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Rim Strelnikov: Yuri Gagarin and Vostok I XB05295 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Venera, Mars 6 And Luna 16 Space Vehicles XB05296 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Proton 4 And Sputnik III XB05298 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Intercosmos -- Apollo/Soyuz XB05299 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Exploration of Natural Resources XB05977 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Space Communication -- Sputnik I XB05978 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Space Physics XB05979 $850.00
Rim Strelnikov: Space Research XB05980 $850.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: USSR/Bulgaria Joint Space Flight XB06186 $550.00
David K. Stone: Skylab XB06898 $2,800.00
Jim Butcher: Probes of the Planets/Space Achievements XB06942 $550.00
Jim Butcher: Probes of the Sun/Space Achievement XB06947 $550.00
Jim Butcher: Probing the Last Frontier/Space Achievements XB06952 $550.00
Bill Ramsey: Space XB07325 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Splashdown XB07326 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Lift-off XB07328 $850.00
Basil Smith: U.S. Space Shuttle Columbia XB08074 $400.00
Howard Waller: Apollo 11 Mission to Moon XB08855 $850.00
Charles Knotek: First Man in Space XB08988 $1,000.00
Ernst Junger: Halley's Comet XB10220 $700.00
David K. Stone: Panorama of Space - Overall XB10340 $8,200.00
David K. Stone: Robert Goddard XB10696 $2,500.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Galileo Galilei XB10801 $1,450.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Robert Goddard XB11006 $1,000.00
David K. Stone: First Men on the Moon XB12005 $2,500.00
Mark Schuler: First Docking in Space 1966 XB12180 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Landing on Mars 1976 XB12183 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Soft Landing on the Moon 1966 XB12217 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Probe of Venus 1967 XB12218 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Space Station Crew 1971 XB12219 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Flyby of Saturn 1979 XB12227 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Flyby of Jupiter 1973 XB12231 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First American Satellite 1958 XB12232 $400.00
Mark Schuler: First Man-Made Satellite 1957 XB12235 $400.00
David K. Stone: Dr. Robert R. Gilruth XB13963 $2,500.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Kennedy/Apollo XI XB14633 $1,225.00
Mark Schuler: Mars Pathfinder Mission XB15845 $400.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Space Exploration Captivates Millions XB16755 $1,225.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Gagarin, Vostok I - April 12, 1961 XB16916 $850.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Grissom, Liberty Bell 7 - July 21, 1961 XB16922 $850.00
Paul and Chris Calle: Titov, Vostok II - August 6, 1961 XB16924 $700.00
Charles Knotek: First U.S. Astronaut Orbits Earth XB99017 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Space Walk-Alexi Leonov XB99018 $1,000.00
Charles Knotek: First Man Reaches the Moon XB99055 $1,000.00
Ed Vebell: First Man on the Moon XB05365  
Jim Butcher: Three Astronauts in Space XB05462  
Alexei Leonov: Space Walk XB06784  
Alexi Leonov: Salyut I XB06897  
David K. Stone: Moon Exploration with Lunar Rover XB06900  
Komlev & Dzhanibekov: Cosmonauts Walking in Space XB06922  
Jim Butcher: Exploration of the Moon/Space Achievement XB06941  
Jim Butcher: Skylab Space Station/Space Achievements XB06948  
Jim Butcher: Shuttle Launch/Space Achievement XB06950  
Jim Butcher: Shuttle Rocket Blasting Off/Space XB06973  
David K. Stone: Space Shuttle Launch XB08290  
Mort Künstler: First Space Shuttle Flight XB09156  
Mort Künstler: First Man on the Moon XB09332  
Alexi Leonov: Yuri Gagarin's Epic Space Flight XB10326  
Howard Koslow: Astronaut on Moon XB11960  
