Peace Symbols

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Gene Boyer: Martin Luther King, Jr. XB05984 Reg. $900.00
Today $540.00
Jim Butcher: For a Better World and Peace XB06234 Reg. $200.00
Today $120.00
Jim Butcher: International Peace Garden XB07623 Reg. $300.00
Today $180.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Snow Covered Topiary Tree XB08401 Reg. $600.00
Today $360.00
Tony Meeuwissen: White Dove and Cat XB08404 Reg. $600.00
Today $360.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Blackbird and Dove XB08406 Reg. $600.00
Today $360.00
H. Schwahn: Graphic of Dove XB10138 Reg. $200.00
Today $120.00
Fritz Wegner: Columba the Constellation XB10428 Reg. $600.00
Today $360.00
John Benson: For a Better World/Dove over U.N. XB11374 Reg. $500.00
Today $300.00
Dennis Lyall: The Helping Hand XB11499 Reg. $500.00
Today $300.00
Sarah Godwin: White Doves XB11620 Reg. $500.00
Today $300.00
John Benson: Nobel Peace Prize/Soldiers, White Dove XB11927 Reg. $400.00
Today $240.00
Chris Calle: Global Handshake XB12356 Reg. $2,000.00
Today $1,200.00
Chris Calle: Human Rights/Manacled Hands Releasing Dove XB12715 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Barry Wilkinson: Dove Flying over Flags of the World XB13292 Reg. $2,300.00
Today $1,380.00
Moshe Pereg: Champions of Liberty/Person Carrying XB13590 Reg. $1,700.00
Today $1,020.00
Barry Wilkinson: Bird of Hope Flying XB13928 Reg. $2,500.00
Today $1,500.00
Moshe Pereg: Globe with Stylized "Peace" XB14440 Reg. $300.00
Today $180.00
Chris Calle: Dove and Earth II XB15122 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Chris Calle: Swords into Plowshares XB15133 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Chris Calle: Nobel Prize Medallion and Dove; Symbols of Peace XB15134 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Chris Calle: Japanese Peace Bell XB15135 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Chris Calle: Symbol of Peace - Hands Releasing Dove XB15136 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Chris Calle: Peace Dove with Horse and Rider XB15137 Reg. $1,800.00
Today $1,080.00
Chris Calle: Symbol of Peace - Dove and Earth XB15138 Reg. $1,900.00
Today $1,140.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - The Peace Symbol XB16525 Reg. $1,250.00
Today $750.00
Han Meilin: Doves XB08384  

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