Odette Baillais
French 1929 -

French artist Odette Baillais was born in 1929 and has worked in such diverse areas as fashion, journalism and publicity. She wrote and illustrated books featuring the history of costume and the history of stage costumes, and also created designs for the National Lottery.

Baillais collaborated with Seita, illustrating match boxes depicting the subject "Conquest of the Moon." This experience provided her an opportunity to work in the engineering and design department of the Stations and Telecommunications of Overseas.

But perhaps Baillais is best known for her finely-detailed and colorful postage stamp designs for UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). She also created stunning cachets of First Day Covers featuring noted French singers Maurice Chevalier, Georges Brassens, Aristide Bruant, Edith Piaf and Tino Rossi, as well as the great French sculptor, Auguste Rodin.