Mountain Wildlife

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Gene Jarvis: Snow Leopard XB05694 $250.00
Don Balke: Bobcat and Pinon Tree XB05763 $1,600.00
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Mink/Fur-bearing Animals XB05780 $550.00
Don Balke: Timber Wolf and Norway Pine XB06038 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Rocky Mountain Goat and Ponderosa XB06389 $1,750.00
Frank Knight: Leadbeater's Possum XB07097 $550.00
Gene Jarvis: European Bison Or Wild Ox XB07147 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Muskox XB07190 $250.00
Linda K. Powell: Cougar/Puma XB07196 $550.00
Linda K. Powell: Elk (Wapiti) XB07202 $550.00
Gene Jarvis: Hartmann's Mountain Zebra XB07420 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Yak XB07448 $250.00
Jim Butcher: Wildlife Conservation XB07776 $400.00
Don Balke: Grizzly Bear Cub XB08407 $1,450.00
John Swatsley: Alaska Statehood XB08520 $2,050.00
Don Balke: Black-tailed Deer XB08548 $1,600.00
Jim Butcher: Moose and Mountain XB08553 $550.00
Gene Jarvis: Snow Leopard XB08766 $250.00
Don Balke: Cougar Cubs XB08840 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Cougar XB08861 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep XB08902 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Desert Bighorn Sheep XB08945 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Rocky Mountain Goat XB08959 $1,600.00
Gene Jarvis: Giant Panda XB09884 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Alpine Marmot XB10309 $250.00
Don Balke: Pika XB10620 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Chamois XB10622 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Ibex XB10623 $250.00
Don Balke: Gray Wolf XB10708 $1,300.00
Don Balke: Black Bear and Skunk XB10738 $1,900.00
Don Balke: Big Horn Sheep & Cougar XB10739 $1,900.00
Don Balke: Wolverine and Porcupine XB10814 $1,450.00
Don Balke: Mountain Goat XB10877 $1,300.00
Don Balke: White-tailed Deer XB11026 $1,450.00
Kirk Stirnweis: Pika XB11030 $700.00
Don Balke: Mule Deer XB11085 $1,900.00
Gene Jarvis: Menzbira Marmot XB11237 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Snow Leopard XB11238 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Dama Dama -- Fallow Deer XB11495 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Reindeer XB11496 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Canada/Lynx XB11552 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Volcano Rabbit XB11679 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Ring-tailed Lemur XB11916 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Barbary Ape XB11917 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Snow Leopard XB12015 $250.00
Gene Jarvis: Markhor Goat XB12016 $250.00
Pirkko Vahtero: Brown Bear XB12081 $700.00
Don Balke: Bobcat XB12519 $2,050.00
Chuck Ripper: Zoo Animals/Giraffe, Panda, Flamingo, Tiger, Penguins XB13700 $2,650.00
Basil Smith: Asian Bighorn Sheep XB13985 $400.00
Basil Smith: Sweden -- Wolf Mother with Pups XB14327 $400.00
R.G. Finney: Snow Leopard and Her Cubs XB14425 $1,000.00
Chuck Ripper: Guanaco XB15616 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Cougar with Cub XB15617 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Barbary Ape XB15622 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Lesser Panda XB15884 $2,950.00
