Jim Butcher
American 1944 -

Born in Maryland on October 10, 1944, James R. Butcher Jr. attended The Maryland Institute's College of Art, majoring in his second year in painting and illustration. In 1964, Butcher was drafted by the U.S. Army, but opted for an earlier enlistment in the U.S. Marines to procure a better career appointment. Soon after being assigned to an air wing in Vietnam, Butcher was invited by Col. Raymond Henry, Special Assistant to the Commandant, to join the Combat Art Team. Responsible for creating a permanent record of the conflict in Vietnam with a medium other than motion picture or still photography, Butcher contributed 150 pieces of art which are now in the Marine Corps collection at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, Virginia. Discharged in 1969, Butcher joined a small commercial art studio in Baltimore. The next year he embarked on an independent art practice, working in a studio in Baltimore's Charles Village section. Butcher soon began receiving assignments from such prestigious organizations as the National Geographic Society, United States Navy, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Today, Butcher illustrates for clients across the nation.