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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Andrey Trofimovich Kourtenko: Country Road XB06385 $400.00
Andrey Trofimovich Kourtenko: Mountain Scene XB06386 $400.00
Fred Labitzke: Flower Garden Scene XB06415 $550.00
Michael Fairclough: Glenfinnan Monument in Scotland XB07157 $1,150.00
Michael Fairclough: St. Kilda in Scotland XB07158 $1,150.00
Michael Fairclough: Derwentwater in England XB07160 $1,150.00
Michael Fairclough: Glencoe in Scotland XB07161 $1,150.00
Philip Sharland: Camping and Hiking XB07236 $1,000.00
Jim Butcher: Wildlife Conservation XB07776 $400.00
Stafford Cliff: Temperate Zone XB07859 $700.00
Stafford Cliff: Tropical Island XB07860 $700.00
Stafford Cliff: Arid Desert XB07861 $700.00
Stafford Cliff: Mountainous Region XB07862 $700.00
Stafford Cliff: Terrain Composite XB07863 $700.00
Lynette Hemmant: Countryside in Summer XB07965 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Lake with Wildlife XB08030 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Forest with Wildlife XB08081 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Countryside in Autumn XB08128 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Woodlands in Winter XB08191 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Countryside in Autumn XB08270 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Countryside in Summer XB08474 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Meadow in Summer XB08557 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Meadow in Summer XB08637 $550.00
Lynette Hemmant: Meadow in Autumn XB08715 $550.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Camp Fire Organization XB09353 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Boy Scouts XB09354 $1,000.00
Shannon Stirnweis: Young People Camping and Singing XB09355 $1,000.00
Michael Warren: Western Kingbird XB09873 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Belted Kingfisher XB09874 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Killdeer XB09901 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Western Meadowlark XB09902 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Mountain Bluebird XB09936 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Hairy Woodpecker XB09998 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Sanderling XB10156 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: American Robin XB10500 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Hermit Thrush XB10698 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Oregon's Crater Lake and a Clark's Nutcracker XB10762 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Northern Mockingbird XB10805 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Cape May and a Red-winged Blackbird XB11236 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Tsa-La-Gi Cherokee Village and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo XB11295 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Greater Prairie Chicken XB11310 $1,450.00
Michael Warren: Common Grackle XB11311 $1,450.00
Gene Jarvis: Rodrigues Weaver XB11678 $250.00
Dennis Lyall: Man Overlooking Valley with Rainbow XB11814 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Beach Umbrella (Beach Scene) XB12332 $1,750.00
Chris Calle: America's Beautiful Coasts XB12669 $2,800.00
Pal Varga: Tanzania Wildlife XB12936 $1,600.00
Mark Schuler: Mountain Scenery XB13720 $400.00
Dennis Lyall: Tree in the Shape of the Earth XB13812 $850.00
Katy Winters: Wildflowers and Butterflies XB14019 $1,750.00
John Benson: The Buttes of Shiprock Monument XB15031 $700.00
Dean Ellis: Coral Reefs Grow Around Sinking Islands XB15297 $400.00
Dean Ellis: Storms Carry Birds and Seeds to Coral Atolls XB15298 $400.00
Mark Schuler: New Zealand Barnyard Animals/Sheep XB15301 $700.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1900s - John Muir XB15929 $1,975.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Conquests Reach Unconquered Heights XB16316 $1,450.00
Chris Calle: Golden Mantella XB17482 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Dyeing Poison Frog XB17483 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Peruvian Rainbow Boa XB17485 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Tomato Frog XB17486 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Golfodulcean Poison Frog XB17487 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Emerald Tree Boa XB17489 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Yellow-Banded Poison Frog XB17491 $2,800.00
Chris Calle: Amazon Tree Boa XB17493 $2,800.00
Don Balke: Moose XB05052  
Gordon Drummond: Desert Scene XB07245  
S.R. Badmin: Countryside in Spring XB07864  
S.R. Badmin: Meadow in Autumn XB08028  
S.R. Badmin: Countryside in Summer XB08029  
Ken Lilly: Grey Squirrel and Great Spotted Woodpecker XB08147  
S.R. Badmin: English Countryside in Winter XB08313  
S.R. Badmin: English Countryside in Spring XB08314  
Gordon Beningfield: Waterfall in Forest XB10162  
Gordon Beningfield: Palm Trees/View of Lagoon XB10163  
Michael Warren: Glacier Bay National Park and a Tufted Puffin XB10761  
Shannon Stirnweis: White-Tailed Deer XB10907  
Shannon Stirnweis: Alaska Brown Bear XB10955  
Kirk Stirnweis: Iiwi XB11028  
Shannon Stirnweis: Mountain Lion XB11031  
Kirk Stirnweis: Luna Moth XB11101  
Don Balke: Deer in Forest XB11417  
Don Balke: Desert Scene XB11884  
Don Balke: The Wetlands XB11905  
Don Balke: Mountain Top XB11950  
John Swatsley: White-tailed Tropicbird Flying over Rainforest XB11953  
John Swatsley: Green Iguana and Red-necked Parrot in Rainforest XB11954  
John Benson: Niagara Falls XB12476  
Chuck Ripper: Wildflowers Near a Forest Stream XB12831  
Chuck Ripper: View of An Alpine Meadow XB12863  
Chuck Ripper: Desert Flowers XB12885  
Chuck Ripper: Wildflowers Near Stream XB12926  
Chuck Ripper: Marshland Flowers XB12927  
George Sottung: Wildlife At a Mountain Lake XB13159  
Chuck Ripper: Lesotho Birds - Bird in Nest in Tree XB13906  
Chuck Ripper: Lesotho Birds - Bird in Flight over XB13907  
George Sottung: Tourism Site of Pohnpei - Kepirohi Falls XB14469  
Ivan Koslov: White-winged Scoter XB14758  
Ivan Koslov: Crested Shelduck XB15187  
Dean Ellis: Undersea Volcanoes XB15296  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1910s - Grand Canyon XB15950  
Michael Garland: Frederick Law Olmstead XB16339  
Don Balke: Sonoran Desert Scene XB16361  
Don Balke: Pacific Coast Rain Forest XB16698  
Don Balke: Red Eft XB17375  
Don Balke: Red-shouldered Hawk XB17376  
Don Balke: Wild Turkey XB17377  
Don Balke: Eastern Red Bat XB17378  
Paul and Chris Calle: Ocean in View XB17392  
Paul and Chris Calle: Ocean in View XB17394  
Chris Calle: Panther Chameleon XB17484  
Chris Calle: Flap-Necked Chameleon XB17488  
Chris Calle: Red and Blue Poison Frog XB17490  
Chris Calle: Carpet Chameleon XB17492  

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