Don Balke
American 1932 -

Don Balke grew up on a backwoods farm in northern Wisconsin, where he came to love the land and its inhabitants. Appropriately, his first painting had a wildlife theme ... depicting a black bear he saw in a nearby woods. Ever since, Balke has enthusiastically and realistically painted the birds, animals and flora of North America. Today, Balke is one of the most respected wildlife artists in the United States. He captures the world he loves so much with painstaking attention to detail, and brings total realism and authenticity to his paintings. His penchant for detail makes his works sought after by nature enthusiasts, discriminating collectors, and all who appreciate and enjoy fine wildlife art. Balke's art can be found in collections everywhere, from the Vatican to the People's Republic of China. He has exhibited his work at one-man shows across the country and has been awarded Blue Ribbons at the Ducks Unlimited National Exhibit. In addition, Balke has created collections of art for the National Audubon Society and the National Wildlife Federation.