How do I Order?

Ordering from is fast, simple and secure. You'll receive the same excellent customer service you've come to expect from Unicover® , including quick delivery of on-the-shelf items.

We've designed the ordering process to be intuitive so that it will guide you step-by-step. In most cases you will place the items you want to order in the Express Shopping Cart. You can do this by clicking the icon.

Once everything is in the Express Shopping Cart, you'll click either or .

You'll need to provide your name and address if you are a new customer, or sign on if you are already registered.

Once you've given us your payment information, it's a few simple clicks to confirming your order. It's that easy!

Best of all, it's always easy to check your Order Status at any time. You can see when your order is scheduled to ship and when it has shipped. If it's sent by UPS, for example, you'll also be able to track it from the time it leaves us until it arrives at your address.

By the way: we'll automatically notify you of every shipment by when it is sent --- just as long as we have your current email address on file.

Thanks for ordering through!