Erik Nitsche: Rose - Manuscript Illumination

Artist: Erik Nitsche
1908 - 1998
Nationality: Swiss
Artwork Year: 1985
Image Size: 14 by 12 inches
Overall Size: 20 by 15 inches
Medium: Mixed Media on Cold Press Illustration Board

As the Middle Ages progressed, magnificent illuminated manuscripts became quite ornate. Yet, they continued to enhance the beauty of the books they adorned and added greatly to the readers' enjoyment. During this time, around the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, there was a growing interest in brightly colored border-frames which actually framed the text in colors of green and scarlet. Figures like those shown in the stamp on this First Day Cover were scattered liberally through the manuscripts. The figures on this stamp are taken from the fifteenth century manuscript entitled the Berlin Parchment Manuscript which was probably created in Germany between 1520 and 1530. Like many manuscripts of its day, the Berlin Parchment Manuscript was alive with the bright colors of flowers and the interesting animals of the garden. Many of these colors actually sparkled with gold and silver. Indeed, miniature painting is not considered to be true illumination unless it uses gold or silver to create a beautiful shimmering effect. Since many of the works embellished with the miniature illuminations were religious books -- prayer books and scriptures -- the subjects of the illuminations often had religious significance. For example, the rose featured in this original artwork is a well-known symbol of the innocence and purity of the Virgin Mary.

This painting was originally published on the Fleetwood® First Day Cover for the Germany 60 + 30pf Medieval Manuscript Illumination stamp issued October 15, 1985.

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