Eric Stemp

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Image Artwork Description Stock Number (SKU) US$ Price(SKU) Artwork
Eric Stemp: London General Post Office XB05361 $1,300.00
Eric Stemp: First London Letter Box XB05362 $1,150.00
Eric Stemp: Country Pillar Boxes and Post Office XB05364 $1,150.00
Eric Stemp: Woman in Blue Dress with Two Turtle Doves XB06143 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Partridge in a Pear Tree and Woman XB06144 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Four Calling Birds and Woman XB06422 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Three French Hens and Woman XB06423 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Five Golden Rings and Woman XB06459 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Six Geese and Woman XB06460 $550.00
Eric Stemp: Eight Maids A-Milking XB06481 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Seven Swans A-Swimming and Woman XB06482 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Ten Men Playing Flutes XB06521 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Nine Drummers XB06522 $700.00
Eric Stemp: Twelve Lords A-Leaping XB06576 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Eleven Ladies Dancing XB06577 $850.00
Eric Stemp: Royal Scots Uniforms XB08136 $1,450.00
Eric Stemp: Royal Welsh Fusiliers XB08137 $1,150.00
Eric Stemp: The Royal Green Jackets XB08138 $1,300.00
Eric Stemp: The Irish Guards XB08139 $1,450.00
Eric Stemp: The Parachute Regiment XB08140 $1,450.00
Eric Stemp: Royal Scots Pikeman and Paratrooper XB08141 $1,450.00
Eric Stemp: Sir Rowland Hill XB95363 $1,450.00
Eric Stemp: Letter Carriers XB95365 $1,150.00
Eric Stemp: The Bellman XB95366 $1,150.00

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