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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
G.I. Pikunov: Tulip and Bolshoi Theater XB05208 $550.00
G.I. Pikunov: Rose and Lomonosov University XB05209 $550.00
G.I. Pikunov: Iris and Lenin Central Museum XB05210 $550.00
G.I. Pikunov: Dahlia and Spasski Tower XB05211 $550.00
G.I. Pikunov: Gladiola and VDNH Building XB05212 $550.00
Faith Jaques: Children of the U.S.S.R. XB05550 $550.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Second Brother Finds Wife XB06862 $850.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan & Frog Princess XB06863 $850.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan Presents Shirt to King XB06864 $850.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan Presents Bread to King XB06865 $850.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess Dances with the King XB06867 $850.00
A. Kochupalov: Ivan and the Horse with the Golden Mane XB08050 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Tsar's Messengers Announce a Feast XB08051 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Rescuing Elena from the Tower XB08052 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: The Wedding Feast XB08053 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Vasilisa and Her Sisters Do Needlework XB08054 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Vasilisa Meets Three Horsemen XB08055 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: The Tsar Receives Vasilisa's Gift XB08056 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Rescuing the Princess from the Tower XB08057 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Tsar Brings Tsarina to His Home XB08058 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Russian Wedding Feast XB08059 $700.00
A. Kochupalov: Couples in Love XB08060 $550.00
A. Kochupalov: Swans Turning into Beautiful Maidens XB08061 $550.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Sixteen-Wheel Tank Car Locomotive XB09769 $550.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Mail Car Locomotive XB09772 $550.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Diesel Locomotive XB09776 $550.00
David K. Stone: Statue of "Mother Russia" XB13912 $2,500.00
Gherman Alexeyvich Komlev: Family Portrait of the Tsar and His Family XB16043 $550.00
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- The Brothers Shooting Arrows XB06860  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- First Brother Finds Wife XB06861  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess Arrives at the Ball XB06866  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess Says "Goodbye" to Ivan XB06868  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan & the Little Hut XB06869  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan & the Princess Reunited XB06870  
A. Kurkin: The Frog Princess -- Ivan & Princess on Magic Carpet XB06871  
Howard Koslow: Capitals of the Union Republic/View of XB12491  

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