Bill Ramsey

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Bill Ramsey: Auckland Harbor, New Zealand XB06641 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Port Chalmers Harbor, New Zealand XB06642 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Wellington Harbor, New Zealand XB06643 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Lyttleton Harbor, New Zealand XB06644 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Overland Stagecoach XB06735 $4,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Curtiss JN-4 "Canuck" Airplane XB06736 $4,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Straw Goat Christmas Ornament XB06816 $1,450.00
Bill Ramsey: Gingerbread Bell Christmas Ornament XB06817 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Basket of Nuts Christmas Ornament XB06818 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Wicker Christmas Ornament XB06819 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Santa Doll Christmas Ornament XB06820 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Musical Instruments XB06845 $1,300.00
Bill Ramsey: Falkland Horses XB06983 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Shearing Sheep XB06984 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Man and His Dog XB06985 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Milking a Cow XB06986 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Farm Animals XB06987 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: American Grayling and Wickam's Fancy XB06996 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Rainbow Trout and Tan Nymph XB06997 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Salmon and Green Highlander XB06998 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Brown Trout and Kent's Lightning XB06999 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Atlantic Salmon and Jock Scott XB07000 $1,600.00
Bill Ramsey: Wall Telephone - 1885 XB07320 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Table Telephone - 1895 XB07321 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Wall Telephone - 1904 XB07322 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Table Telephone - 1900 XB07323 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Friendship 7 XB07324 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Splashdown XB07326 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Lift-off XB07328 $850.00
Bill Ramsey: Farm and Fields XB08549 $6,850.00
Bill Ramsey: Louisiana Scenes XB08817 $6,700.00
Bill Ramsey: Santa with Children XB99083 $7,450.00
Bill Ramsey: Space XB07325  
Bill Ramsey: Space XB07327  
Bill Ramsey: Hawaiian Scenes XB08773  

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