Tom McNeely: 20th Anniversary of First Men on the Moon XB11989  
Dennis Lyall: 20th Anniversary of Man on the Moon XB12035  
Chris Calle: Apollo 11 Launch XB12121  
Chris Calle: Apollo 11 Planting the Flag XB12122  
Chris Calle: Treading on the Moon XB12126  
Mark Schuler: First Man on the Moon 1969 XB12147  
Mark Schuler: First Rendezvous in Space XB12148  
Chris Calle: Space Mobile on the Moon XB12170  
Mark Schuler: First Man in Space XB12179  
Mark Schuler: First Untethered Space Walk 1984 XB12181  
Mark Schuler: First Space Shuttle Flight 1981 XB12212  
Mark Schuler: First American in Earth Orbit XB12213  
Mark Schuler: First American Space Station 1973 XB12214  
Mark Schuler: First International Joint Space Flight XB12215  
Mark Schuler: First Woman in Space 1963 XB12216  
Mark Schuler: First Manned Lunar Vehicle 1971 XB12228  
Mark Schuler: First American Space Walk 1965 XB12233  
Mark Schuler: First Space Walk 1965 XB12234  
Chris Calle: First American Space Walk XB12499  
Chris Calle: Stepping onto the Moon XB12500  
Chris Calle: Astronaut Stepping Onto Moon's Surface XB13351  
Dean Ellis: Apollo-Soyuz in Earth's Orbit XB13602  
Dean Ellis: Apollo-Soyuz in Earth's Orbit XB13603  
Dean Ellis: First Lunar Manned Landing XB13636  
Dean Ellis: First Man on Moon XB13642  
Dean Ellis: US/USSR Astronauts on Mars XB13787  
Vladimir Beilin: Sputnik in Orbit XB13806  
Chris Calle: Cosmonauts and Space Scenes XB13850  
Chris Calle: Astronauts Planting U.N. Flag on Planet XB13851  
Chris Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronaut XB14555  
Chris Calle: First Man on the Moon - Space Vehicle XB14556  
Paul Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronaut XB14557  
Paul Calle: First Man on the Moon - Astronauts XB14558  
Chris Calle: Apollo 11 Mission Recovery XB14682  
Paul Calle: Kennedy's Dream of Man on the Moon XB14704  
Paul Calle: The First Step of Man on the Moon XB14705  
Chris Calle: 25th Anniversary of First Man on Moon XB14706  
Chris Calle: 25th Anniversary of First Man on Moon XB14707  
Paul and Chris Calle: 25th Anniversary of the First Man on the Moon XB14746  
Chris Calle: Apollo 11 - The First Step XB14749  
Chris Calle: From Earth to Moon - Neil Armstrong XB14750  
Chris Calle: In Peace for All Mankind XB14751  
Chris Calle: A Salute to America XB14752  
Chris Calle: Apollo XI Liftoff from the Moon XB14754  
Chris Calle: The First U.S. Space Walk XB14755  
Chris Calle: Liftoff of Mercury 7 XB14797  
Chris Calle: First Manned Gemini Flight XB14869  
Chris Calle: First Space Rendezvous XB14870  
Chris Calle: Gemini 11 - Record-setting Orbit of Earth XB14872  
Chris Calle: First Successful Orbital Rendezvous XB14877  
Chris Calle: Record Setting Space Walk XB14878  
Chris Calle: First Manned Lunar Module Flight XB14918  
Chris Calle: Second Manned Lunar Landing XB14938  
Chris Calle: Apollo 8 - First Manned Saturn V Launch XB14954  
Chris Calle: Planting the Flag on the Moon XB14956  
Chris Calle: Apollo 17, Last Moon Mission XB14957  
Chris Calle: Friendship 7 Launch 1962 XB16195  
Chris Calle: Shuttle Discovery STS-95 Launch - 1998 XB16198  
Paul and Chris Calle: Gagarin Becomes Columbus of the Cosmos XB16438  
Paul and Chris Calle: Mankind Takes Giant Leap from Earth to Moon XB16452  
Paul and Chris Calle: Anniversary of First Man on the Moon XB16467  
Paul and Chris Calle: 1960s - Man Walks on the Moon XB16517  
Chris Calle: Space Walk XB16808  
Paul and Chris Calle: Shepard, Freedom 7 - May 5, 1961 XB16920  
Dennis Lyall: First American Orbits Earth XB16961  
Dennis Lyall: Flag Planted on Moon July 20, 1969 XB17017  
Dennis Lyall: Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery 1988 XB17041  
Paul and Chris Calle: Atlantis--Approach to a Landing XB17182  
Paul and Chris Calle: Discovery--Deploying the Hubble XB17184  
Paul and Chris Calle: Endeavor--Docking with the Space Station XB17186  
Paul and Chris Calle: Challenger--A Space Walk XB17188  
Paul and Calle: Columbia--Launch XB17190  

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