Ed Little

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Ed Little: Love Between a Man and Woman XB11811 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Special Occasions/Love - Man and Woman XB11812 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Thinking of You - Woman XB11822 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Special Occasions/Thinking of You - Woman XB11823 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Woman, Dove, Rose XB11828 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Happy Birthday XB11829 $1,150.00
Ed Little: Special Occasions/Happy Birthday - Faces XB11830 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Best Wishes - Hands Holding a Rainbow XB11837 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Special Occasions/Best Wishes - Child XB11838 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Love/Two Doves XB11879 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Montana Cowboy and Landscape XB11880 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Folk Art Lovebirds XB11881 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Montana Centennial/Cowboy, Mountains XB11887 $1,750.00
Ed Little: "The Pledge of Allegiance" Boy and Flag XB11894 $1,450.00
Ed Little: North Dakota Settlers and Landscape XB11924 $1,450.00
Ed Little: North Dakota Centennial XB11926 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Washington State XB11937 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Washington Centennial XB11948 $1,750.00
Ed Little: South Dakota Centennial XB11969 $1,750.00
Ed Little: South Dakota Scenes XB11980 $1,450.00
Ed Little: 20th Anniversary of First Men on the XB11991 $1,450.00
Ed Little: "The Pledge of Allegiance" U.S. Flag XB12128 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Pre-Columbian Customs/Man in Costume XB12176 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Pre-Columbian Customs/Man in Costume XB12177 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Pre-Columbian Customs/Mask XB12191 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Pre-Columbian Customs/Mask XB12192 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Pre-Columbian Combo/Mask and Costume XB12193 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Idaho Scenes XB12286 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Idaho Statehood XB12305 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Beach Umbrella (Beach Scene) XB12332 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Beach Umbrella (Beach Scene) XB12333 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Wyoming Centennial XB12376 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB12483 $1,600.00
Ed Little: Contemporary Christmas with Santa XB12517 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Christmas 1990 Traditional/Madonna and Child XB12529 $1,750.00
Ed Little: 1990 Christmas/Contemporary - Santa with Child XB12570 $1,750.00
Ed Little: Hungarian Scientists XB12613 $2,050.00
Ed Little: Christmas "The Holy Tradition", Manger in Christmas Tree XB12668 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Christmas Tree in the Mountains XB12741 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Switzerland Map, William Tell, Parliament House XB12958 $1,300.00
Ed Little: Switzerland Map, William Tell, Parliament House XB12959 $1,600.00
Ed Little: Statue of Liberty Torch XB13129 $3,850.00
Ed Little: Liberty Torch XB13130 $2,350.00
Ed Little: Republic of Guinea Tribal Masks XB13271 $2,350.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13326 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Santa Clause at the Chimney Checking His List XB13363 $3,550.00
Ed Little: 1991 Christmas Contemporary/Santa XB13368 $4,750.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13390 $2,500.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus XB13391 $2,800.00
Ed Little: Madonna and Child XB13392 $1,450.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Going Down the Chimney XB13500 $5,050.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Placing Gifts under Tree XB13511 $3,700.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus Waving in Front of Chimney XB13534 $5,350.00
Ed Little: Santa Claus in His Sleigh XB13550 $5,350.00
Ed Little: Symbols of Kentucky XB13658 $2,350.00
Ed Little: Kentucky - Symbols of Statehood XB13683 $2,650.00
Ed Little: George Bush Portrait XB14047 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Dan Quayle Portrait XB14048 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Bill Clinton Portrait XB14049 $1,000.00
Ed Little: Al Gore Portrait XB14050 $1,000.00
Ed Little: "Showboat" Musican - Woman in thought XB14122 $1,600.00
Ed Little: "Porgy & Bess" Musical - Man Singing XB14123 $1,600.00
Ed Little: "My Fair Lady" Musical - Women XB14230 $1,600.00
Ed Little: Broadway Musicals - Couple Dancing XB14231 $1,600.00
Ed Little: "Oklahoma!" Musical - Couple Dancing XB14233 $1,600.00
Ed Little: "Oklahoma!" Musical - Dance Hall Girls XB14234 $1,600.00
Ed Little: Broadway Musical XB14504 $1,300.00
Ed Little: 20th Anniversary of First Men on the Moon XB12004  
Ed Little: Wyoming Statehood XB12377  

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