Space Exploration


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David K. Stone: Alan B. Shepard, Jr. XB05254 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Neil Armstrong XB05370 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Michael Collins XB06520 $2,500.00
Bill Ramsey: Splashdown XB07326 $850.00
David K. Stone: First Men on the Moon XB12005 $2,500.00
Dennis Lyall: Group of Astronauts XB12027 $2,050.00
David K. Stone: Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., USN XB12637 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Colonel Frank Borman, USAF XB12638 $2,650.00
David K. Stone: Major General William A. Anders, USAF XB12667 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Captain John Young XB15082 $2,500.00
Michael Garland: Donald K. (Deke) Slayton XB16877 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Vance Brand XB16878 $1,000.00
Michael Garland: Thomas Stafford XB16880 $1,000.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Grissom, Liberty Bell 7 - July 21, 1961 XB16922 $850.00
David K. Stone: Walter Schirra XB95368 $2,500.00
David K. Stone: Edwin Aldrin XB95376 $2,500.00
Robert Carlin: Neil Armstrong XB96740 $1,300.00
Ed Vebell: First Man on the Moon XB05365  
Jim Butcher: Three Astronauts in Space XB05462  
Ed Vebell: John Glenn in Space XB05797  
David K. Stone: John Glenn XB06419  
Jim Butcher: Exploration of the Moon/Space Achievement XB06941  
Mort Künstler: First Man on the Moon XB09332  
Mort Künstler: John Glenn XB09803  
Chris Calle: Apollo Astronauts XB11740  
Chris Calle: Early Space Exploration XB11741  
Tom McNeely: 20th Anniversary of First Men on the Moon XB11989  
Chris Calle: Buzz Aldrin XB12123  
Chris Calle: Neil Armstrong XB12124  
Chris Calle: Michael Collins XB12125  
Mark Schuler: First American in Earth Orbit XB12213  
Mark Schuler: First American Space Walk 1965 XB12233  
Gregory Rudd: History of America's Flag Post Card (RC) XB12952  
Chris Calle: Space Exploration XB13350  
Dean Ellis: First Lunar Manned Landing XB13636  
Dean Ellis: Astronaut and Cosmonaut Exploring Mars XB13756  
Chris Calle: Space Explorer and Constellation Argo Navis XB13831  
Chris Calle: Astronaut Gordon Cooper and U.S. Space Vehicles XB13849  
Chris Calle: Astronauts Planting U.N. Flag on Planet XB13851  
Chris Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronaut XB14555  
Paul Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronaut XB14557  
Paul Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronauts XB14558  
Paul and Chris Calle: Neil Armstrong - First Man on the Moon XB14569  
Paul Calle: The First Step of Man on the Moon XB14705  
Chris Calle: 25th Anniversary of First Man on Moon XB14706  
Chris Calle: 25th Anniversary of First Man on Moon XB14707  
Chris Calle: Apollo 11 - The First Step XB14749  
Chris Calle: From Earth to Moon - Neil Armstrong XB14750  
Chris Calle: In Peace for All Mankind XB14751  
Chris Calle: A Salute to America XB14752  
Chris Calle: Photographing the Lunar Landscape XB14753  
Chris Calle: The First U.S. Space Walk XB14755  
Chris Calle: Alan Shepard - First American in Space XB14794  
Chris Calle: Gus Grissom - Second U.S. Manned Space Flight XB14795  
Chris Calle: John Glenn - First American to Orbit the Earth XB14796  
Chris Calle: Walter Schirra - First Splashdown in the Pacific XB14798  
Chris Calle: Gordon Cooper - Final Mercury Mission XB14799  
Chris Calle: First Manned Gemini Flight XB14869  
Chris Calle: Neil Armstrong & Edwin Aldrin XB14871  
Chris Calle: First Successful Orbital Rendezvous XB14877  
Chris Calle: Apollo 1 Astronauts XB14879  
Chris Calle: L. Gordon Cooper and Charles P. Conrad XB14915  
Chris Calle: Frank Borman and James Lovell XB14916  
Chris Calle: Astronauts of Apollo 7 XB14936  
Chris Calle: Second Manned Lunar Landing XB14938  
Chris Calle: Planting the Flag on the Moon XB14956  
Chris Calle: Apollo 17, Last Moon Mission XB14957  
Chris Calle: Apollo 15 Astronaut with Lunar Rover XB14972  
Chris Calle: Apollo 16 - Exploring the Lunar Highlands XB14973  
Chris Calle: Astronaut John Glenn - 1962 XB16196  
Chris Calle: Astronaut John Glenn - 1998 XB16199  
Paul and Chris Calle: Anniversary of First Man on the Moon XB16467  
Paul and Chris Calle: Space Exploration Makes Headlines XB16675  
Dennis Lyall: 50-Star Flag XB16799  
Chris Calle: Space Walk XB16808  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Return to Space XB16818  
Paul and Chris Calle: Shepard, Freedom 7 - May 5, 1961 XB16920  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Planted on Moon July 20, 1969 XB17017  
Paul and Chris Calle: Challenger--A Space Walk XB17188  

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