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Maritime and Harbor Scenes

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Otto Borchert: Ferry Wharf, Sydney's Circular Quay XB05848 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: Sydney's Circular Quay Today XB05849 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: The Great Wharf, Echuca, Victoria XB05850 $1,450.00
Otto Borchert: Manly Ferry S.S. South Steyne XB05851 $1,450.00
Dick Simms: View of Ship Dock-City Street XB09714 $1,525.00
Tom Bjarnason: Pelee Passage Lighthouse XB09780 $700.00
Charles Lundgren: Ship Resolution & Discovery/Hawaii XB06323  
Joseph Hazen: Harborscape/Graphic Design XB07688  
Joseph Hazen: Evening Red Sunset over the Harbor XB07689  
Dennis Lyall: Harbor Scene with Lighthouse XB11889  
Dennis Lyall: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse XB12247  
Dennis Lyall: American Shoals Lighthouse XB12248  
Dennis Lyall: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse XB12267  
Dennis Lyall: West Quoddy Head Lighthouse XB12268  
Dennis Lyall: American Shoals Lighthouse XB12269  
Dennis Lyall: Admiralty Head Lighthouse XB12312  
Dennis Lyall: West Quoddy Head Lighthouse XB12313  
Dennis Lyall: Sandy Hook Lighthouse XB12314  
Dennis Lyall: Admiralty Head Lighthouse XB12336  
Dennis Lyall: Francis Scott Key XB16802  
Howard Koslow: North Carolina's Cape Lookout Lighthouse XB17062  
Howard Koslow: Georgia's TyBee Island Lighthouse XB17063  
Howard Koslow: South Carolina's Morris Island Lighthouse XB17082  
Howard Koslow: Florida's Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse XB17083  
Howard Koslow: Virginia's Old Cape Henry Lighthouse XB17089  
Howard Koslow: St. Augustine Florida Lighthouse XB17093  
Tom Bjarnason: Fisgard Island Lighthouse XB99021  
Tom Bjarnason: Gibraltar Point Lighthouse XB99022  
Tom Bjarnason: Ile Verte Lighthouse XB99023  
Tom Bjarnason: Canadian Lighthouse XB99024  
Tom Bjarnason: Louisbourg Lighthouse XB99025  

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