Still Life

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Gene Jarvis: Kerosene Lamp XB05439 $250.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Jersey Dairy Cow XB05480 $1,150.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Guernsey Dairy Cow XB05481 $1,150.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Pitcairn Sparrow XB05482 $850.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Gibraltar's Barbary Apes XB05483 $1,000.00
J. Toombs: Queen's Beasts -- Bahamas Flamingo XB05484 $1,000.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Brunei Leopard Cat XB05486 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- United Kingdom Unicorn XB05487 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- United Kingdom Lion XB05488 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Isle of Man Manx Cat XB05489 $1,450.00
Clive Abbott: Queen's Beasts -- Bermuda Pig XB05490 $1,450.00
Gene Jarvis: Quill Pen and Inkwell XB05492 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Rush Lamp XB05593 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Railroad Lantern XB05658 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Whale Oil Lamp XB05696 $250.00
Tom McNeely: Symbols of the Acadians XB07319 $700.00
Melin J & Oesterlin A: Globe Paperweight XB09545 $550.00
Melin J & Oesterlin A: Spur XB09546 $550.00
Chris Calle: Snuff Shop Figurines XB10082 $3,250.00
Gene Jarvis: Quill Pen XB11095 $400.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Silver Pin XB12800 $550.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Silver Magpie XB12805 $550.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Heart-shaped Lock XB12806 $550.00
Tony Meeuwissen: Star in a Purse XB12807 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Heart-shaped Lockets and Picture Frames XB13576 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old Photographs XB13577 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Letters, Diary and Dried Flowers XB13578 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Small Globe and Luggage Tags XB13579 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old Maps and Dried Flowers XB13580 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old Maps, Opera Glasses, Tickets XB13581 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old Letters, Fountain Pen XB13582 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old-fashioned Buttons, Pin Cushion, Thread XB13583 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old-fashioned Childhood Games XB13584 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Sunglasses, Postcards, Seashells XB13585 $550.00
Trickett & Webb: Old Letters in Ribbon XB13586 $550.00
Newell/Sorrell: Book and Seashells XB14118 $550.00
Ashted Dastor: Art in the 20th Century XB14264 $1,150.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Pear XB15182 $550.00
Kristin Rosenberg: Peach XB15183 $550.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Jesse Owens XB16160 $1,975.00

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