First Ladies of the United States

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Lyle Tayson: Patricia Nixon XB05143 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Abigail Fillmore XB05144 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Rosalynn Carter XB05145 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Claudia (Lady Bird) Johnson XB05146 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Louisa Catherine Adams XB05147 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Mamie Eisenhower XB05148 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Eleanor Roosevelt XB05149 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Helen Taft XB05150 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Abigail Adams XB05151 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Grace Coolidge XB05152 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Elizabeth (Bess) Truman XB05153 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Julia Grant XB05154 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Jane Pierce XB05155 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Angelica S. Van Buren XB05156 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Dolley Madison XB05157 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Lucretia Garfield XB05158 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Lou Hoover XB05159 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Edith Roosevelt XB05288 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Anna Harrison XB05367 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Jacqueline Kennedy XB05368 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Ida McKinley XB05391 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Emily Tennessee Donelson XB05392 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Martha Washington XB05393 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Frances Cleveland XB05394 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Florence Harding XB05395 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Elizabeth Monroe XB05397 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Mary McElroy XB05398 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Lucy Hayes XB05509 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Sarah Polk XB05523 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Margaret Taylor XB05580 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Martha (Patsy) Jefferson Randolph XB05581 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Caroline Harrison XB05606 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Letitia Tyler XB05628 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Mary Lincoln XB05629 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Edith B. Wilson XB05630 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Eliza Johnson XB05632 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Julia Tyler XB06366 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Ellen Wilson XB06367 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Harriet Lane XB06368 $850.00
Lyle Tayson: Betty Ford XB06369 $850.00
Dean Ellis: Eleanor Roosevelt XB11595 $850.00
Paul and Chris Calle: 1930s - Eleanor Roosevelt XB16174 $1,975.00
Gene Jarvis: Martha Washington XB96739 $250.00

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