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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Gene Jarvis: Seize of Fort McHenry XB05495 $250.00
Tom McNeely: Gabriel Dumont and the Battle of Batosche XB09431 $700.00
Howard Koslow: Sam Houston XB10003 $1,150.00
Graham Evernden: Spanish Armada Approaches England XB11664 $550.00
Graham Evernden: English Fleet First Encounters the Spanish Armada XB11665 $550.00
Graham Evernden: The Battle Fought off the Isle of Wight XB11666 $550.00
Graham Evernden: English "Fire Ships" Scatter the Spanish Armada XB11667 $550.00
Graham Evernden: Defeated Spanish Armada Battered by the North Sea XB11668 $550.00
Graham Evernden: Celebration of the Defeat of the Spanish Armada XB11669 $700.00
David K. Stone: Battle of Britain Coin Design XB12237 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Battle of the North Atlantic Coin Design XB13999 $1,600.00
David K. Stone: Battle of the Bulge XB14503 $1,600.00
Howard Koslow: John L. Hines XB16654 $1,150.00
Ed Vebell: Battle of Gettysburg XB05349  
Ed Vebell: Battle of Lake Erie XB05715  
Ed Vebell: Battle of the Alamo XB05916  
Ed Vebell: Fort Sumter XB06033  
Ed Vebell: Dewey At Manilla/Spanish-American War XB06113  
Ed Vebell: Surrender At Yorktown XB06575  
Shannon Stirnweis: Battle of King's Mountain XB06613  
Jim Butcher: The Battle of Bunker Hill XB07282  
Jim Butcher: Battles of Lexington and Concord XB07284  
Shannon Stirnweis: Battle of Virginia Capes XB07369  
Mort Künstler: Battle of Monitor & Merrimack XB08854  
Howard Koslow: Oliver Hazard Perry XB08995  
Mort Künstler: Custer's Last Stand XB09234  
Mort Künstler: Battle of Gettysburg XB09271  
Mort Künstler: Battle of Lake Erie XB09511  
Mort Künstler: Fall of the Alamo XB09801  
Mort Künstler: Battle of Fort Sumter XB09907  
Mort Künstler: Allies Storming Beach XB10090  
Mort Künstler: Surrender At Yorktown XB10606  
Brian Sanders: Invasion of Norway and Denmark XB12353  
Brian Sanders: Invasion of the Low Countries XB12418  
Brian Sanders: Evacuation of Dunkirk XB12446  
Brian Sanders: Battle of Britain XB12563  
David K. Stone: Battle of Britain XB12609  
Brian Sanders: Battle of Beda Fomm XB12705  
Brian Sanders: Battle of the Coral Sea XB13778  
David K. Stone: Battle of the Eastern Solomons XB13932  
Brian Sanders: Liberation of Kharkov - Tank and Soldiers XB14043  
Brian Sanders: Battle of the Bismarck Sea XB14130  
Brian Sanders: Battle of Kursk XB14235  
Paul and Chris Calle: Battle of Verdun Defines the Savagery of War XB15769  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Attacked At Fort Sumter XB16987  
Dennis Lyall: USS Constitution Defeats HMS Guerriere XB17025  

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