
Garry Emery: Australian Settler XB11629 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Australian Parliament House XB11630 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Sydney Opera House XB11631 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Australia Tennis Racket XB11632 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Southern Cross and Ship XB11633 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Federation Star, English Clipper, Sextant XB11634 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: English Parliament XB11635 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Australian Cricket Star XB11637 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Queen Elizabeth II and Australia Graphics XB11638 $1,150.00
Garry Emery: Australian Text and Federation Stars XB11639 $1,750.00
Mel Crawford: Samoa XB11705 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: Australia Flag and Koala Bear XB11729 $700.00
Tom Bjarnason: New Zealand Flag and Kiwi XB11730 $700.00
Dean Ellis: Children's Game: Lodidean XB12324 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Children's Game: Lejonjon XB12359 $550.00
Howard Koslow: Marshall Islands Canoe, Flag, Stick Chart XB12429 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Island Scenes XB12468 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Woman Kneading Breadfruit Dough XB12510 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Compact of Free Association XB12528 $1,150.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Outrigger & Blowing Shell Horn XB12584 $550.00
Chris Calle: Micronesia (Issued by U.S.) XB12603 $4,450.00
Chris Calle: Marshall Islands (Issued by U.S.) XB12604 $4,450.00
Chris Calle: Republic of the Marshall Islands XB12605 $2,950.00
Chris Calle: Federated States of Micronesia XB12606 $3,100.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: American Missionaries XB12612 $550.00
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Guitar Music XB12634 $550.00
Chris Calle: Marshall Islands & Micronesia XB12679 $2,950.00
Erik Nitsche: End of U.N. Trusteeship over Marshall XB13290 $400.00
Chris Calle: Traditional Tipnol Canoe XB13827 $3,100.00
Chris Calle: Traditional Tipnol and Sailor XB13828 $2,800.00
Dennis Lyall: Marshallese Woman and Star XB14038 $700.00
Ren Wicks: Nitijela (Parliament Building) XB14406 $550.00
Ren Wicks: Marshall Islands National Seal XB14407 $550.00
Ren Wicks: Marshall Islands Flag with Nitijela Building XB14408 $550.00
Ren Wicks: Capitol Building in Majuro XB14409 $550.00
Howard Koslow: Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands XB14423 $1,150.00
Tom Lydon: Joab N. Sigrah XB14460 $700.00
Tom Lydon: Ambilos Iehsi XB14461 $700.00
Tom Lydon: Petrus Mailo XB14462 $700.00
Tom Lydon: Andrew Roboman XB14463 $700.00
George Sottung: Micronesian Village XB14467 $2,650.00
George Sottung: Tourism Site in Pohnpei - Spanish Wall XB14468 $1,450.00
George Sottung: Tourism Site of Pohnpei - Kepirohi Falls XB14469 $1,600.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: 1800s Life in Marshalls - Breadfruit XB14470 $1,600.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: 1800s Life in the Marshalls - Tattooed Warrior XB14474 $1,600.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: 1800s Life in the Marshalls - Young Chiefs XB14475 $1,600.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: 1800s Life in the Marshalls - Drummers & Dancers XB14476 $1,600.00
George Sottung: Tourism Site in Pohnpei - Sokehs Rock XB14533 $2,800.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshall Islands Christmas Carolers XB14543 $2,200.00
Dot Barlowe: Yap: Partnership of People & Nature XB14551 $1,600.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshallese Racing Canoes - Kor kor XB14573 $2,650.00
George Sottung: Tourism Sites of Kosrae - Lelu Ruins XB14590 $1,600.00
George Sottung: Tourism Sites of Kosrae - Walung XB14591 $1,600.00
George Sottung: Tourism Sites of Kosrae - Sleeping Lady Mountain XB14592 $2,500.00
Tom McNeely: Kosrae Native Costume XB14595 $1,000.00
Tom McNeely: Native Costumes XB14596 $1,150.00
Tom McNeely: Yap Native Costume XB14597 $1,000.00
Barry Wilkinson: Micronesian Games - Basketball XB14602 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Micronesian Games - Spearfishing XB14603 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Micronesian Games - Coconut Husking XB14604 $2,050.00
Barry Wilkinson: Micronesian Games - Tree Climbing XB14605 $2,050.00
Tom McNeely: Pohnpei Native Costume XB14606 $1,150.00
Howard Koslow: Micronesian Citizens XB14645 $1,000.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Traditional Marshallese Messenger XB14646 $3,550.00
Clive Abbott: Native Flowers of Micronesia XB14668 $5,650.00
Howard Koslow: 15th Anniversary of RMI Constitution XB14683 $2,200.00
Tom Lydon: Belarmino Hatheylul, Yap XB14898 $550.00
Tom Lydon: Anton Ring Buas, Chuuk XB14899 $400.00
Tom Lydon: Johnny Moses, Pohnpei XB14900 $550.00
Tom Lydon: Paliknoa Sigrah "King John", Kosrae XB14901 $400.00
Keith Reynolds: Malmel Outrigger Sailing Canoe XB15218 $2,500.00
Howard Koslow: Republic of Palau XB15229 $1,150.00
Pamela Kattine: Yap Meeting House XB15286 $700.00
Pamela Kattine: Stone Money XB15287 $700.00
Pamela Kattine: Churu Dancing on Yap XB15288 $700.00
Pamela Kattine: Yapese Traditional Canoe XB15289 $700.00
Dean Ellis: Early Human Inhabitants Arrive, 1500 B.C. XB15299 $400.00
Mark Schuler: New Zealand Barnyard Animals/Sheep XB15301 $700.00
Dean Ellis: Marshall Islands Seized by Japan XB15303 $400.00
Dean Ellis: Americans Liberate Marshall Islands XB15304 $400.00
Dean Ellis: Bikini Atoll Evacuated for Nuclear Testing XB15305 $400.00
Dean Ellis: First Sighting by Spanish Explorers XB15331 $400.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Wa Kõñe, Waan Letao XB15332 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Mennin Jõbwõdda XB15333 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Kouj XB15334 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Kijeek An Letao XB15335 $1,600.00
Dean Ellis: Marshall Islands Becomes U.N. Trust Territory XB15344 $400.00
Dean Ellis: History of the Marshall Islands XB15359 $1,000.00
