Ed Vebell

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Ed Vebell: Battle of Monitor and Merrimac XB05307 $700.00
Ed Vebell: First Immigrants Land XB05346 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Bell Patents Telephone XB05350 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Washington At Valley Forge XB05363 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Wright Brothers Fly Kitty Hawk XB05366 $550.00
Ed Vebell: Daniel Boone XB05376 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Constitution Ratified XB05379 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Salk's Polio Vaccine XB05382 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Steamboat Race XB05545 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Panama Canal Opens XB05574 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Women's Suffrage XB05609 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Edison Invents Electric Light XB05695 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Signing of Mayflower Compact XB05710 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Nuclear Fission XB05752 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Emancipation Proclamation XB05764 $700.00
Ed Vebell: F.D. Roosevelt Fireside Chat XB05938 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Fort Sumter XB06033 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Oklahoma Land Rush XB06052 $700.00
Ed Vebell: George Washington Inaugurated XB06071 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Homestead Act XB06076 $700.00
Ed Vebell: First Pony Express XB06112 $3,550.00
Ed Vebell: Dewey At Manilla/Spanish-American War XB06113 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Flying Cloud Sailing Ship XB06178 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Pershing Arrives in Paris XB06411 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Civil Rights Act XB06424 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Declaration of Independence XB06449 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Fulton's Clermont Steamboat XB06484 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Henry Ford's Model T XB06525 $3,550.00
Ed Vebell: Surrender At Yorktown XB06575 $700.00
Ed Vebell: First Legislative Assembly XB06583 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Opening of Erie Canal XB06638 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Santa Fe Trail XB06710 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Louisiana Purchase XB06775 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Bill of Rights XB06834 $700.00
Ed Vebell: Custer's Last Stand XB05256  
Ed Vebell: Gold Discovered at Sutter's Mill XB05345  
Ed Vebell: Battle of Gettysburg XB05349  
Ed Vebell: First Man on the Moon XB05365  
Ed Vebell: Lewis and Clark Reach Pacific Ocean XB05369  
Ed Vebell: Lindbergh Flight Across Atlantic XB05375  
Ed Vebell: The Driving of the Golden Spike XB05485  
Ed Vebell: Tall Ships Bicentennial XB05514  
Ed Vebell: Battle of Lake Erie XB05715  
Ed Vebell: John Glenn in Space XB05797  
Ed Vebell: Battle of the Alamo XB05916  
Ed Vebell: Patrick Henry's Speech XB06104  
Ed Vebell: D-Day/World War II XB06370  
Ed Vebell: Surrender of Chief Joseph XB06539  
Ed Vebell: John F. Kennedy Assassination XB06732  
Ed Vebell: Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor XB06798  

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