Science and Invention


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Ed Vebell: Bell Patents Telephone XB05350 $700.00
Lyle Tayson: Taking a Picture of First Fish XB07001 $2,050.00
Mark Schuler: Sequoyah XB07115 $400.00
David K. Stone: Philo T. Farnsworth XB07728 $2,500.00
Delaney & Ireland: VDU Screen XB07743 $700.00
Delaney & Ireland: Printing Press XB07744 $2,200.00
David K. Stone: Thomas Alva Edison XB07900 $2,500.00
Jim Butcher: World Communications XB07935 $400.00
Michael Taylor: Thames Flood Barrier XB08063 $400.00
E. Janota-Bzonwski: Johann Philipp Reis's Violin "Telephone" XB08581 $1,600.00
Dick Simms: Optical Instruments - Theodolite, 1810 XB09258 $1,150.00
Jim Butcher: Dam Providing Hydropower to Rural Area XB09592 $700.00
Heinz Schillinger: Velocipede XB09915 $550.00
Barry Wilkinson: Halley's Comet Viewed Through Early Telescope XB10066 $3,550.00
Barry Wilkinson: Mark Twain, Halley's Comet and a Graphometer XB10069 $3,550.00
Tom Bjarnason: Transportation Montage XB10291 $550.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Michael Faraday XB11111 $1,600.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Rudolf Diesel XB11138 $1,000.00
Dean Ellis: Alexander Graham Bell XB11271 $850.00
David K. Stone: Cyrus Hall McCormick XB11301 $2,500.00
Basil Smith: 1900s Elevator XB11527 $400.00
Dean Ellis: Eli Whitney XB11690 $850.00
Keith Bassford: Single Lens Microscope XB12059 $850.00
Keith Bassford: Early Microscopy XB12060 $1,000.00
Keith Bassford: Achromatic Microscope XB12061 $1,000.00
Keith Bassford: Photomicrography XB12062 $1,000.00
Keith Bassford: Electron Microscope XB12063 $850.00
Mark Schuler: Robert H. Goddard and First Liquid-Fueled Rocket XB12229 $400.00
Simon Broom: Queen's Technology Awards/Hand & Compasses XB12395 $700.00
Simon Broom: Queen's Technology Awards/Phrenology Head XB12396 $700.00
Peter Till: Charles Babbage, Inventor of the Calculator XB12832 $1,150.00
David K. Stone: Communications Technology XB15393 $1,900.00
David K. Stone: Computer Technology XB15563 $2,500.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Radio Begins Communications Revolution XB15638 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Photography for Every Man XB15665 $1,450.00
Steve Ferguson: ICBM Minuteman III LGM-30G XB15727 $2,350.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - The First Glimmers of Television XB15866 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - Talkies Arrive At the Movie XB15894 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Inventions Pave Way to Future XB16054 $1,975.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Engineers Harness Nature XB16058 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Household Appliances XB16170 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Transistor Opens Door to Miniaturization XB16228 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Missiles Announce New Age of Warfare XB16230 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1940s - Computer Age Dawns XB16232 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Microchip Presages Computer Revolution XB16312 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - Invention of the Laser XB16457 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - Lasers XB16527 $3,100.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - The Computer Chip XB16545 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - Medical Images XB16558 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - Personal Computers Reach Markets XB16563 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - Compact Disc Revolutionizes XB16567 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Diagnostic Tools Revolutionize Medicine XB16577 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1970s - VCRs XB16608 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Cell Phone Revolution Begins XB16673 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Personal Computer XB16729 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1980s - Compact Discs XB16733 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: WWW Revolutionizes Information Superhighway XB16767 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Virtual Reality XB16829 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Cellular Phones XB16834 $1,600.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - Computer Art and Graphics XB16842 $1,450.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1990s - World Wide Web XB16861 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Edwin Howard Armstrong XB07635  
Mort Künstler: Alexander Graham Bell XB08816  
Mort Künstler: Edison Invents Electric Light XB09570  
Jeffrey Fisher: Astronomy - Early Instruments of Observing XB12656  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1920s - Age of the Rocket Launched XB15877  

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