Dean Ellis: Marshall Islands Becomes Independent XB15378 $400.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll - Navy Preparations XB15405 $1,300.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll - "Able" XB15406 $1,300.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll - "Baker" XB15407 $1,450.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll - Ghost Fleet XB15408 $1,450.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads - Evacuation of Bikinians XB15409 $1,300.00
George Sottung: Operation Crossroads - Effects on the Bikinians XB15415 $1,300.00
Dean Ellis: Germany Declares Marshall Islands a Protectorate XB15416 $400.00
Keith Reynolds: Micronesian - Marshallese Canoes XB15576 $1,600.00
Chris Calle: In Memory of President Amata Kabua XB15605 $700.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: The Demon of Adrie XB15714 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: The Beautiful Woman of Kwajalein XB15715 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: Sharks and Lowakalle Reef XB15716 $1,600.00
Diana Elizabeth Stanley: The Large Pool of Mejit XB15717 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Micronesia XB15851 $700.00
Basil Smith: Australia Creatures of the Night XB15870 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - A a XB16067 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - B b XB16068 $850.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - E e XB16069 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - M m XB16070 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - N n XB16071 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - O o XB16072 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - R r XB16073 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - T t XB16074 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - U u XB16075 $1,000.00
John Benson: Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort XB16096 $550.00
John Benson: Trust Company of the Marshall Islands XB16097 $550.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - Q q XB16104 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - O o XB16105 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - N n XB16106 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - M m XB16107 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - D d XB16108 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - W w XB16144 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - P p XB16145 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - K k XB16146 $850.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - L l XB16147 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - J j XB16148 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - I i XB16149 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - A a XB16155 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - N n XB16156 $1,150.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - U u XB16191 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Marshallese Alphabet - L l XB16193 $1,000.00
Ross Jones: New Zealand XB16210 $550.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - Vanda XB16265 $1,450.00
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - Tiare XB16266 $1,450.00
Mel Crawford: Marshall Islands XB16363 $700.00
Howard Koslow: American Samoa XB16743 $1,150.00
Chris Calle: Marshall Islands Christmas XB16881 $1,225.00
Chris Calle: Father Leonard Hacker (Humanitarian) XB16897 $1,000.00
Chris Calle: Robert Riemers (Businessman) XB16898 $1,150.00
Chris Calle: Dwight Heine (Educator) XB16899 $1,000.00
Mel Crawford: Kiribati Scenes XB16935 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Nauru XB16936 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Palau XB16937 $700.00
Mel Crawford: Tonga XB16940 $700.00
Chris Calle: Atlan Anien -- Marshallese Legislator XB16944 $1,000.00
Chris Calle: Henchi Balos -- Marshallese Senator XB17059 $1,750.00
Chris Calle: Tipne Philippo -- Senator XB17060 $1,750.00
Chris Calle: Oscar deBrum -- Stateman XB17061 $1,750.00
Enos: Tobolar Coconut Tree; Husking Nuts XB17511 $1,600.00
Enos: Tobolar Coconut Tree; Soaking Husk in Sea Water XB17512 $1,600.00
Enos: Tobolar Coconut Tree; Pounding Husks to Separate from Meat XB17513 $1,600.00
Enos: Tobolar Coconut Tree; Twisting into Twine and Rope XB17514 $1,600.00
Mel Crawford: Australia XB99053 $700.00
Tony Rafty: Victor Trumper/Australian Cricket Champion XB06856  
Mel Crawford: New Zealand XB10096  
Dean Ellis: Christmas 1990: Clogg Dancing & British Sailors XB12602  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Handicrafts - Children Making Canoe Models XB13920  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Woman Showing Fan Making XB13921  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Women Making Baskets XB13922  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Handicrafts - Men Carving XB13923  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshallese Canoes - Walap of Enewetak XB14254  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshallese Canoes - Walap of Jaluit XB14343  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Traditional Yap Canoe XB14368  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Traditional Kosrae Canoe XB14369  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Traditional Pohnpei Canoe XB14370  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Traditional Chuuk War Canoe XB14371  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Marshallese Canoes - Tipnol of Ailuk XB14574  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Inedel's Magic Kite XB15050  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Limajnon Escapes to the Moon XB15077  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Jebro's Mother Invents the Sail XB15078  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Lijebake Rescues Her Granddaughter XB15079  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Walap of the Marshall Islands XB16004  
Brian Sanders: Fijian Ndrua XB16159  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - Hibiscus XB16264  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - Plumeria XB16267  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - Ilima XB16268  
Herb Kawainui Kane: Flowers of the Pacific - White Ginger XB16269  

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