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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Marg Towt: Kelpie XB05798 $550.00
Marg Towt: Dogs XB05799 $550.00
Marg Towt: Border Collie XB05800 $550.00
Marg Towt: Terriers XB05801 $550.00
Marg Towt: Cattle Dogs XB05802 $550.00
Marg Towt: Dingo XB05803 $550.00
Lyle Tayson: Seeing Eye Dog with Woman XB06141 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Man and His Dog XB06985 $1,600.00
Basil Smith: 1920s Dog Sled XB10150 $400.00
Basil Smith: 1920s Winter Transporation, Dog Sled XB10151 $550.00
Fritz Wegner: Canis Major the Constellation XB10312 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Canis Minor the Constellation XB10313 $1,000.00
Fritz Wegner: Canes Venatici the Constellation XB10314 $1,000.00
Basil Smith: 1920s Wheelchair XB11526 $400.00
Nick Thirkell: Spanish Pointer XB12744 $1,000.00
Nick Thirkell: Springer Spaniel XB12745 $1,150.00
Nick Thirkell: Fox Hound XB12746 $1,150.00
Nick Thirkell: Spaniel and Spitz Dogs XB12747 $1,150.00
Nick Thirkell: Mixed Breed Dog XB12748 $1,150.00
Nick Thirkell: Four Hounds XB12749 $1,000.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Raining Cats and Dogs XB12804 $550.00
Ken Walker: Puppy Love XB13097 $550.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Mother, Girl and Puppy XB14537 $3,250.00
Carol Graham-Armstrong: Mother and Daughter Watching Swans XB14581 $2,500.00
Saul Mandel: Child Giving Flower to Big Dog XB15910 $700.00
Basil Smith: Whimsical Dog Surfing XB15938 $400.00
Peter Barrett: Old English Sheepdog XB95309 $1,150.00
Peter Barrett: West Highland Terrier XB95312 $1,150.00
Peter Barrett: Alaskan Malamute and Collie XB99006 $2,350.00
Don Balke: Kittens and Puppy under Christmas Tree XB07758  
Han Meilin: Dog XB08381  
Peter Barrett: Puppy Love - Two Puppies Rubbing Noses XB14540  
Roger Cruwys: Officer Reza, Police Dog XB15300  
Roger Cruwys: Black Labrador Retrievers XB15433  
Peter Barrett: Composite of Dogs XB95308  
Peter Barrett: Irish Setter XB95310  
Peter Barrett: Welsh Springer Spaniel XB95311  
Peter Barrett: Cocker Spaniel and Chesapeake Bay Retriever XB99007  
Peter Barrett: Beagle and Boston Terrier XB99008  
Peter Barrett: Coonhound and Foxhound XB99009  
Peter Barrett: Alaskan Malamute and Collie XB99010  
Peter Barrett: Beagle and Boston Terrier XB99011  
Peter Barrett: Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Cocker Spaniel XB99012  
Peter Barrett: Coonhound and Foxhound XB99013  
Peter Barrett: Water Spaniel and Basset Hound XB99014  

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