Trains and Locomotives


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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Ray Honisett: Australian Locomotives - Double Fairlie XB05230 $200.00
Pal Varga: Racket Locomotive XB05231 $400.00
Pal Varga: Mau Locomotive XB05233 $400.00
Pal Varga: Siemans Locomotive XB05235 $400.00
Pal Varga: TransSiberia Railway XB05238 $400.00
Pal Varga: Pioneer Locomotive XB05239 $400.00
N. Kolesnikov: Kolomensky "Victory" - 1947 XB05825 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Putilovsky Passenger - 1915 XB05826 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Krasny-Putilovets Passenger - 1925 XB05827 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Uralskaya Locomotive - 1878 XB05828 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Kharkov Freight, 1906 XB05829 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Freight Steam Locomotive, 1845 XB05837 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Locomotive Model 2-2-0, 1845 XB05838 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: Locomotive Model 0-3-0, 1863-67 XB05839 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: The First Soviet Steam Locomotive, 1833 XB05840 $300.00
N. Kolesnikov: First St. Petersburg-Moscow Passenger Locomotive, 1845 XB05841 $300.00
David Gentleman: The Rocket, Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830 XB05929 $1,400.00
David Gentleman: Battered Rocket, Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830 XB05930 $1,400.00
David Gentleman: Private Coach, Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830 XB05931 $1,400.00
Basil Smith: Puffing Billy Locomotive XB06836 $200.00
Basil Smith: Locomotive 1870s XB07290 $200.00
Basil Smith: No. 43 Calugareni Locomotive XB07486 $200.00
Basil Smith: Locomotive No. 1059 XB07487 $200.00
Basil Smith: No. 458 Orleans Locomotive XB07488 $200.00
Basil Smith: Gotthard Locomotive XB07747 $200.00
Basil Smith: Re 6/6 Electric Locomotive XB07786 $200.00
Basil Smith: Flying Scotsman Locomotive XB08023 $200.00
Basil Smith: 4-6-2 Class Pacific Locomotive XB08024 $200.00
Basil Smith: Santa Fe 4-8-2 Locomotive XB08129 $200.00
Basil Smith: 2-2-2 Locomotive XB08130 $200.00
Basil Smith: John Fowler, Class B6 Road Locomotive XB08256 $200.00
Basil Smith: 7th Class Locomotive XB08258 $200.00
John Swatsley: The Adam Brown Locomotive XB08281 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: The Samson Locomotive XB08282 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: The Toronto Locomotive XB08296 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Canadian Steam Locomotive XB08329 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: The Dorchester Locomotive XB08330 $1,300.00
Basil Smith: 401 Class Locomotive XB08518 $200.00
Basil Smith: Thyristor Series 442 XB08519 $200.00
John Swatsley: Flying Scotsman Locomotive XB08644 $1,200.00
John Swatsley: Princess Coronation Class Locomotive XB08645 $1,200.00
Basil Smith: Black Hawthorn Locomotive XB08711 $200.00
Basil Smith: Beyer Peacock 2-6-4T Locomotive XB08919 $200.00
John Swatsley: Countess of Dufferin Locomotive XB08927 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: CPR D-10 Locomotive XB08928 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Scotia Locomotive XB08929 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: CPR D-10 Locomotive with the Engineer & Conductor XB08991 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Countess of Dufferin Locomotive with Employees in Front XB08992 $1,300.00
Basil Smith: Railway Engine XB09266 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Flying Scotsman Locomotive XB09335 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Royal Scot Locomotive XB09336 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Golden Arrow Locomotive XB09337 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Royal Scot Locomotive XB09338 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Cornish Riviera Locomotive XB09339 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Cheltenham Flyer Locomotive XB09340 $200.00
David K. Stone: Locomotive Mail Car XB09476 $1,600.00
Basil Smith: Stephenson 4-6-4T Locomotive XB09734 $200.00
Stanley Paine: CNR 0-10-A Locomotive XB09736 $200.00
Stanley Paine: CNR M-4-K Locomotive XB09737 $200.00
Stanley Paine: CNR X-10-a Locomotive XB09738 $200.00
Stanley Paine: CPR P-2-a Locomotive XB09739 $200.00
Stanley Paine: CNR J-7-CI Locomotive XB09740 $200.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Sixteen-Wheel Tank Car Locomotive XB09769 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Refrigerator Car Locomotive XB09770 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Sixteen-wheel Open Top Locomotive XB09771 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Mail Car Locomotive XB09772 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Electric Locomotive Vl80p Locomotive XB09773 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Passenger Car Sv Locomotive XB09774 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Self-Discharging Hopper Type Car XB09775 $300.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Diesel Locomotive XB09776 $300.00
John Swatsley: Stourbridge Lion Locomotive XB10098 $1,200.00
John Swatsley: Brother Jonathan Locomotive XB10099 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Gowan & Marx Locomotive XB10100 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Dewitt Clinton Locomotive XB10101 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Best Friend of Charleston Locomotive XB10102 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: John Bull Locomotive XB10103 $1,300.00
Basil Smith: Baldwin 4-6-0 Locomotive XB10147 $200.00
Basil Smith: 15A Class Garratt Locomotive XB10148 $200.00
John Swatsley: Best Friend of Charleston Locomotive XB10185 $900.00
John Swatsley: John Bull Locomotive XB10186 $900.00
John Swatsley: Brother Jonathan Locomotive XB10187 $900.00
John Swatsley: Stourbridge Lion Locomotive XB10188 $900.00
John Swatsley: Gowan and Marx Locomotive XB10189 $900.00
Basil Smith: Steam Locomotive 0-6-0 XB10248 $200.00
Tom Bjarnason: Rotary Locomotive Snowplow XB10288 $400.00
Basil Smith: Enterprise 1845 Locomotive XB10385 $200.00