Chuck Ripper: Short-tailed Tibetan Macaque XB15969 $2,650.00
Chris Calle: Chat Manul (Pallas's Cat) XB16980 $1,600.00
Chuck Ripper: Indian Wild Ox, Gaur XB17210 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: American Black Bear XB17216 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Asiatic Black Bear XB17217 $2,650.00
Chuck Ripper: Northern Andean Deer XB17219 $2,650.00
Don Balke: Mountain Caribou XB99038 $1,600.00
Don Balke: Moose XB05052  
Don Balke: Coyote and Black Hills Spruce XB05273  
Don Balke: Black Bear and Sugar Maple XB05662  
Don Balke: Grizzly Bear and Redwood XB05666  
Don Balke: Musk Ox and Sitka Spruce XB05706  
Ivan Akimovich Sushchenko: Polar Fox/Fur-bearing Animals XB05779  
Don Balke: Cougar on Rock XB06103  
Don Balke: Bighorn Sheep and Short-leaf Pinon XB06180  
Don Balke: Mountain Caribou and Western Hemlock XB06418  
Don Balke: Canada Lynx XB06502  
Wu Zhuoren: Sitting Panda XB06662  
Wu Zhuoren: Panda II-Mother Baby Eating XB06663  
Wu Zhuoren: Mother Panda Holding Baby XB06664  
Wu Zhuoren: Two Pandas Eating XB06665  
Wu Zhuoren: Panda Climbing Tree XB06666  
Wu Zhuoren: Panda Mother with Baby XB06667  
Don Balke: Grizzly Bear XB07081  
Linda K. Powell: American Buffalo or Bison XB07183  
Linda K. Powell: Moose XB07199  
Linda K. Powell: Bighorn Sheep XB07203  
Linda K. Powell: Whitetail Deer XB07205  
Shannon Stirnweis: Bear Attacking Trapper XB07436  
Don Balke: Big Horn Sheep XB07484  
John Swatsley: Big Horn Sheep XB07490  
Don Balke: Rocky Mountain Elk and Blue Spruce XB07717  
Han Meilin: Panda XB08377  
Don Balke: Rocky Mountain Elk XB08485  
Don Balke: Moose XB08616  
Don Balke: Bear Sniffing Beehive XB08798  
Neaves: Another Challenge Bighorn Sheep XB09858  
Gene Jarvis: Giant Panda XB09885  
Ken Lilly: European Wild Cat XB10224  
Don Balke: Mountain Lion XB10586  
Don Balke: Alaska Brown Bear XB10607  
Shannon Stirnweis: Big Horn Sheep XB10634  
Kirk Stirnweis: Mountain Goat XB10714  
Don Balke: Bald Eagle Perched on Branch XB10744  
Kirk Stirnweis: Bobcat XB10908  
Don Balke: Bobcat XB10997  
Shannon Stirnweis: Mountain Lion XB11031  
Kirk Stirnweis: Mule Deer XB11087  
Don Balke: Two Pandas Eating XB11576  
Gene Jarvis: Red Deer XB11675  
Don Balke: Bobcat XB12520  
Ken Walker: Chilean Vicuña XB12693  
George Sottung: Wildlife At a Mountain Lake XB13159  
Keith Bowen: Welsh Mountain Sheep XB13555  
Chuck Ripper: Giant Panda Holding Bamboo Shoot XB13704  
Chuck Ripper: Giant Panda Standing on Fallen Tree XB13709  
Don Balke: Giant Panda Sitting on Rock Eating Bamboo XB13969  
Chuck Ripper: Snow Leopard Sitting on Rock XB14177  
Chuanzhe Sun: Mother Pandas and Their Babies XB14532  
R.G. Finney: North American Cougar Mother with Cubs XB14684  
R.G. Finney: White Siberian Tiger Mother with Cubs XB14841  
Chuck Ripper: Panda Mother with Cub Sitting under Trees XB14846  
Chuck Ripper: Giant Panda Climbing on Rock Near River's Edge XB14965  
R.G. Finney: Two Wolves in Winter XB15128  
Mr. Xu Yanbo: Panda Clinging to Branch XB15155  
Chuck Ripper: Long-tailed Chinchilla XB16343  
Don Balke: Desert Mule Deer XB16356  
Don Balke: Roosevelt Elk XB16696  
Chris Calle: Bighorn Sheep XB16977  
Don Balke: Gray Wolf XB17096  
Chuck Ripper: Wild Yak XB17209  
Chuck Ripper: Lion-tailed Macaque, Wanderoo XB17214  
Chuck Ripper: Musk Deer XB17218  

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