Basil Smith: Canadian Northern 010A Locomotive XB10551 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Royal Hudson Locomotive XB10563 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Northern U2a 4-8-4 Locomotive XB10564 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Diesel-Electric Locomotives XB10565 $200.00
Stanley Paine: Selkirk TIa 2-10-4 Locomotive XB10566 $200.00
Stanley Paine: K5a 4-6-4 Locomotive XB10567 $200.00
Basil Smith: Royal Hudson Locomotive XB10811 $200.00
Basil Smith: 1870 4-4-0 Locomotive XB10904 $200.00
Basil Smith: 1870's America's 4-4-0 Locomotive XB10916 $300.00
John Swatsley: C62 Class Japanese Locomotive XB12009 $2,700.00
Chris Calle: Steam Locomotive with Mail Cars XB12070 $2,100.00
Chris Calle: Boy with Toy Locomotive XB14020 $1,700.00
Chris Calle: Boy with Toy Locomotive XB14021 $2,900.00
John Swatsley: Hudson's General XB14715 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Eddy's No. 242 XB14716 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Ely's No. 10 XB14717 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: McQueen's "Jupiter" - 1868 XB14768 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Buchanan's No. 999 - 1893 XB14769 $1,300.00
John Swatsley: Railway Steam Locomotives XB14770 $1,300.00
J. Craig Thorpe: New Jersey Locomotive XB14785 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: New York Locomotive XB14786 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Missouri Locomotive XB14853 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Virginia Locomotive XB14855 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Alabama Locomotive XB14856 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Montana Locomotive XB14857 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Oklahoma Locomotive XB14858 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Arizona Locomotive XB14859 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Texas Locomotive XB14876 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Maine Locomotive XB14881 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Oregon Locomotive XB14882 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Kentucky Locomotive XB14885 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: California Locomotive XB14893 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Delaware Locomotive XB14911 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Washington Locomotive XB14912 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Vermont Locomotive XB14913 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Hawaii Locomotive XB14914 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: South Dakota Locomotive XB14919 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Wisconsin Locomotive XB14931 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: West Virginia Locomotive XB14932 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: North Dakota Locomotive XB14935 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Massachusetts Locomotive XB14946 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Colorado Locomotive XB14949 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Connecticut Locomotive XB14988 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Iowa Locomotive XB14990 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Indiana Locomotive XB14999 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Kansas Locomotive XB15001 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Georgia Locomotive XB15004 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Arkansas Locomotive XB15019 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Louisiana Locomotive XB15025 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Nebraska Locomotive XB15026 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Tennessee Locomotive XB15044 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Ohio Locomotive XB15099 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Pennsylvania Locomotive XB15104 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: New Hampshire Locomotive XB15111 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: North Carolina Locomotive XB15124 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Minnesota Locomotive XB15144 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: New Mexico Locomotive XB15145 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Michigan Locomotive XB15146 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Alaska Locomotive XB15152 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Illinois Locomotive XB15164 $500.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Pennsylvania Railroad K4 XB15306 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: British LNER "Mallard" 4-6-2 XB15328 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Spanish Renfe 2-4-2 Express Messenger XB15329 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: German DB Class 01 XB15330 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Italian 691 Passenger XB15345 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: French Steam Passenger Express XB15386 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: South Australian Class 520 XB15397 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: British "Evening Star" XB15420 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Japanese Class C-62 XB15424 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Canadian Pacific "Royal Hudson" XB15432 $400.00
J. Craig Thorpe: Chinese Class QJ (Quian Jin) XB15435 $400.00
Chris Calle: Steam Locomotive XB17007 $1,200.00
Basil Smith: Princess Locomotive XB99058 $200.00
Ray Honisett: Australian Locomotives/Pichi Richi XB05252  
Ed Vebell: The Driving of the Golden Spike XB05485  
J. Craig Thorpe: Florida Locomotive XB14783  
J. Craig Thorpe: Mississippi Locomotive XB14784  
J. Craig Thorpe: Idaho Locomotive XB14883  
J. Craig Thorpe: Nevada Locomotive XB14907  
J. Craig Thorpe: Rhode Island Locomotive XB14942  
J. Craig Thorpe: South Carolina Locomotive XB14945  
J. Craig Thorpe: Wyoming Locomotive XB14989  
J. Craig Thorpe: Maryland Locomotive XB15110  
J. Craig Thorpe: U.S. Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" XB15327  
J. Craig Thorpe: 20th Century Limited XB16410  
Ray Honisett: Australian Locomotives/Zig Zag XB95369  
Ray Honisett: Australian Locomotives/Puffing Billy XB95370  

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